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Encouraging Teamwork from the Badgers

19 November 2013 at 11:11

Stroud's U16 Boys' side ayes a strong Cheltenham side on Saturday. Given Stroud's relatively young average age, this was a tough test for them. Slightly awe-struck and then shell-shocked as early goals went in, Stroud re-grouped at half time to produce a fantastic reply in the second half. The key to their improvement certainly lay with a strong team effort, superb passing and support from everyone. Stroud's youngsters have a tradition for passing hockey and this showed again. The lads should be proud if themselves and continue the hard work as a team.

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Vixens give good performance

21 September 2013 at 18:42


Stroud Vixens put up a great performance against an older EG side with some accurate passing, excellent marking and fine attacking play.  The defence of Freya and Katy stuck to their players like glue and Stroud, without a GK, were unlucky to concede 3 goals.  The passing through the middle of the team and into the attacking 'D' was determined and skillful.  A good performance of which the entire team can be proud.

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Badgers Shine Once Again

04 February 2013 at 09:39

Stroud U16 Badgers yet again gave a strong performance in an entertaining match against Cheltenham on Saturday.  Although not quite reaching the heights of recent weeks, their teamwork showed improvement in this end-to-end contest.  Jed Stening and Jack Thompson had fine games, their pace and skills on the flanks working wonders, whilst Ed Golding was solid as a rock in defence.  Team: Hamish Norman (captain), Danny Sopp, Alex Richards, Ed Golding, Bryn Nicol (GK), Zac Knight, James Testar, Jed Stening, Jack Thompson, Elliot Bonham, Andrew Reader, Joe Freer  and Seb Wathen.

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Vixens Show Great Promise

14 January 2013 at 10:16

Stroud Ladies’ Vixens travelled with only 8 players on Sunday, yet produced a tremendous performance in an entertaining end-to-end match.  Playing the first half with only 8 players, they still managed to take the lead before the 3-girl advantage took its toll.  Newent kindly donated 2 players for the second half and eventually ran out the victors, but Stroud passed the ball well and always looked like scoring.  This they did, 3 times in all, the third of which was a textbook passing move worthy of an international side !  Many thanks to Candice Johnson and Karen Whitehead who played as the 2 adults.  They inspired the girls to what they described as their best game yet.  Here’s hoping for more to come in the next few weeks.

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Badgers Produce Another Fine Display

14 January 2013 at 10:11

Stroud Men’s Badgers again showed their growing stature in a close, entertaining game at home to Lansdown.  Both sides played some lovely passing hockey, Lansdown taking an early lead.  Seb Wathen continued his regular scoring, netting Stroud’s equaliser, before the visiting side went ahead once more.  An Alex Richards run gave Stroud their second.  Bryn Nicol made several important saves in the Stroud goal before an inspired run down the left wing from Ed Paddock finally saw a one-two in the D, Paddock scoring his first of the season and Stroud’s winner with minutes remaining.  The whole team produced a fine display.

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Stroud Badgers Produce another Fine Display of Hockey

03 December 2012 at 09:37

Stroud Badgers U16s travelled to a chilly Lydney on Saturday morning and produced a tremendous display of controlled passing hockey.  Everybody played their part and they scored 8 goals in a dominant performance.  Seb Wathen managed to score 3 goals, with 2 from captain Hamish Norman, 2 from Danny Sopp and one from Alex Richards.  The real winner was the game of hockey, however, as Stroud in particular showed how well they can perform as a team.  Without any substitutes, they soon found their form, using the whole width of the pitch and involving the entire team.  Credit should also go to the young Lydney side who, despite not getting on the scoresheet, battled hard to the end and showed great promise for the future.

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Another Superb Performance from the Badgers

19 November 2012 at 11:54

Stroud U16 Badgers secured victory on Saturday with goals from Jack Thompson and Seb Wathen.  The game produced some tremendous hockey from both teams.  Passing hockey, use of the space and good –natured competition … all the perfect elements.  Wonderful stuff.

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Badgers Fight Back for Famous Victory

12 November 2012 at 09:50

Stroud U16 Badgers fought back from a 2-0 deficit to put paid to Cheltenham in a high quality game on Saturday morning.  Fine work by Bryn in the Stroud goal and a fine captain’s performance from Hamish Norman set the scene for a comeback.  The visitors’ lineup fluctuated throughout the game until it settled into a near-perfect one.  Alex Richards pulled a goal back for Stroud, before the skilful Danny Sopp equalised.  Jack Thompson’s great work on the flank was reqarded when his fine strike gave Stroud the edge with 5 minutes to go.  Ed Golding deservedly won the joint man-of-the-match award for his tremendous defensive work, with Seb Wathen the other recipient.

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Stroud Youngsters JRPC Successes

03 September 2012 at 09:05

Congratulations to Calum Norman, Rohan Sopp and Fin Dixon. Calum has been selected for the U18 Tier 1 competition.  Rohan has been selected for the U17 Tier 1 competition. Fin is on the reserve list for the U18 Tier 1 competition.

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Junior Successes - JRPC Selections and More

01 May 2012 at 13:11

Congratulations to Calum Norman, Fin Dixon and Rohan Sopp, all of whom have been selected for JRPC West training at the Bristol Centre this summer.  Calum and Fin will attend at U18 level and Rohan at U17 level.  All 3 attended rigorous County JAC training sessions since January, culminating in the Regional tournaments at which they represented Gloucestershire.
Congratulations also go to Danny Sopp who has been selected for the West Panthers U13 squad which will play other regional teams at the Nottingham Festival in June.  Although not part of the Single System, selection for the West Panthers is a prestigious accolade.
Becky Stevens represented Gloucestershire at U17 level.
Hamish Norman
represented Gloucestershire at U14 level.

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Cracking Win by the Badgers

19 March 2012 at 09:44

Stroud Men’s U16 Badgers, resplendent in their Ecotricity-sponsored shirts, came from behind on Saturday to conjure a win in the glorious pre-Spring sunshine.  Whatever they had for breakfast was not conducive to playing hockey, however, as they were slow out of the blocks.  Their relaxed attitude clearly masked their true feelings on the matter, however, plus a concerted effort from Alex Richards, Jed Stenning and Joe Freer thwarted an urgent-looking Wotton forward line.  The wake-up call really hit home as keeper Bryn Nicol was beaten.  A couple of substitutions ensued, Jack Thompson and Andrew Reader coming on up front to inject fresh legs.  Clearly the shuffling of players began to work.  Tom Freer and Hamish Norman looked stronger at centre midfield.  Their confident play showed Stroud’s burgeoning passing ability.  In truth, Stroud began to move the ball around with more confidence, encouraged by their adult mentor, Craig Wathen.  Seb Wathen relished his chances to run and some neat moves on both flanks, involving Ed Paddock on the left and Gab Robinson on the right, put the home side firmly on the back foot.  Ed Goulding’s strength and vision offered good support to Norman and Tom Freer.  Wotton were far from beaten, though.  Richards’ pace was called upon several times as Wotton kept two players very high, threatening Stroud on the break.  Joe Freer had an excellent game, showing good control at the back and working hard throughout.  Zac Knight, whose small stature belies his power, came into midfield keen to make an instant impression.  Thompson and Reader worked well together and the latter cracked the ball home for a deserved equaliser.  Stroud smelt more goals and earned a short corner.  Norman’s accurately slapped feed was smashed into the goal by Richards.  The turnaround gave the visitors a 2-1 half time lead.

Encouraged by their lead and buoyed by positive talk at the break, Stroud emerged raring to go again.  Paddock was switched from left to right, initially feeling apprehensive.  He excelled himself, keeping much-needed width to Stroud’s game.  Wotton still threatened, however, scoring an equaliser as they began to work some magic of their own.  The visitors were still prepared to pass much more than in previous weeks, surpassing even last week’s marvellous victory over Gloucester.  Their confidence showed in all areas of the pitch before Thompson cracked the ball home to take the lead once more.  Several saves from Nicol kept Wotton at bay and it really felt as though the next goal would be decisive.  After a brief interlude at centre mid, Paddock was united with Robinson on the left flank and they worked nicely with Norman and Tom Freer to make inroads.  Sustained pressure was soaked up by Knight, now on at right back and Stroud’s own attacking made for end-to-end action.  Some neat passing gave Stroud a few more chances before a clearance from the Wotton keeper went directly to Reader who wasted no time pushing the ball home.  That was that, despite a potentially nervous last 3 minutes.

This was a cracking performance from Stroud – a thoroughly deserved win enjoyed by everyone – the after-match doughnuts tasted ever-so much sweeter !

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Badgers Team for Saturday 14 Jan 2012

12 January 2012 at 11:05

Badgers play Newent at Newent Community School, Watery Lane, Newent GL18 1QF, starting 3:30 and meeting at LC Car Park 2:15.

Team is:-

Bryn Nicol
Hamish Norman
Matthew Penmore
Zac Knight
Alex Richards
Andrew Reader
Ed Goulding
Danny Sopp
Joe Freer 
Tom Freer
Seb Wathen
Ed Paddock
Gab Robinson
Craig Wathen

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Junior Training Restarts 10 Jan 2012

30 December 2011 at 09:02

Junior training reconvenes at 6pm Tuesday 10 January 2012, to be followed by normal adult sessions.

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Last Junior Training before Christmas 13 Dec

08 December 2011 at 12:27

The final session of Junior Hockey Training before Christmas takes place next Tuesday 13 December, signalling a rest for the coaches as well as the players !  Have no fear, training will resume in January, assuming Santa Claus doesn't bring tonnes of the white frozen water seen in recent years (and Scotland already this year).

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Stroud Win Close Encounter

15 November 2011 at 13:35

In a close fought encounter, Stroud’s U16 boys got the better of Cheltenham with goals from Andrew Reader and Jamie Penmore, the latter with a fine solo effort in the second half.  The whole team produced a fine performance, but notable contributions were made by Hamish Norman, Gabriel Robinson and goalkeeper Bryn Nicol.

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West Tier 1 Tournaments for Stroud Youngsters

11 September 2011 at 21:53

Congratulations to Rohan Sopp and Calum Norman who represented their Junior Regional Development Centre in the first of two tournaments this Sunday 11th September at U16 and U17 level, respectively. This tremendous achievement on their part means they are now being considered for the West squads, selection for which will be made following the 2nd tournament on 25 September.

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Stars of the Future ??? at JRPC Training

11 July 2011 at 00:00

Stroud has THREE youngsters currently at JRPC (Junior Regional Development Centre) West training - Calum Norman (U17), Fin Dixon (U17), and Rohan Sopp (U16). Feedback so far is positive - hard work, of course, but at least one of them can be quoted as having learnt that you have to "suffer" for success. Even if they do not progress to the next stage of the Single System, they will have learnt a lot at these intensive 6-hour sessions.

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Calum Norman is Gloucesterhire HA Young Player of the Year 2011

11 July 2011 at 00:00

Recognition continues unabated ... Gloucestershire Hockey Association Young Player of the Year for 2011 is Calum Norman. This prestigious award is thoroughly deserved for his efforts on the field of play, playing for Stroud Men's 1st XI and a key member of the County U16 squad, helping with junior coaching and his efforts coaching at Thomas Keble School, among other things. His award also reflects well on Stroud HC's unstinting and forward-looking Youth Policy. A proud day for Calum and Stroud HC. Calum is currently attending JRPC West training, along with Fin Dixon and Rohan Sopp. Photographs will follow.

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Badgers Team Selection 12 Feb 2011

11 February 2011 at 00:00

Badgers team for Saturday 12 February 2011 - HOME start 3-30 meet 3pm
Bryn Nicol, Seb Wathen, Hamish Norman, Ben Drury, Andrew Reader, Joe Freer, Tom Freer, Chris Hayward, James Pinkney, Ed Paddock, Gab Robinson, Matthew Penmore, Jamie Penmore

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11 February 2011 at 00:00

Stroud will no longer be fielding a team in the U12 Tournament on Sunday 13 Feb 2011.

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Stroud U12s Impress again in Cheltenham

13 December 2010 at 00:00

Stroud?s U12 boys impressed again at the latest Cheltenham Tournament. The 12-minute matches were hotly contested, but Stroud won all of theirs except one in which they came back from a goal down to draw ? all this, despite having to play the entire tournament with 6 players instead of 7 ? you would never have known. Some superb teamwork and neat passing at times were indicative of the high quality coaching and hard work put in by the youngsters at training. They certainly looked like the strongest side and belied their years with their fine performances. Oldest player, Hamish Norman, played his ?senior? role perfectly, supporting his younger teammates and scoring several cracking goals to boot. Danny Sopp showed off some lovely skills in midfield, setting up many fine moves and linking nicely with Norman. He was quick to tackle back when moves broke down. Andrew scored several times, proving he really has an eye for goal. Both Sopp and Norman used the self-pass to keep the game going and reap any advantage they could from their free hits. Seb Wathen was tenacious and hard-working, despite answering one of the coaches? questions with ?I?m conserving my energy ??. Bryn impressed again in goal and his enthusiasm rippled through the rest of the team. Elliott Bonham had recovered from the previous day?s illness to show off his talents, working hard throughout. The quality was there, as was the will to win, confidence and team spirit. This is a great bunch of youngsters for whom the hockey future looks bright. Many thanks to Derek Pittaway and Mags for their superb coaching ; thanks to the parents for their enthusiastic support and thanks to Tim Norman for umpiring the games.

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Badgers team 20/11

25 November 2010 at 00:00

Badgers side for this saturday is
Macaulay Clarke ??
Ed Paddock
Gab Robinson,
Finlay Dixon,
Rohan Sopp,
Dan Sopp,
Jamie Penmore,
Matthew Penmore.
Joe Freer,
Tom Freer,
Seb Wathen,
Hamish Norman,
Chris Hayward,
Jordan Crosthwaite,
Andrew Reader.

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21 September 2010 at 00:00

There will be NO JUNIOR TRAINING TONIGHT Tuesday 21 September 2010 as the astroturf pitch is being repaired.

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County Success for Calum Norman and Stroud

16 April 2010 at 00:00

Congratulations to 14-year old Calum Norman who has been named captain of the Gloucestershire U15 County side to compete in the West Tournament at Millfield on 28 March 2010. All his hard work has paid dividends, as has his inclusion in the Men's 2nd XI this season, proof if some is needed that the progression from Badgers to Senior hockey at Stroud is flourishing.

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County Success for Stroud Youngsters

16 April 2010 at 00:00

Two youngsters from Stroud Hockey Club represented Gloucestershire County U15s at the West tournament held at Millfield School in Somerset on Sunday. Calum Norman and Fin Dixon helped Gloucestershire to a fine second place, only losing out on victory by a single point in the round-robin competition which pitched them against eventual winners Somerset, Avon, Dorset, The Channel Islands, Herefordshire and Devon. Fin and Calum did themselves proud with strong performances throughout the day. Calum was named captain for the tournament, a real accolade for him and Stroud Hockey Club. He scored 3 goals during the day, making him Gloucestershire?s top scorer, with Fin striking a goal himself in the final game against Herefordshire to crown a fine day?s hockey. Calum has been asked to attend the JRPC Regional Development Centre sessions to be held in Bristol during the summer. Congratulations to both of them on a fine achievement and Stroud Hockey Club look forward to helping their development next season, with Fin joining Calum in the Men?s teams after several years in the Badgers U16 setup.
Calum's inclusion in the Men's 2nd XI this season is proof, should any be needed, that the progression from Badgers to Senior hockey at Stroud is flourishing.

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More County Success for Stroud

16 April 2010 at 00:00

Congratulations to Stroud Hockey Club's Rohan Sopp who played for the Gloucestershire County U14 Boy's side in the recent tournament, marking further junior success for Stroud Hockey Club. Rohan's marked improvement this season has been overseen by Club and County U14 coach, Rob Fynn.

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Junior Tournament 19 October 2008

15 October 2008 at 00:00

There is a scheduled U13 Boys Tournament taking place at Cheltenham College on Sunday 19 October 2008. This is the first of several during the season. Please speak to Rob at Junior training if interested.

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Badger Beating

01 October 2007 at 00:00

Young Guns Go for It

Stroud Badgers 3 Cheltenham Badgers 0

Goalscorers: Calum Norman (2), Zac Lees

Chalford Building Supplies sponsored Stroud Badgers produced another solid and controlled performance, winning the 2nd League game of the season. In a match that highlighted good use of space and a desire to play entertaining hockey shown by both sides, Stroud soon got the better of Cheltenham. A goal-hungry Zac Lees opened the scoring and Stroud?s use of both flanks saw Cheltenham stretched to the limits. Victory never looked in doubt and all of Stroud?s players worked hard to keep control. Nick Sen and Joe Jarman were particularly strong in the midfield. Calum Norman?s excellent work on the right wing was rewarded with a goal midway through the first half and good positioning in the D gave him his 2nd of the match shortly before half time, following a good through pass from Lees. Although Stroud failed to extend their lead in the second half, they did more than enough to warrant victory. Fin Dixon looked sharp on the left and was well-supported by Ed McCollum at left back. Stroud continued to create chances but Cheltenham somehow managed to thwart these efforts. This was a comprehensive victory for Stroud , richly deserved and played in the right spirit throughout.

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Badgers Meet their Match

10 September 2007 at 00:00

Stroud Badgers 1 West Wilts Badgers 3
Goalscorer: Zac Lees
Stroud Badgers, sponsored by Chalford Building Supplies, met their match in the first game of the season. They started the match brightly enough before long establishing control. Despite this relative dominance, they failed to score, attempting to pass the ball into the goal instead of getting the shots away. Calum Norman had a fine game at right back and his promising forays and good positioning led the way for several attacks through Matt Price and Rich Cartmell. Although the moves came, the final pass was lacking and the midfield was not used effectively enough. Promising signs, however, was Stroud?s ability to switch the play and, therefore, using the flanks to attack. This stretched West Wilts and should have given Stroud several goals advantage by half time. The home side rued these missed opportunities and the skilful visitors plucked a goal almost from nowhere to lead at the break.
Stroud?s comprehensive positional play eluded them in the second half and a resolute West Wilts began to build on their fine skills. To be fair, Stroud let them play to some extent and pushed forward too much in their eagerness to pull back a goal. West Wilts extended their lead and Stroud stopped using the width of the pitch. This was their undoing and, although bolstered by Zac Lees? goal, struggled to hit the heights of the first half. As Stroud began to play through the middle, West Wilts played controlled passing hockey and eventually scored from a short corner after a needless foul ; game over.
There were some good signs, though. Norman showed composure and vision worthy of a midfield player. Dominic Creech was strong and controlled in the first half and the midfield with Joe Jarman and Rich Cartmell showed growing maturity at times in the first half. There is work to do, however, but better to rue the missed chances now than when the Badgers? League starts in a few weeks time.

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