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L1's get the point!

17 March 2019 at 16:13

Stroud Ladies played away to Cheltenham determined to leave with points – and they sure did! Stroud went hard from the off. Cheltenham scored first, then Stroud’s tenacity shone through, resulting in a 2-1 lead for Stroud before half time.

Stroud continued to play superb hockey in the 2nd half, the final score was 3-3 thanks to goals from Evie Robb and Sam Norman and that all elusive point giving Stroud a boost after a hard campaign in Severn 1. Star player went to Emma Boyd who was phenomenal in centre midfield.

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26 February 2019 at 10:25

Stroud ladies 1s faced a trip to East Glos in the sunshine. Stroud started strongly putting East Glos under pressure from the start driving down both wings. Despite East Glos getting through the Stroud press, the defence of Jordan Turnbull, Harri Davies and Charlotte Bullock kept the ball from getting to Stroud keeper Aleasha Holder, keeping the score at 0-0 at half time. In the second half, East Glos came back strong scoring 3 goals on the break. Stroud kept fighting and eventually Amy Lloyd-Jones found the back of the goal. East Glos managed to score a further 2 goals in the last 10 minutes to make the final score 5-1 to East Glos.

MOM – Jordan Turnbull.

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08 January 2019 at 11:12

Stroud’s first game back after Christmas was a friendly against BAC 2s. Stroud started strongly with several attacks into the D. BAC managed to convert a short corner but then Emily Campbell equalised for Stroud bringing the score to 1-1 at half time. After the break BAC piled the pressure on keeping Aleasha Holder busy in goal. Stroud kept possession well with Katie Elder, Leonie Colley and Sophie Wathen moving the ball through the middle of the pitch. BAC managed to score two late goals bringing the final score to 3-1 to BAC.

MOM – Katie Elder and Leonie Colley

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04 December 2018 at 15:39

Stroud faced a long journey to Bourton-on-the-water for an afternoon pushback. Bourton started strong scoring within the first 10 minutes. Stroud didn’t let their heads drop and were awarded with a penalty flick which was converted by Amy Lloyd-Jones. Stroud’s defence absorbed continued pressure from the Bourton forwards but eventually scored from a short corner just before the half time whistle.

The second half saw Stroud continue to push into the Bourton half with some strong running from Freya Robb down the right wing. Stroud managed to win another penalty flick but Amy Lloyd Jones’s strike was disallowed. Bourton came back fighting and managed to scored a further 3 goals making the final score 5-1.

MOM – Freya Robb

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19 November 2018 at 09:17

Stroud Ladies 1st XI went into this game still thirsty for points after a run of losses.
The game started with an early short corner awarded to Cheltenham which they converted with a super strike on goal.  The scoreline was short lived as Stroud came back with a great pass from Sam Norman to Amy LloydJones who quickly found the backboard.
A quick break in play and Cheltenham soon scored again but Stroud weren't deterred at all and put in some wonderful work through the strong midfield and sent the play back into Cheltenhams 25, where a smashing strike from Sam Norman was sent past the Cheltenham keeper and into the net.A further goal from Norman saw the half time score at 3-2 to Stroud.
Second half saw more determination, great passing and solid work from the Stroud defence who denied Cheltenham the pleasure of scoring anymore goals.A slick short corner goal from Emily Campbell made it 4-2 and a final smash from Sam Norman saw the final score 5-2 to Stroud. 
A fantastic win and 3 well deserved points!
MOM - Sam Norman

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13 November 2018 at 14:09

The ladies 1s faced top of the league and an unbeaten Gloucester side. Gloucester scored a scrappy goal within the first two minutes but Stroud quickly fought back with a goal from Emily Campbell. Gloucester quickly reacted and scored 3 further goals despite Stroud defending hard.

The second half saw Gloucester piling on the pressure scored another two goals from short corners in quick succession. Stroud pushed back with good play down the right from Freya Robb and earnt a short corner. Sophie Wathen’s strike was denied by the Gloucester keeper along with several rebound shots from Sam Norman and Amy Lloyd Jones. Gloucester scored a goal in the final minute to make the final score 7-1.

MOM– Emily Campbell

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L1: Stroud unable to reign in the Rain

11 November 2018 at 18:17

Stroud held their own in the first half against Leominster putting pressure on the Leominster goal. Emma Boyd and Leoney Colley moving the ball with the pace up the left wing. Despite precision marking and passing in the defence, Leominster found a spare unmarked player and scored just before half time. 0-1 In the second half, the game started with Stroud dominating the attacking play, near misses from Amy Lloyd-Jones and Freya Robb. Leominster then converted a short corner from a break way attack. Followed by torrential rain and two lucky goals from Leominster. Final score 0-4 Star Player Emma Boyd

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09 October 2018 at 12:07

In Stroud’s second league match of the season against Badgers, they started strongly having most of the possession in the Badgers half. There was good play down the right hand side of the pitch from Lydia Wakefield, Sarah Mace and Leonie Colley. Just before half time Emma Boyd found the back of the goal from a great pass from Katie Elder in the midfield giving Stroud the advantage at half time.

The second half saw Badgers fight back and a break away ball meant they got a goal back bringing the score to 1-1. Despite Stroud battling to find a second goal, the whistle went leaving the final score at 1-1.

MOM – Emma Boyd

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13 March 2018 at 08:47

Stroud 3 Yate 2
Following a short break from hockey due to the snow, the team were eager to get back on the pitch. This weeks game saw them face top of the league and an unbeaten Yate team- Stroud knew they had to produce a faultless performance. With Yate winning the toss they were quick off the mark. Stroud kept up with their pace and reacted well to the pressure. With Stroud maintaining their formation and structure it allowed them to control the game. As a result of this brilliant play Stroud were first to score with a goal from Lucy Moule. Yate reacted scoring 2 goals in quick succession. This meant Stroud trailed by 1 into half time.
After the half time break the intensity of the game remained high with both sides having chances to score. Stroud kept their cool throughout Yates attacking play and this resulted in Stroud scoring an equaliser, again from Lucy Moule.  In the last 10 minutes Stroud pushed hard to try and score a winner. This hard work and determination payed off due to Yate's unforced error, allowing Jenny Howorth to score in an open goal. The final score was Stroud 3 Yate 2. Player of the match went to Emily Campbell who, throughout the whole game held her own in the defensive circle disallowing Yate many opportunities. 

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13 March 2018 at 08:43

Stroud 3 Westberries 1
Stroud returned to their home pitch for this weeks fixture against Wick. From the outset there were periods of solid play from Stroud with the new members of the team settling in nicely. This built good foundations and allowed Stroud to have many chances on Goal. Westberries did well to defend this and in parts looked extremely dangerous on the attack. Stroud didn't let this affect there game and regained possession which resulted in Stroud scoring first. Following the goal Westberries restarted play and pressed Stroud well to equalise.
The second half saw Stroud continue to develop as a Unit and demonstrated some lovely passages of play allowing for Stroud to score another 2 goals in the second half. Westberries fought back and didn't give up until the final whistle. The final score was Stroud 3 Westberries 1 with goals from Freya Robb, Sarah Mace and Cerys King. Player of the match went to Lydia Wakefield who had a fabulous first league game in the 1st XI as a mid field. 

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13 March 2018 at 08:38

Redland UWE 6 Stroud 1
Stroud went away to Redland UWE for this weeks game. Stroud knew it was going to be a tough game so arrived in plenty of time for a good warm up and to get 'in the zone'. The game started well with Stroud not letting the Redland UWE home advantage influence the game. This was, however, short lived as Stroud gave away a penalty flick from which Redland UWE scored. Stroud didn't let this deter them and quickly equalised with a goal from reserve stick goal from Lucy Moule. Following this, Stroud settled into some nice hockey but it wasn't enough to match a strong and fast Redland side. The score at half time was 4-1 to Redland.
The second half saw much of the same with Redland UWE continuing to dominate the game and have the majority of the possession.  Despite the final score being 6-1, the second half saw a great improvement in Stroud's game- they stopped panicking on the ball and started working as a unit but it wasn't to be as Stroud couldn't break down a solid Redland UWE defence. Player of the match went to Angharad Roberts who had a cracking game in defence. 

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L1 - Draw Against Wick

01 February 2018 at 08:25

Stroud 1 Wick 1
This weeks game was against Wick. Stroud were slow to start and struggled to break through a solid Wick side. Throughout the first half, play was even and both sides has opportunists to score. Both teams did well to defend and allow neither side to find the back board. Stroud then started to gel together and link together their passes. This won Stroud a short corner which Lucy Moule converted into a goal. Wick reacted quickly and almost immediately equalised. This meant the score at half time was 1 all.
Following half time Stroud’s the aim was clear- tightened up the marking, win any 50/50 balls and score! Despite Stroud improving greatly in the second half, Unfortunately, the home pitch advantage didn’t go in Stroud’s favour  as Wick absorbed any pressure that came their way and cleared the ball without sweat. The final score ended 1-1. Player of the match went to Aleasha Holder who had another solid performance as GK. 

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21 January 2018 at 14:08

Stroud hosted Lydney in the 2nd league game back after Christmas. Stroud knew it was going to be a tough game following on from a previous 5-1 defeat. As soon as the game began Stroud maintained their composure and played their own game.  Lydney also started well demonstrating some lovely passages of play with great triangles; possession was 50/50. Stroud decided to 3/4 press the opposition which worked brilliantly with Lydney struggling to get the ball through and break it down. This resulted in Stroud finding the back board via Cerys King following a long corner. At half time the score was 1-0 to Stroud.

Following the break Lydney didn’t miss any chances and were quick to equalise. Stroud then tightened their marking and upped the intensity.  This worked well for Stroud who managed to get another 2 goals in the second half. One from Amy Lloyd-Jones with a fabulous deflection and the other from Lucy Moule. The final score was Stroud 3 Lydney 1. Player of the match went to Cerys King who held the middle of the pitch excellently. 

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14 January 2018 at 14:39

Stroud's first league game following the Christmas break was against Old Bristolian's 3rd team. Stroud had a strong side and everyone worked well together from the start of the game. Stroud were quick to attack and put pressure on the Old Bristolian's defence. Although Old Bristolian's absorbed this pressure well, Stroud were persistent in their play and this paid off with several goals in the opening 15 minutes. All Stroud's goals came from the team maintaining good shape and passing the ball around. Old Bristolians managed to beat the defence and sneak one into the back of the net just before half time. The score going into the break was 8-1

Stroud knew the opposition were going to come back out of half time fighting so they upped the tempo, tightened the marking and ensured that all 50/50 balls were won by Stroud. This worked well and Stroud went on to score more goals. As the Stroud team started to tire it allowed Old Bristolians to get back on the score sheet and get 2 goals before the final whistle. Stroud played at a high intensity throughout the whole game with great ball pace. All this was great to see so soon after the Christmas break and makes the rest of the season look promising. The final score was Stroud 12 Old Bristolians 3.

The goals came from Lucy Moule (5),  Cerys King (2), Kyishia Cooke (2), Emily Campbell (1), Freya Robb (1) and Clare Oliver (1). Player of the match went to Freya Robb who had an amazing game as centre mid distributing the ball well.

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L1 - Friendly vs Lansdown

08 January 2018 at 13:33

The first game back after Christmas saw Stroud take on Lansdown, away. The squad was made up of 1st XI, 3rd XI and Old Stroud players.

Stroud started strongly, gelling well and adapting to how one another played. Stroud were quick to get into the attacking D to have a chance at scoring. This was well defended by Lansdown who cleared the ball straight through the middle and managed to find the backboard. Lansdown dominated the first half and managed to score a futher 4 goals. Stroud had some chance and short corners but none were converted into goals.

After a brief half time team talk, and a change in formation, Stroud were back to it. Despite the score Stroud remained positive. They also tightened up the marking and prevented Lansdown attacking through the middle of the pitch. This proved more successful and allowed Stroud to play their own game. After a period of attacking play from Lansdown, Stroud cleared the ball wide, drove up the wind and crossed it to Lucy Moule who scored from a straight strike at the top of the D. The final score was Lansdown 7 Stroud 1. Player of the match went to Angharad Roberts who was the rock of the defensive line. 

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04 December 2017 at 12:48

This friendly saw Stroud take on Cirencester in a home game. With many of the 1st XI missing it was a great opportunity to see some of the 2nd XI step up and fill in the gaps. Stroud players settled in nicely together and were quick to start playing as if they had played together every week. Cirencester also started strongly and had equal amounts of possession to Stroud. It was a high intensity game with fast ball pace and fast runners on both sides. Stroud did well to absorb the pressure from the Cirencester attach and were able to clear any ball that came their way. The opening goal came from Lucy Moule for Stroud following a nice passing game between the mids and attacks. Cirencester were quick to responds and almost immediately scored a goal themselves. This was very much the pattern for the whole of the first half. At half time the score was Stroud 4 Cirencester 3. Lucy Moule getting the other 3 for Stroud.


Following a brief-half time talk Stroud went straight back to it, tightening up the marking on their players and ensuring that they pre-scanned before passing the ball. This made it harder for Cirencester to get the breaks and interceptions they wanted and Stroud continued to apply constant pressure. Cirencester did manage to equalise but Cerys King quickly found the back of the net for Stroud to re-gain the lead. In the last 10 minutes Cirencester scored an equaliser meaning that as the final whistle blew the score was Stroud 5 Cirencester 5.


Player of the match went to Emma Boyd in midfield for not only being on her second match of the day but also worked her socks off to support both the attack and defence. It was also her first appearance in the 1st XI. 

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26 November 2017 at 17:58

The last league game before Christmas was Stroud play at home against South Gloucestershire. Stroud started the first half well and maintained control of the game and the majority of the possession. They applied constant pressure to the South Gloucestershire team resulting in Stroud sneaking an early goal passed them. This positive play throughout the first half meant Stroud won several short corners. Unfortunately these were not converted into goals but Stroud managed to score another 2 goals before the half was over.  


South Gloucestershire came out of the half time break hard and applied a lot of pressure to the Stroud defence. The defence worked tremendously hard to get back having pushed up to support the attacks and mids, despite this South Gloucestershire scored 2 goals in the second half. The final score was Stroud 3, South Gloucestershire 2. Lucy Moule scored the 3 goals. Player of the match went to Sarah Tudor who had a solid game in defence. 


Having many new players in the squad its been a great first half season seeing Stroud  sat 4th in the league table. Each and every player has worked extremely hard- this has been shown through each week's player of the match being a different person. They have played 9. 3 of those have been loses, 1 a draw and 5 wins. There are 2 friendly games before the Christmas break. 


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19 November 2017 at 12:27

Stroud’s last away game before Christmas saw them travel to KLB school to play Wootton-Under-Edge in a early push back. From the outset both teams started strongly demonstrating great individual and team skills. The ball ricocheted from end to end with both teams having ample opportunities to score. Stroud defence absorbed the pressure from the Wootton attack well but the team were unlucky to concede 2 goals going into half time.

The second half saw Stroud continue to play well. They maintained good structure, pressed Wootton well and stuck closely to their players. Stroud were very unlucky not to score in the second half as they were dangerous on the break they just couldn’t get it past the agile Wootton goalkeeper who smothered any ball that came her way.

The final score was Wootton 3 Stroud 0. Although Stroud didn’t get the 3 points they had hoped for, they demonstrated a brilliant attitude throughout the whole game and each individual player bust a gut to do their bit. Player of the match went to Sarah Mace who had a fantastic game as right mid.

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12 November 2017 at 19:46

Stroud played Yate away in the 7th league game of the season. Yate were quick off the mark applying a great deal of pressure to the Stroud team. Stroud absorbed this pressure well and closely marked their players making it difficult for Yate to convert their chances. Yates tenacity, however, paid off and they scored the opening goal. Stroud didn't let this dishearten them and at times were dangerous on the break. Yate fought back hard but Stroud, despite valiant efforts were unable to find the backboard in the first half of the game. Yate managed to pull through twice more before the half time whistle blew. This meant the Stroud were trailing 3-0 at half time.

During the second half Stroud continued to play well and develop their play. This hard work from the team played off and Stroud scored 2 goals in the second half. Both came from Lucy Moule following brilliant passages of play from the defence, through the mids and up to the attack. Unfortunately it wasn't to be in this game and Yate also scored 2 goals in the second half. The final score was 5-2 to Yate. Player of the match went to Goalkeeper Aleasha Holder who made a countless number of excellent saves throughout the game.

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L1 - Running rings around the Robinsons!

05 November 2017 at 10:30

Today’s game saw Stroud take on Clifton Robinson’s in a late push back. After a slow start Stroud managed to gain some momentum and put pressure on the Clifton Robinsons defence. Clifton Robinson’s defended well but Stroud managed to win a short corner which Cerys King converted into a goal with a cracking deflection. This was the catalyst Stroud needed and they quickly scored a second, this time from Clare Oliver. Clifton did well to fight back and got themselves on the score sheet before half time. This put the score at  2-1 going into half time.

Stroud's play improved throughout the second half with everyone showing great a work rate. The Stroud defence worked especially hard to keep up with some very speedy Clifton Robinson’s forwards and managed to clear the majority of balls  that came their way. Clifton managed to get another 3 goals passed Stroud but it was not enough to match Stroud’s further 5 in the second half. Evie Robb scored and Lucy Moule got the other 4 which earned her today’s player of the match.

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22 October 2017 at 18:55

Stroud Ladies 1st XI travelled with the bare 11 to Westberries for this weeks wet and windy match! Despite this Stroud started well and showed some good passages of play and movement on and off the ball. Westberries matched this and showed great skills and team work.  Stroud fought hard to make sure that Westberries didn’t score with great defending and clearing of the ball. This hard work payed off with Stroud making it onto the score sheet first as a result of excellent play from the defence and mids passing the ball wide and driving down the wing. Westberries fought back with more dangerous attacking play but it was no match for the defence who cleared it every time. Just before half time Stroud won a short corner which was converted into a goal. Stroud entered half time 2-0 up.


The second half saw much the same with both teams working well together and having lots of chances. Westberries managed to score a good goal but Stroud responded straight away with matching it and also scoring. The score was then 3-1. With 15 minutes to go and the Stroud team tiring Westberries were persistent in their attacking play and scored another 2 goals. The final score was 3-3 with Lucy Moule getting a hatrick. Player of the match went to Emily Campbell for her brilliant work rate to help both the attacks and defence making some vital tackles. 

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15 October 2017 at 16:49

Stroud's first home game of the season saw them take on a strong Redland UWE team.  Stroud immediately put pressure on Redland UWE and were the first to win a short corner. Redland UWE did well to clear the ball and looked dangerous on the attack.  Tireless work from the whole of the Stroud team paid off meaning that Redland were unable to convert their breaks of play into goals. Stroud were first on the score sheet with some lovely play from the mids and forwards  with Clare Oliver scoring the goal. This was shortly followed by another goal this time from Lucy Moule. Redland UWE were not giving in though and their persistence in attack meant the score at half time was Stroud 2 Redland UWE 1.The second half saw Stroud demonstrate some great triangle work from the good structured play enabling Stroud to score their third goal from Clare Oliver.  Redland UWE also started the second half strongly and the ball was end to end. Redland managed to get another goal  narrowing the scoreline to 3-2. Stroud were not over yet and the defence did well at clearing any balls coming into the defending 25. This along with a good press from the Strouds mids and attacks meant the Stroud finished the game winning 4-2 with a final goal from Lucy Moule with a straight strike from a short corner. Player of the match went to Clare Oliver for her efforts throughout the whole game.

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07 October 2017 at 16:04

Stroud arrived in plenty of time for their game against Wick. Following a good warm up Stroud started the first half strongly. Wick were also quick off the mark with the ball ping-ponging from each end of the pitch. The Stroud defence absorbed the pressure very well and managed to quickly clear all balls that came into the D . This play from the defence allowed the mids and forwards to look dangerous on the break. Stroud were able to get the first short corner of the game which was converted in to a goal from a straight strike from Lucy Moule.

The second half started strong with Stroud upping the tempo of play and quickly scoring 2 goals. Emily Campbell getting a deflection on one and Cerys King with a penalty flick. Throughout the second half the defence communicated well between themselves to establish who would mark whom. This positivity of play and good structure allowed Stroud to finish the game winning 3-1. Player of the match went to Cerys King who played brilliantly throughout her first match for the first XI. 

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01 October 2017 at 14:47

Stroud travelled to Lydney for the second game of the season. Stroud were slow to start and quickly conceded two goals. Following this Stroud managed to pull together to get a goal back with Lucy Moule scoring. Lydney, however, were persistent in their attacking play and although the mids and defence kept closely to their players Stroud entered half time 3-1 down.

The second half saw moments of better play from Stroud who managed to gain some structure and perform more as a unit. Despite this, it was not Stroud's day and they could not match Lydney's consistency of play throughout the game and the final score ended Lydney 5 Stroud 1. Player of the match went to Olivia Lowery who had a very impressive game holding the defensive line.   

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24 September 2017 at 13:47


Stroud ladies 1s went out strongly and quickly established their presence against Old Bristolians 3s. Defensive drills were carried through from training throughout the game. This allowed Stroud to take an early lead with good play from the forwards and mids with Freya Robb opening the score sheet. This positive play continued to half time with with another goal from Freya and one from Lucy Moule. 

Old Bristolians came back strongly in the second half but the Stroud mids worked tirelessly to get back to help the defence. This disciplined approach allowed Stroud not to concede a goal and score a further 5 in the second half. 1 from Freya , 3 from Lucy  and one from Evie Robb. 

This was a great first game from everyone adapting well to new players and formations. Player of the match went to Charlotte Bullock on her debut for the team.   

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Stroud L1 Shock Leaders

19 January 2015 at 09:48

Stroud L1 caused a shock on Saturday, putting Division leaders, Jaspers, to the sword.  In a bottom v top clash, the bare 11 players from Stroud were not really anticipating victory, but a tremendous team effort and some neat hockey proved too much for the visitors.  Stroud took the lead in the first half through a well-placed Ellie Towler short corner strike and went 2:0 up before half time when Claire Crosthwaite’s goal-bound shot was deflected by a defender over the Jaspers’ keeper.  Within a minute of the second half starting, Stroud’s lead was halved and a torrid 15 minute spell could have meant curtains for them.  Their resolute attitude, self-belief and team spirit paid dividends and they frustrated the visitors by hanging on to claim all 3 points in a game from which they never expected anything.  Super stuff – keep it going for the rest of the season.

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Stroud maintain positivity in defeat

29 September 2014 at 00:21

Stroud Ladies 1XI: 0 - Jaspers: 7

Despite a good strong start to the game, Stroud Ladies 1XI conceded several goals to a very strong Jaspers side. Sasha Jones in goal made some lovely saves, and with Sarah Thomas, Katherine Stevens, Sarah Tudor and Angharad Roberts as the defensive back line, Stroud were able to hold Jaspers at bay for a while.

Some great passing work in the midfield by Sophie Fynn, Elaine Noone, Ellie Towler, Emma Crowe, and Karen Whitehead allowed Stroud to have some opportunites at attacking the goal, with some unfortunate missed shots at goal. Claire Crosthwaite, Kyishia Cooke and Lucy Moule were unlucky not to gain any points from these opportunities.

However despite a loss, there was some great play and lots of team spirit amongst the Ladies, all of whom are looking forward to next weeks home game!

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L1 are Severn Division 1 Champions

30 March 2014 at 11:27

Stroud Ladies' 1st XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, only needed a draw against Lansdown to guarantee finisheing Division Champions. They were determined, however, to win their final game. The match turned out to be a good battle between the two sides. Lansdown looked dangerous, but strong defensive work from Katherine Stevens, Rebecca Stevens, Steph Woodward, Sarah Tudor, captain Jade O'Connell and Karen Whitehead, not to mention goalkeeper Sasha Jones, prevented Lansdown from scoring.  Stroud pegged back the home side and for quite some time they didn't come near Stroud's D. The midfield and forward line produced some fine attacking moves, nice passing from Elaine Noone, Emily Allan and Angharad Roberts feeding Claire Crosthwaite and Kyeisha Cooke.  Despite strong pressure, the visitors were unable to beat Lansdown's goalkeeper. They retained their composure and were determined to score at least one goal. The second half saw the effects of the glorious sunshine starting to appear in both teams, a more possessive, passing game being played to conserve energy. Neither team was able to score as the match drew to a close. On virtually the final whistle, Stroud were awarded a short corner - their last opportunity to put a goal past Lansdown. The entire team surrounded the D to keep the ball in play. A quick injection by Crosthwaite was stopped by Noone and struck by Allan. The goalbound shot could only be deflected into the goal by a Lansdown player, leaving Stroud with their final League victory of the season and a Division title to boot !  Lansdown were gracious in defeat and congratulated Stroud on their promotion as Severn Division 1 champions 2013/2014. Congratulations to the ladies and many thanks to Captain, Jade O'Connell, and Coach, Tim Norman, not to mention the huge support of club members.

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L1 Keep up the Pressure

24 March 2014 at 09:50

Stroud L1, sponsored by Ecotricity, produced another solid performance to beat Badgers at home on Saturday.  In a keenly contested match, the home side knew they were in a game, but held their nerve and always looked as though they would emerge victorious.  They produced some nice passing hockey at times and now require just a draw from next week’s final League game to win the division title as they lie 3 points ahead of Cheltenham B.

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Stroud win means 4 points clear

09 March 2014 at 23:32

Stroud Ladies’ 1st XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, travelled to Newent and won again, scoring another whopping five goals for the second time in as many weeks. On a glorious spring day, with the bare 11 players and the captain away, the ladies were determined to win this game and stay top of the table. They started slowly, however, and Newent tryed to force Stroud to play a different style of hockey.  This led to the visitors conceding an early goal.  The ladies did not let a little thing like one goal stand in the way of victory and Stroud began to play a bit more passing hockey, conserving their energy in the heat.  Soon they equalised through Claire Crosthwaite and followed this with a second from Elaine Noone. The defenders had to work hard, however, the midfield dropping back to help them defend some strong Newent attacks.  Goalkeeper, Aleasha Holder, saved a few great shots, whilst the defensive line of Steph Woodward, Rebecca Stevens and Katherine Stevens stayed solid, aided by huge support from Karen Whitehead and Sarah Tudor. The three midfielders, Noone, Emily Allan and Angharad Roberts, worked hard to drop back and defend, as well as push forward with the attack. With the score standing 2-2 after Newent scored another, Stroud upped the ante and made use of the wings, along with Kyishia Cooke's rapid pace, to attack the Newent goal at speed.  This led to Cooke scoring two fine goals in quick succession, making the score 4-2. As was the case the previous week, 4 goals simply wasn't enough.  In the last 2 minutes of the game, Roberts received a pass in the D from Crosthwaite ; Cooke provided a dummy shot, making the goalie attempt a save, the ball sailing under Cooke's stick for Roberts to tap it into an empty goal. Stroud are on good form, their excellent play producing many goal scoring opportunities.  Next week will be their hardest game so far, as they meet Cheltenham in a top of the table clash.

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Stroud ladies 1XI victorious over Gloucester

01 March 2014 at 16:15

Stroud Ladies 1st XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, went out to win and stay top of the table in saturday's game against Gloucester - a match which Stroud dominated.  They barely let Gloucester near their D, playing great possession hockey and using both the width and space available to them. An early goal from Emily Allan gave Stroud a great head start in the game. Despite Gloucester's best efforts, the defensive back line of Katherine Stevens, Rebecca Stevens and Steph Woodward held firm, aided by some great saves from Aleasha Holder. A very attacking midfield helped create the second goal for Angharad Roberts, her shot just bobbling over the line. Lovely passing between Karen Whitehead, Elaine Noone, Sarah Tudor and Allan, meant Stroud were on the attack once again, their efforts rewarded with a beautiful goal for Claire Crosthwaite. Gloucester came back strongly and eventually scored their one goal, with what looked like a very good cricket swing! Stroud were not resting on their laurels, however, and pretty soon launched Kyishia Cooke up the wing.  She took on the goalie herself and scored a sweet goal to put the score at 4-1. This was still not enough for the Stroud ladies, though. After receiving a couple of odd tackles, Roberts dribbled the ball up the left wing before slipping it past the Glos goalkeeper to put the nail in the visitors' coffin and consolidate Stroud’s winning margin. This was a well-played game from Stroud who kept their heads and played their own style of hockey to keep themselves leaders of Severn 1 Division.

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Friendly draw against Lydney for Ladies 1XI

23 February 2014 at 18:42

Ladies 1XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, went away to Lydney for a half term friendly. After their first league loss two weeks ago, the team wanted to play good hockey and look at tactics that could be utilised over the next few weeks. A good start by both teams, it was difficult to tell who would come out on top. Some great passing round the back and up the wings from Stroud led to some lovely possession play, and despite several shots on goal, Lydneys goalkeeper was able to save them and keep the score clear. Lydney also on the attack made some good attempts at goal, however a solid Stroud defence kept them at bay for a while. A flick against Stroud was given for a foot stopping a goal, and Stroud's captain Jade O'Connell, who had to step up as goalkeeper, saved it brilliantly. Lydney however came back and scored a goal, followed by an attack from Stroud with an equaliser from Lucy Moir. Lydney came back with their second goal of the game, an unfortunate rebound saw Rebecca Stevens lose her stick and therefore was unable to prevent the goal from crossing the line. Claire Crosthwaite however scored for Stroud, equalising once more. Stroud looked strong for the remainder of the game, and concentrated on playing the game that they have played for most of the season. Good passing, using the width and not giving the ball away too often. Overall an enjoyable game for the Ladies 1XI, and all are looking forward to next weeks league game, especially hoping that the sunshine might stay!

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Fantastic win for Stroud 1XI Ladies

01 February 2014 at 19:47

Stroud Ladies' 1st XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, won convincingly against local rivals Cirencester, the 5-0 score line reflecting their superiority. A great start saw the home side passing the ball around and making full use of the space across the pitch. Some forceful attacking work by the midfield and forwards, allowed Claire Crosthwaite several opportunities from which she was unlucky not to score. A fine pass from Crosthwaite to the centre of the D gave Angharad Roberts the perfect opportunity to slot into the back of the goal. A 1-0 advantage gave Stroud the incentive they needed to take control of the game. A penalty flick scored by Lucy Moir was closely followed by two goals from Emily Allan, before a fifth and final goal from Moir again. Many more goal opportunities were created, but Cirencester's goalkeeper had a great game, saving several fantastic shots. Stroud's defence had a great game and worked hard to keep Cirencester from even looking like scoring. Despite a yellow card in the last 5 minutes, Stroud had a great game and showed once again why they remain top of the table.

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L1 Stifled by Colwall and Malvern

26 January 2014 at 16:49

The Ladies’ 1st XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, travelled to Malvern for their furthest League fixture this season.  The team were hopeful the weather would stay pleasant for the duration of the game and in the first half this was the case.  Stroud looked a little rough around the edges, some fine passing countered by them giving the ball away cheaply.  A goal from the home side gave Stroud the impetus they needed.  Stroud began to pass the ball around better and looked more dangerous in attack, a goal from Karen Whitehead restoring parity.  All square at half time, Stroud needed to come out and really attack in the second period.  Within the first 5 minutes, they looked like they were going to take control, but the weather took a turn for the worse, the umpires deciding to stop the game until the wind and hail died down.  After destroying an umbrella and knocking down one of the goals, the weather lightened up and the match resumed.  The cold break in proceedings, coming so soon after the half time break, made it difficult to get going again.  Despite goals from Angharad Roberts and Claire Crosthwaite, Colwall and Malvern were able to equalise again, leaving Stroud with just one point, a fair conclusion to a difficult game, but far from the result the table toppers anticipated.  A stronger team performance is needed next week to continue their promotion charge.

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Another Fine Victory for L1 Keeps them Clear at the Top

19 January 2014 at 22:29

Stroud Ladies’ 1st XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, produced a fine 5-0 win over East Glos to stay top of the division by 6 points.  Despite fielding a strong side, at first it looked like this could be a difficult game as East Glos were well-drilled and motivated opponents.  Stroud eventually showed why they are justifiably the top of the division, with good ball skills and movement from the defence all the way up to the opposition D.  An inch-perfect pass from Lucy Moir put Kyishia Cooke free on the right and her pass back to Moir at the top of the D was finished comprehensively.  Karen Whitehead picked up a loose ball and produced a fine looping strike to put Stroud further ahead.  Emily Allan finished off a fine individual run with a goal.  Further goals from Kyishia Cooke and Claire Crosthwaite completed what, on paper at least, was a bit of a rout. This was a well-deserved win for the ladies, particularly against a strong side in EG, and a brilliant way to start the second half of the League season.

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Stroud Ladies 1XI draw friendly

11 January 2014 at 16:57

After a long Christmas break, Stroud ladies 1XI looked ready to get stuck in with a friendly to kick off the new year.. An enjoyable game against Thornbury, however an early goal meant Stroud had to play catch up. Brilliant defensive work from the defenders and midfields, and some great saves from goalkeeper Sasha Jones meant that the score didn't go up. Stroud constantly looked good on the attack, and were unlucky to have several goal attempts and short corner routines saved by Thornbury. A short corner given in the last minute for Stroud, gave them the final opportunity to score, and a final shot by Angharad Roberts gave Stroud the equaliser to put the score at 1-1. Overall a well played game by the ladies and looking forward to getting back into league hockey next week.

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L1 Clear at the Top

19 November 2013 at 11:16

Stroud Ladies' 1st XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, travelled to a young and fit table-top sharing Cheltenham in Saturday. The battle of the leaders was a hard-fought affair, Stroud's relatively older side seemingly up against it, as the Cheltenham youngsters showed speed and skill. The visitors were undaunted and their resilience showed. Again, Stroud moved the ball around nicely and despite their forwards struggling to see much of the ball at times, came away with a tremendous 3 points to take them 3 points clear at the top of Severn Division 1. Keep up the hard work - it is clearly paying dividends.

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Fine Win for L1

21 October 2013 at 11:06

Stroud Ladies' 1st XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, showed all their hard work is paying off, comprehensively beating a strong Bourton side on Saturday.  It was a true team performance, everybody working hard for each other and an insistence on moving the ball quickly.  The visitors were no slouches, however, looking very dangerous at times and passing the ball nicely, as were Stroud.  With Stroud moving into space and creating momentum down the flanks, it was they that took the lead, Claire Crosthwaite converting her first of 3.  Shortly afterwards, she scored her second and Lucy Moir made the score 3-0 at the half time break.
Stroud’s defence was worked hard, man-of-the-match Steph Woodward undaunted in the face of fierce attacks.  Despite their best efforts, Bourton pulled a goal back, before Moir fired the home side further ahead again.  The visitors struck back once more but Crosthwaite’s short corner strike put the game safe at 5-2.
There was some excellent hockey on display from both sides, but Stroud deserved the win and are now creating space and moving the ball with real panache.

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Ladies 1st XI Continue Great Start to the Season

14 October 2013 at 09:34

Stroud Ladies’ first team, sponsored by Ecotricity, showed their mettle today against a good Cirencester team.  Having lost their captain, Karen Willsher, recently due to injury, they could be forgiven for having a bad game after a bit of a reshuffle.  The ladies, however, showed that they are true sportswomen today, playing some great hockey under a new captain, Jade O'Connell.  After a rather rough start, the ladies worked well as a team, putting Cirencester under a great deal of pressure.  Some lovely transfers across the back line, and great work by the midfield and forwards, resulted in a lovely goal by Lucy Moir, followed closely by a 2nd from Claire Crosthwaite.  A short corner routine by Stroud gave them a third goal, slotted in by Angharad Roberts, then a pass into the D gave Stroud a fourth goal, again from Lucy Moir.  Cirencester played well, but they only managed to break through Stroud once to score a goal.  There was a lot of work put in by everyone to keep Cirencester in their own half, and Stroud showed the skills they have been practising in training.  Continuous hard work from all the ladies made this such a good game to play and in which to work hard.  There was 100% effort from everyone involved, even when we were a player down.  So, a big thank you to Karen Willsher for all the hard work she has put in over the years, and congratulations to Jade O'Connell for stepping up to the mark.  Well done ladies !

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Unlucky loss for the ladies 1st XI

10 March 2013 at 17:48

Stroud ladies 1st XI sponsored by Ecotricity were unlucky to not gain any points this weekend. Both Stroud and Wotton-under-Edge started the game showing good promise and strength. A goal scored by Wotton in a short corner routine gave them the upper hand, however a second disallowed goal meant Stroud kept their heads up and didn't allow the pressure to get to them. Some lovely passing by the midfield into the attacking D by Stroud gave them several attempts at goal which Stroud were unlucky not to get points from. The defence did some great work in preventing Wotton from scoring at several oppurtunities however a second goal eventually came from another short corner routine. Strouds composure and skill was evident as they managed to hold Wotton off, and a goal finally came after som good work in the D and a final tap into the goal by Lucy Moir. A well worked game by the ladies and despite their best efforts the score remained at 2-1. A well worked effort by all who played, and Stroud Ladies 1st XI remain 6th in the league table.

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Jubilant Stroud Ladies 1st Team Take 3 Points

10 February 2013 at 21:02

Stroud Ladies 1st XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, managed a 1-0 win against local team, Dursley. In an evenly-matched game, both teams pushed for the first goal from the off.  Stroud were unfortunate not to turn their attacks into goals, whilst their defence was able to keep Dursley at bay with some fantastic work by Becky Stevens, Katherine Stevens, Jade O'Connell and Sarah Tudor.
At half time, Stroud were down to the bare eleven as Debbie Ratcliffe was unfortunate to take a stick to the hand, causing a fractured thumb.  All members of the team kept going, however, for that all important goal.
Multiple attacks were instigated by midfield and forwards - it started to feel like Stroud might just have the edge over Dursley.  With ten minutes to go, a lovely cross into the D by Kyishia Cook was caught on the reverse by Angharad Roberts and slotted neatly into the far right corner of the goal.  After this, Stroud needed some composure and not give away possession.  Some well-defended short corners were followed by some great drives up the pitch and a jubilant Stroud gained three points to stay mid-table.

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Unfortunate loss for Stroud Ladies 1st team

25 November 2012 at 23:18

Stroud Ladies’ 1st XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, had a strong start, their defence showing promise. Unfortunately, Wotton eventually opened the scoring.  Stroud refused to give up, though.  Two more goals from Wotton painted a bleak picture, but there was also some lovely work from the defence, including great blocks from Becky Stevens on the goal line. Goalkeeper, Aleasha Holder, also made some good saves to keep the score down.  Lucy Moir led the attack and wwas rewarded with a goal.  Several near misses, however, meant the score remained 3:1 against.  The midfield played some good hockey and the team made good use of available passes as well as putting in some very good defensive work.  The side continued to show signs of improvement and look forward to next week’s game.

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Stroud Ladies 1st XI gain 3 more points

11 November 2012 at 20:09

Ladies 1st Xi gain 3 More Points

After a few tough matches, Stroud Ladies' 1st XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, got stuck into this away game. Heavy rain before the match meant that the pitch had to be cleared of a deluge of water but, thankfully, the teams were able to get on with the game.
For the first ten minutes, Avonmouth were very strong attacking, and at times it looked like they may get the first goal. Several shots either went wide, were saved by goalkeeper, Aleasha Holder, or blocked by some fantastic defence work.
The game was then settled down, both teams making good breaks for goal.  Lucy Moir was able to get the first of her three goals, giving the team a boost in a very hard game.  Whilst Moir scored twice more, Stroud's defence put in a solid performance, and Avonmouth only managed to score a consolation goal in the dying minutes. Great work by attack and midfield led Stroud to multiple shots at goal.
The Ladies fought hard for this win, leaving them comfortably mid-table. It was good to have Captain Karen Wilsher on the sideline, lending support to the team which is looking better each week.

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Ladies Success in Tournament

10 August 2012 at 10:15

Stroud Ladies 'A' X1 took the minimum 6 players to compete in this friendly tournament in Gloucester.  The players were thrilled and surprised when a flurry of goals meant that they won their group, beating Gloucester, Painswick and Sherbourne.  The fast and furious matches were played on half a pitch and the squad of Aleasha Holder (GK), Angharad Roberts, Hattie White and Sarah Mace from the first X1 were supported by Pauline Edgington and Candice Johnson from the 2nd team.  Candice was awarded player of the tournament - her performance particularly remarkable as she only joined the club in February and she has had a hamstring injury for 6 weeks.  Goals were recorded by Angharad, Candice, Hattie and Sarah with Aleasha and Pauline ensuring a clean sheet was maintained by the defence.  Stroud met Leominster in the next round who play in 'North Division' - 4 leagues above Stroud 2nd X1.  Stroud lost the match!

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GHA Womens Clubs Tournaments

17 July 2012 at 15:55

Attention all Women Players !  The traditional season-opener, the Gloucestershire Women's Clubs' Tournaments will now take place at Dean Close School, Cheltenham, on SUNDAY 6 SEPTEMBER 2012.

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Ladies Win the Division with 3 Games to Spare

11 March 2012 at 19:30

Ladies 1st team stay top of league

Stroud Ladies’ 1st XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, have won their Division with 3 games to spare, having dispatched Thornbury with a workmanlike, rather than electrifying, display.  This being Aleasha Holder's second week as Captain, Stroud were hoping to give her a further boost.  In unusually warm conditions, the home side took 20 minutes to get into gear.  In spite of this, they managed to keep a spritely Thornbury side at bay, even though the visitors had several breaks into Stroud’s D.

Some great work by the defence and midfielders meant Stroud were able to keep the ball out of their net.  As Stroud began to gain momentum, they won some short corners.  The overdue first goal was scored by Claire Crosthwaite, following a lovely Lucy Bishop pass from the top of the D.

Crosthwaite nabbed a second goal moments later to give Stroud assurance the win was within their grasp.  Debbie Ratcliffe scored a well-taken 3rd goal to give the home side a 3-0 advantage at the break.

Crosthwaite hammered the ball home for her hat trick and, now a comfortable 4-0 to the good, Stroud began to pass the ball around. They pressed strongly up front and created some neat passing triangles, allowing flow and continuity.  Stroud’s midfield worked tirelessly throughout the game, keeping to a tight formation. The defence held firm against several threatening Thornbury attacks, thus preventing any goals against.

A beautiful passing move in the last minute of the game finished when Elaine Noone sent a lovely pass across the D for Angharad Roberts to slap the ball neatly into the goal, having drawn the goalkeeper - the last touch of the game.

Watched by injured captain, Karen Willsher, this was another comprehensive victory for Stroud, handing them the Division title with 3 games to spare – a superb achievement, indeed.

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19 February 2012 at 11:47

After 2 weeks of postponed league games this friendly was a welcome opportunity to hone hockey skills in readiness for next week's league games.  Fighting at times against torrential rain and in strong winds both teams worked hard to gain the upper hand.  In a well-balanced match the ball moved swiftly from end to end with Stroud GK, Aleasha Holder making some important, acrobatic saves to ensure that Stroud maintained a clean sheet.  Sarah Tudor's lightening runs stopped the Cirencester attack on many occasions and the ball was moved swiftly back up the pitch.  Stroud's winning goal came in the final 5 minutes of the match and it was the result of a fabulous attacking move from Angharad Roberts:  she stopped a hit from the Cirencester defender at point blank range, tipped the ball into the D and neatly put the ball past the Cirencester keeper.

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Fingers Crossed that Games are on Tomorrow

10 February 2012 at 11:11

Wicked weather abounds, with everybody crossing digits and limbs in the hope that tomorrow (11 Feb)'s matches will be played after the postponements of last weekend.
L2 play at 9:30 at home, although this could be in doubt as the forecast is -3 between 9am and 12 noon.
M1 start at 12:30 at home v Weston, followed by M2 at 2:00 v Bourton & Sherborne

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Hard earned win for Ladies 1st XI

13 November 2011 at 21:59

After a good win for the ladies they hoped to keep the impressive work up against Avonmouth.

A solid start meant that despite Avonmouth attacking the D they where unable to get past Strouds solid defence of Aleasha Holder, Becky Stevens, Sarah Tudor and Angharad Roberts.

With Stroud gaining possession they passed the ball around and used some of the skills that have been practiced in training.

Several attacks on Avonmouth’s goal led to short corners but the ladies where unable to get a shot on goal. With the midfields and forwards keeping the ball, Avonmouth's frustration started to show and Claire Crosthwaite was able to score the first goal. 

Debbie Ratcliffe, Julie Whiting and Kate Davies had several more attempts before Julie was able to score the second goal of the match.

After this the important thing was to keep hold of the ball and prevent Avonmouth from getting hold of it. Some brilliant work in the middle of the pitch by Karen Whitehead, Karen Willsher, Elaine Noone and Hattie White allowed Stroud to maintain possession and keep cool until the final whistle.

With a final score of 2-0 the Stroud Ladies 1XI are currently top of their division.

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Alex Needs Mo' Money!

11 November 2011 at 18:35

Hi all, Alex Waring, Men's 1stXI skipper, here.

It’s Movember, the month formerly known as November, now dedicated to growing moustaches and raising awareness and funds for men’s health; specifically prostate and testicular cancer. I’m donating my top lip to the cause for 30 days in an effort to help change the face of men’s health. My Mo will spark conversations, and no doubt generate some laughs; all in the name of raising vital awareness and funds for cancer’s affecting men.

Why am I concerned about men’s health?
*1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime
*This year 37,000 new cases of the disease will be diagnosed
*1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime
*26% of men are less likely to go the doctor compared to women

I invite you to join me by registering to grow or by donating to my support of the Mo

If you want to go old school you can write a cheque payable to “Movember”, reference my name and Registration Number 2616314 and send it to: Movember Europe, PO Box 68600, London, EC1P 1EF

Or just shove some cash in my hand next time you see me and I'll make sure it gets to the right place.

Funds raised will help make a tangible difference to the lives of others. Through the Movember Foundation and our men’s health partners, The Prostate Cancer Charity and The Institute of Cancer Research, Movember is funding world class awareness, research, educational and support programs which would otherwise not be possible. 

For more details on how the funds raised from previous campaigns have been used and the impact Movember is having please click on the links below:
About Movember 
Prostate cancer genome mapping 
Prostate Cancer Foundation research
Global Action Plan 

Thank you in advance for helping me change the face of men's health. 

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Ladies 1st fighting back!

06 November 2011 at 21:38

Stroud Ladies 1st          5             Redland 3        0

A great game this week for the Ladies 1st XI with a lot of the posession played in Redlands half.

After a very good training session on Tuesday the Ladies felt confident that game play was getting better and proved it with a much improved passing and possesion based game. 

Both Stroud and Redlands had opportunities at goal in the first half, however some solid defending from both sides meant that by half time the score was still 0-0.

The second half told a different story, not long into it and Stroud had a break in which Claire Crosthwaite was able to score the first goal of the game.

After this the Ladies seemed to find a new level of confidence and composure and pretty soon the forward line was pressing forward once again towards Redland's quarter. With another great goal from Claire, 2-0, which was shortly followed by Debbie Ratcliffe's to put the Ladies up to 3-0.

Redland pushed back, however it was not long before Stroud gained posession and were able to apply the pressure and drive it up into the D for Angharad Roberts to ensure the fourth goal definitely went in.

Some brilliant work by Karen Whitehead, Karen Wilsher, Elaine Noone and Hattie White in the midfield meant that Stroud held onto the ball, working it around the pitch and using the width effectively. 

Some lovely passing up the pitch led to Debbie's 2nd goal and Stroud's 5th and final goal of the game, whilst Julie Whiting kept the pressure applied to Redland in their defensive quarter.

A last few attempts at attacking the goal from Redland ended unfortunately for them as Stroud's defensive back line of Sarah Mace, Sarah Tudor, Becky Stevens and GK Aleasha Holder held strong and let nothing through.

This boost in game play meant that the Ladies kept control throughout the entire game and never lost their cool, many feeling they had played the best hockey so far this season.

A great aspect was that despite being several goals down Redland kept fighting until the end.

A win has placed them 2nd in the League, and the Ladies hope that they can continue to go from strength to strength.

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Ladies 1XI secure win against Jaspers

24 October 2011 at 15:25

Stroud 1st      3                 Jaspers 2nd       1

In a far better performance than in the previous week, Stroud Ladies 1sts were able to secure themselves a win against Jaspers.

With a lot of the game spent on the attack it was promising to see the first goal from Claire Crosthwaite find the backboard. However one goal was not enough for the Ladies and so Stroud went on the attack again allowing Angharad Roberts to take a hit from the top of the D which went straight into the goal. 

Jaspers fought back and were able to get a goal past Aleash Holder but Stroud were not going to let them creep back into the game. and a lovely goal from Debbie Ratcliffe meant that Stroud won. With better passing and positioning the ladies put a lot of effort into this game and deserved a good win.

Man of the Match is Debbie Ratcliffe.

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Tough draw for Ladies 1st team

09 October 2011 at 20:48

Stroud 1st    2           Dursley   2

An away/home game meant that Dursley played host to Stroud but on Strouds home turf. This gives the advantage of an extra league game played on a new pitch that the Ladies have been training on and beginning to use to their advantage.

A quick start meant that both teams had to dig deep however the score at half time was still 0-0

Both teams had attempts at goal but Dursley found the backboard first, despite the defensive efforts of Aleasha Holder, Sarah Thomas, Becky Stevens and Angharad Roberts. Stroud fought back with two goals coming from Julie Whiting, some hard work from the midfielders Sarah Tudor, Hattie White, Elaine Noone and Karen Willsher allowing the ball to travel up the pitch.

Debbie Ratcliffes positioning at the goal was brilliant however several shots by Claire Crosthwaite and a lovely cross by Kate Davies were saved by the Dursley goalkeeper.

A last goal from Dursley gave them an equaliser near the end of the second half. 

Many thanks again go to Rich McColl for his support and assistance

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Good start to the league for the Ladies 1XI

04 October 2011 at 09:51

Stroud Ladies 1XI   6     -    BAC   1 

After some good pre-season matches the Ladies 1st team came away with the first league win. Despite the hot and unusually warm weather of the day both sides looked strong. Right from the beginning though Stroud looked to dominate the game, some strong passes and good runs meant that forwards and midfield spent a lot of the match in BACs half.

The first goal was well worked, using triangle passing up the side of the pitch and then a cross into the goal from Claire Crosthwaite allowed Angharad Roberts to sweep the ball straight into the goal. 2 more goals followed quickly from Karen Willsher with one of these occurring from a short corner. A hat-trick was then completed by Claire Crosthwaite as for two of the goals she worked with Grace Cullinane, Elaine Noone, Debbie Ratcliffe, Carrie Sanders and Sarah Tudor up the pitch, Claire's third goal however was a one-on-one with the goalkeeper!

Solid work from the defence, Stroud welcomed back Sarah Thomas who worked well with the ladies newest addition Sarah Mace. Becky Stevens had some fantastic clearances, and Aleasha Holder saved a couple of goals using techniques that have been practiced in training.

Many thanks go to Rich McColl as the Ladies Coach for providing support and help during the game and for picking up on some things to work on in training.

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Ladies Firsts Win Friendly

20 September 2011 at 14:58

Stroud Ladies 1st XI   6    Wotton-under-Edge Ladies XI   1

The ladies 1st XI put on an impressive start to the year with a win against Wotton-under-Edge. The first of several friendly’s proved to be a good warm up game before League starts.

With goals coming from Julie Whiting, Fran Evans, Lucy Moule and Elaine Noone, all showing an array of skills. The defence also held strong with Aleasha Holder saving several good goals, and new addition Sarah Mace put on a great performance, fitting right in with the team. The midfield kept going even when the team looked like tiring, never giving up. The team is growing in strength and hope to continue throughout the season with good performances.

A great start for the Ladies 1st team.

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Ladies 1st XI - Fine Win

01 October 2007 at 00:00



"Best Performance Ever" - The Coach

The Stroud team was delighted when its coach confirmed what the players themselves thought - they had played some excellent hockey. The team passed the ball quickly and accurately and Wootton Bassett were unable to interrupt the continuous Stroud linking movements. The pressure applied by the Stroud forward line rewarded all 4 players with goals - Lucy Frost, Karen Whitehead, Lucy Moir and Claire Crosthwaite. The midfield line remained determined to retain possession of the ball, ensuring Stroud maintained their edge. Having had 2 friendly games cancelled during September, the team began to tire towards the end of the second half, allowing Wootton Bassett to claw back 2 quick goals. With a victory within their grasp, however, the Stroud players raised the standard of their game once more and controlled the remaining 10 minutes of the match. This gave them all 3 points and was a great start to the league season.

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