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On song Stroud get lucky as Wotton let it go

Stroud M3 travelled the highway to hell, rising up to the challenge of their rivals Wotton. After a tough month of Saturdays which saw them lose points to the teams around them, they were keen to push the tempo and head right into the danger zone.
The team lined up with 'Hey' Mickey Hallet in goal supported by 'Blitzkrieg' Bob Brewer and Matt Watts 'the story' in the middle. Harvey 'Free Bird' Freer and Stuart 'The Trooper' Holt joined the defence. Nick 'The Seeker' Hitchcroft and Alex 'Iron Man' Elder took centre mid with Joe 'Pinball Wizard' Freer and Jonny 'B Goode' Osborn supplying support on the wings of the pitch up front captain Chris 'fear of the' Bargh and Andy 'you're a star' Reader were keen to get on the score sheet.

Stroud started well playing together like a seven nation army and with just a little patience they took the game to Wotton and came close to scoring early on. The play was stuck in the middle of the pitch for a period of time until and you could tell Stroud wanted to break free.
After finding some respect the team started to settle and began to creep forward. Taking the lead Stroud felt alright now but you can't always get what you want and theywere not ahead for long.
A few times Stroud were living on a prayer at the back, and Matt was a lucky man on a few occasions being caught out of position and narrowly avoiding a civil war. Stroud defended several short corners but were not able to keep Wotton from scoring.

At the break Stroud felt slightly paranoid and wanted to make sure they won't get fooled again even when they were under pressure. Captain Chris urged his team to stand by me and when they walk this way back onto the pitch for the start of the second half they looked like they were born to run.

The second half was a reflection of the first with perhaps a little more space opening up as the teams tired. After a scrambled follow up to a short corner Stroud managed to put the ball over the goal line but not quite as far as the backboard when a cleverly disguised shot was played to leave the ball traveling slower than it was before the stick made contact, this totally wrong footed the keeper and gave Stroud the lead.

Stroud were over the rainbow, they will survive and they are still standing. Like a lightening bolt they put the previous results under the bridge and held strong to take 3 points.

One game remains in this half of the season and having played all the top teams away they can look to score points in the return fixtures and move on up the table in the new year.

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