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This was without doubt Stroud's best team performance to date with some great passing, moving of the ball and possession.  Despite sustained attack from Ross during the first 25 minutes of the match the Stroud defence prevented Ross from scoring and at half time the score was an incredible 0-0.  Sarah Scott's collection of the ball was text book and Jules LeBihan had yet another game where her marking was limpet like. The midfield worked tirelessly to command the centre of the pitch and did a fantastic job of disarming the Ross players. Centre half Marsi Whelan was player of the match.  Eventually the pressure of a Ross squad with 14 players and a Stroud team of only 10 meant that the Stroud team began to tire under the relentless pressure.  A fabulous performance from the entire squad, Emma Crowe (GK), Di Furlong, Cordy King, Jules LeBihan, Marsi Whelan, Kathy Williams, Sian Freer, Pauline Edgington, Sara Scott and Sophie Wathen.

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