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20 January 2018 at 17:56

This match was Stroud 3rd team at its best with swift ball movement, accurate passing and a determination to retain possession.  With 9 players at the whistle the team knew that it had to prevent the Colwall forwards from rushing the Stroud defensive goal and the strong passing, calling and interceptions made that a reality.  One of many athletic runs up the right of the pitch enabled Marie Louise Finch to push the ball past the Colwall keeper during the first half.

The team continued to put into action all the moves it had practised at training – passing wide, passing back and posting-up:  despite being short on players the team looked invincible.  Wonderful attack by Sarah Scott and Anne Narbour meant that Stroud looked dangerous time after time.  Megan Cooper, Marie Louise Finch and Marsi Whelan were rock solid in the middle of the pitch and it was their command of mid-field gave Stroud the edge.  Alice Taylor, normally a forward, was a natural at right back and she was ably supported by talented sweeper Sophie Payne.  Pauline Edgington at centre back was pleased to have Kathy Williams alongside her to keep the Colwall wing under lock-down.  GK Ella Bullock again stepped in at just the right moment to save a certain goal in the second half and ensure that the Stroud team gained 3 points.  A fabulous birthday present for the captain!

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13 January 2018 at 16:35

Taking on the 2nd in the league with only 7 players was not the original game plan, or even plan B!! Fortunately the cavalry arrived within 10 minutes to push the team up to 10 players and to provide much needed support.  As always with the L3 team, the passing was accurate, fast and direct.  Collection of those passes was just as sharp and it is these skills that stood the team in good stead for the entire game.  Player of the match, GK Sara Price, was bombarded from the first whistle and 'the force' was certainly with her as she saved shot after shot.  Not to be outdone, Kathy Williams, playing out of position as LB, also pushed a Blockley shot off the line.  Sophie Payne's tackling skills have been exemplary over recent weeks and today proved to be no exception as she took the sweeper role.  She plus 'silky skills' mid-fielder Tabitha Dickson were voted players of the match.  Jules Le Bihan, Marsi Whelan and Pauline Edgington were under constant attack and fought with intention to stem the Blockley forwards.  Anne Narbour, playing for the first time in the team, was an incredible asset as she, Hannah Scott and Sarah Scott surged forward time and time again.  With only 7 for the first few moments of the game and with only 10 players for the rest of the game the team was delighted to have prevented Blockley from scoring during open play.  Both the Blockley goals came from short corners.

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13 January 2018 at 16:22

L3's arrived to a frosty (but not frozen) pitch, full of New Year cheer and turkey dinner excess!

With Stroud's 11 vs Thornbury's 14 person squad, the match began. Naturally, Stroud looked to the Captain (CB) for command and leadership but unfortunately she was away Skiing, so it fell to Marsi (CH/CB) to step in. The new Stroud defence took a while to establish itself and within the first 8 minutes Thornbury was on the score sheet;  a second followed swiftly making it 0-2 before half-time. Stroud soon settled and from a fantastic break through the mid-field, Hannah (CF) had an accurate shot on goal, unfortunately the whistle was blown a matter of seconds before, for a Thornbury foot inside the D of which Stroud were unable to convert from the awarded shortcorner.

In the second half Stroud created some lovely movement of the ball with the forwards Sarah (LF) Hannah (CF) and Leonie (RF) all putting in some great runs and shots on goal. The midfield of Tabitha (LH) Megan (CB/CH) and Marie-Louise (RH) worked tirelessly to help defend and create attacking opportunities.  Special recognition for the defence Amiee (LB) Sophie (Sweeper) and Jules (RB) who all worked hard in the second half after some relentless pressure from an ever changing, fresh legged, Thornbury side who made it 0-3 before the final whistle was blown. Players of the Match were Tabitha and Sophie

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16 December 2017 at 10:07

Stroud L3 continue to grow in expertise, strategic play and fitness!  In an incredible display of mid-field dominance Stroud took command of the match with some fine passing, moving and phenomenal marking.  There were breakthroughs by Bourton but these were stopped time and time again by the back 4 defenders - Sophie Payne, Claire Crosthwaite, Di Furlong and Pauline Edgington.  Ella Bullock was rock steady in goal and made some inspired saves to ensure that the team retained a clean sheet.  It was a mother and daughter attack up front with Sarah Scott's pass across the goal being placed nicely in the back of the net by Hannah Scott.  The mid-field of Marsi Whelan, Kathy Williams, Tabitha Dickson, Megan Cooper and Marie Louise Finch worked tirelessly to push the ball up the pitch into the Bourton D.  Bourton's GK must surely have been their 'player of the match' as she saved shot after shot both from open play and short corners.  A fabulous 3 points for the team heading into Christmas - Santa is going to have his work cut out to beat that!!

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02 December 2017 at 17:37

Stroud L3 were into their smooth, flowing, accurate hockey from the whistle and put immense pressure on the Cirencester defence with fabulous shots from Sam Norman and Sarah Scott both being saved by the Cirencester GK.  The Stroud mid-field worked extremely hard to control the match and were successful for most of the match with right half, Marie-Louise Finch being voted player of the match for her tireless defending and attack throughout.  Stroud's GK, Sara Price, faced 2 penalties the first of which hit the target and the second of which she saved with panache.   This was a frustrating game for Stroud as the score most certainly does not reflect the balance of the game as Stroud's passing found its mark time after time.

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19 November 2017 at 10:33

Stroud L3 continue to whip balls into the opposition's goal!  In a pressured match Stroud did well to hold the league leaders to three goals.  Some great 'off the line' clearances by Aimee Robb and Sam Summers were vital and some wonderfully timed tackles from sweeper Di Furlong kept the Bourton attack at bay.  Keeper Sara Price was under fire many times and she was able to clear the ball to a perfectly placed Marie-Louise Finch.  The combined force of forwards Sam Norman, Sarah Scott and Claire Crosthwaite is hard for any opposition.  A signature shot from Sam Norman knocked their keeper for six and Stroud's goal, from Claire Crosthwaite, sent Bourton's in-pain GK to the sub benches.  There was a welcome return to the team for Sophie Payne who had not lost her touch. The player of the match this week was unanimous (less voting for herself of course!) and it went to Frankie Hobbins who did a fabulous job as centre half. A special thank you to the umpire from Leamington who, despite the atrocious weather, did a great job of spotting a raft of errors.

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11 November 2017 at 17:32

A scrumptious 3 points for L3 this week as all their forwards were on the score sheet!  Kanyana Mutalindwa started the ball rolling with an early, solo run up the pitch and successful shot on goal.  That was shortly followed by a classic left wing goal from Sarah Scott, in the perfect position to push the ball into the net.  The understanding in mid-field between Tabitha Dickson, Sam Norman and Marie Louise Finch was clear as they each took the role of attacker and then defender.  Sam Summers was awarded player of the match status for her impressive marking of the Lansdown right wing and the defence was once again on its best form with GK Sara Price making a number of excellent saves, sweeper Di Furlong catching up the loose players and Jules LeBihan sticking like glue to the left wing.  Goals in the second half were from an extraordinary interception by Amy Lloyd-Jones and a signature 'at speed' shot from Sam Norman.  A great result from a determined team.

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L3 - Nip and tuck with goals galore!

04 November 2017 at 18:17

Stroud Ladies' 3rd team's performance was exceptional this week, with the game too close to call until the final whistle.  The passing was excellent with the forward line of Hannah Scott (player of the match), Sarah Scott, Claire Crosthwaite and Sam Norman working together like a dream.  Marie-Louise Finch made some fabulous runs and passes from the right half position many of which were capitalised upon by the forwards.  It was good to welcome Sam Summers back to the side, particularly when she cleared a ball from the goal line!  Stroud's goals came from Claire Crosthwaite, a direct, rapid shot on goal, Hannah Scott, from a fast paced solo run up the pitch, and Sam Norman as usual striking the ball with unstoppable force.  The Stroud short corner awarded in the dying seconds of the match was just centimetres wide of its target.  The defence of Sara Price (GK), Di Furlong, Kahy Williams, Marsi Whelan, Jules LeBihan and Pauline Edgington worked hard to contain the Lansdown attack and were successful time after time.  Against the team who are second in the league this was a fine performance from the Stroud team.

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21 October 2017 at 15:04

As expected from this enthusiastic, determined, energetic team the players were focused on what needed to be done and fought hard to stop the relentless Newent attack.  Newent dropped into this league at the end of last season and the match was expected to be challenging.  Added pressure was brought to bear by having only 10 players for most of the game and at one time 9 players due to injury. The midfield had been tasked with controlling the centre of the pitch and Debbie Ratcliffe, Marie-Louise Finch, player of the match Kathy Williams and Pauline Edgington stuck fast to that role.  The additional Newent player meant that there was 'overload' in the Stroud defensive circle and credit must go to Di Furlong, Jules LeBihan and Pip Robb for their strong marking.  A special mention for Ella Bullock (GK) who saved shot after shot to keep the Newent score line in single figures!  Stroud's goal came in the first half with an excocet missile shot from Sam Norman which bounced off the keeper's pads and which was neatly struck into the back of the goal by Sarah Scott. Despite the scoreline Stroud played some strong hockey with good passing, excellent 'running into space' and some neat square balls.  A focused performance from an on the ball team!

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07 October 2017 at 15:07

Bretforton dropped down into this league this season and Stroud did incredibly well to hold them to 3 goals.  Not surprisingly the Stroud GK, Sara Price, was awarded player of the match for her electric saves throughout the game.  There was some lovely play up the wings and the blocking of Bretforton's hit outs was just as practised at training.  Defensive short corners were ably dealt with by Kathy Williams, Di Furlong, Jules LeBihan and Pauline Edgington:  for the first time this season Stroud did not have the opportunity to shoot at goal from an attacking short corner. Bretforton scored swiftly from the first whistle but tight marking from Frankie Hobbins and Marie Louise Finch meant that Bretforton found it difficult to find space to score again.  During the second half Stroud began to tire and Bretforton scored twice.  Marsi Whelan left her sick bed to doggedly support the team in mid-field and Sarah Scott, Leonie Colley and Hannah Scott were tireless in their pursuit of a goal.

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30 September 2017 at 15:34

Another fine performance from Stroud with some fabulous attacking runs, defensive formations and superb passing.  Colwall went into the lead early in the first half and despite efforts from the forward line of Sarah Scott, Marie Louise Finch, Kanyana Mutalindwa and Claire Crosthwaite the team was unable to equalise in the first half.  A fabulous pass from Sian Freer enabled Claire Crosthwaite to fire the ball into the net whilst on the run - a great goal.  Jules LeBihan time and time again was able to move the ball up the right hand side and Di Furlong ensured that anyone that escaped their marker had no room to shoot on goa.  Kathy Williams was tireless and ran hard to support both the attack and the defence.  Sam Summers and Marsi Whelan had some great connections in mid-field and Pauline Edgington stuck close to the Colwall centre forward.  In her first match for the team Ella Bullock pulled off an important save in the last 10 minutes of the match to ensure that Stroud had a well deserved draw and a dreamed for first league point!

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23 September 2017 at 14:37

The score does not do credit to the excellent moves made by the Stroud 3rd team up and across the pitch.  There was some fine moving, passing and attacking from the Stroud team but it was unable to contain the experience and speed of the Blockley side. Blockley's goals came from 2 x short corners and 5 'breakaway' goals.  New comers to the team Leonie Colley and Kanyana Mutalindwa were exceptional and goal scorer Leonie Colley was voted player of the match. Jules LeBihan stuck doggedly to her player and created some nice moves up the left hand side of the pitch.

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16 September 2017 at 17:22

Stroud's pressure on the Thornbury defence was relentless and the team took an early lead with a powerful short corner strike from Sam Norman.  Stroud dominated the first half but the excellent Thornbury keeper saved over 10 shots on goal, much to the frustration of the Stroud team.  Marsi Whelan's ball distribution in mid-field was excellent as she opened up the width of the pitch with some great square and back passes.  The practiced 'down the line' balls succeeded time and time again, with Sian Freer and Sarah Scott in perfect timing.  Marie-Louise Finch was in the right place at the right time and linked well with player of the match, Sam Norman.



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09 September 2017 at 16:59

Having brushed the rust off their hockey skills, enhanced their fitness and immersed themselves in hockey during August Stroud ladies' 3rd team was ready to take on Wotton under Edge.  A friendly match played in a great spirit saw both teams take control of the game at various stages but Stroud's determination to score goals eventually won through.  Wotton took the lead in the first half and, with a new formation, Stroud began to settle during the second half as they took control of the mid-field.  The defence fought hard and successfully to stop Wotton scoring a second time with keeper Sara Price making some vital saves.  Both of the goals from Stroud were expertly scored by Claire Crosthwaite and the cohesion amongst the forwards meant Stroud always looked dangerous in attack.  A great start to the new season.  Player of the match, defender Sam Summers.

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