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Close encounters of the third kind

Stroud M3 sponsored by Ecotricity took a platoon of 11 players to face Cheltenham at Balcarras.
Big thanks to Harvey Freer for padding up like a gladiator and playing his first match in goal.
Lining up with the usual suspects across the back, Jed Stenning, Matt Watts and Chris Hayward and godfather Bob Brewer sweeping.
Rob Gleed, Alex Elder took centre mid with the untouchables John Osborne and Nigel Slater taking the wings.
The forward lineup was completed with the goodfells Ben Evans and Chris Bargh.
The shining sunshine was a welcome change to the gone with the wind condition of the last 9 and a half weeks.
After a rocky start, Stroud got hold of the ball and managed to play well. Several strong opposition players always seemed to be in right place at the right time and when they pushed forward Stroud were under pressure and conceded goals from open play.
With the gravity of the situation sinking in Stroud played a more defensive game but still pushed up the pitch. Some good passing across the middle of the pitch moving the ball up the left and found Chris Bargh in the D he set up Ben Evans who pounced like a predator for a much needed and well deserved goal.
The first half finished 2-1 which was a fair reflection of the game to that point. Stroud needed to up their game and build on the thing that was missing from their game.
The second half followed a similar pattern and Stroud conceded goals from open play when pressed although they moved the ball well up the pitch the couldn't find the final passes and found strong resistance in the oppositions 25.
Stroud pushed forward into the oppositions half and the tackles came in, the good the bad and the ugly leaving Stroud awarded a short corner.
Bob Brewer stepped up to strike and after a hitting a raised foot on the line it crossed the line to take the score to 4-2
It started to look like Stroud could snatch a result with a spell of good performance and ball retention following the goal.
Cheltenham spirited away and claimed the victory after a narrow angle strike put them back to three goals ahead with the match ending shotly after.
Stroud seemed to rush on the ball, and appeared slightly dazed and confused at times when they were caught in possesion.
More good performances from the young players at the back, and special thanks to Harvey for padding up.
Sometimes it's a wonderful life for M3 other times it doesn't quite go to plan despite a brave heart Stroud just seemed to die hard and this has lead to their downfall,
they need to pounce on their chances lock, stock and two smoking barrels.

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