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14 April 2018 at 14:59

Stroud L3 played with its usual determination, drive and enthusiasm.  The final score does not reflect the wave after wave of sustained attacking moves from Stroud.  All the forwards were in the firing line for glory, Sam Norman's glorious shot went just wide, Sarah Scott was unmarkable as she was time and time again in the right place at the right time, whilst Tabitha Dickson's runs up the right of the pitch were endless.  Claire Crosthwaite fired home Stroud's goal from one of the team's England team inspired short corners.  The mid-field of Kathy Williams, Marsi Whelan, Marie Louise Finch and Sian Freer worked tirelessly to support the Stroud forwards and to break down the Lansdown attack.  Grace Bedwell's marking of her player was impressive and that of Jules LeBihan crucial too but it was ultimately down to GK Ella Bullock to hold back the barrage of shots from the Lansdown forwards.  Di Furlong was awarded player of the match for her outstanding tackling and passing throughout the game.  This is the final post of the season for the lean, mean ladies' 3rd machine and we look forward to next season's challenges, opportunities and successes.  See you then!

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25 March 2018 at 12:34

After a 4-1 defeat in the first half Stroud was able to turn around its performance and win the second half.  A cracking goal from open play by Abbie Richardson in the first half for Stroud and a well executed short corner shot from Claire Crosthwaite in the second half kept Stroud very much in contention.   There was a dynamic performance in mid-field from Elaine Noone, and daughter Freya.  Anne Naybour, Sarah Scott and Marie-Louise Finch put together some great runs on the forward line, with Sian Freer coping well with the speed of the Bourton forward.  The defence needed to be tight and it was, with Di Furlong, Jules LeBihan, Martha Scott and GK Sara Price saving a barrage of shots.  Another great performance from this enthusiastic side.  Joint players of the match – Abbie and Anne.

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17 March 2018 at 18:30

Stroud faced the top of the table this weekend and gave a very creditable performance.  It was ‘busy at the back’ and GK, Ella Bullock kept a cool head to deal with each shot on goal in the way required.  Grace Bedwell, in her second match for the team, along with Di Furlong and Sian Freer were just as reliable with their rock solid marking of the Bourton forwards.  Stroud were awarded a number of short corners which were well executed but just went wide of the target, with forwards Sarah Scott, Tabitha Dickson and Sam Norman all on form.  Ella and Grace were joint players of the day.

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13 March 2018 at 08:47

Stroud 3 Yate 2
Following a short break from hockey due to the snow, the team were eager to get back on the pitch. This weeks game saw them face top of the league and an unbeaten Yate team- Stroud knew they had to produce a faultless performance. With Yate winning the toss they were quick off the mark. Stroud kept up with their pace and reacted well to the pressure. With Stroud maintaining their formation and structure it allowed them to control the game. As a result of this brilliant play Stroud were first to score with a goal from Lucy Moule. Yate reacted scoring 2 goals in quick succession. This meant Stroud trailed by 1 into half time.
After the half time break the intensity of the game remained high with both sides having chances to score. Stroud kept their cool throughout Yates attacking play and this resulted in Stroud scoring an equaliser, again from Lucy Moule.  In the last 10 minutes Stroud pushed hard to try and score a winner. This hard work and determination payed off due to Yate's unforced error, allowing Jenny Howorth to score in an open goal. The final score was Stroud 3 Yate 2. Player of the match went to Emily Campbell who, throughout the whole game held her own in the defensive circle disallowing Yate many opportunities. 

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13 March 2018 at 08:43

Stroud 3 Westberries 1
Stroud returned to their home pitch for this weeks fixture against Wick. From the outset there were periods of solid play from Stroud with the new members of the team settling in nicely. This built good foundations and allowed Stroud to have many chances on Goal. Westberries did well to defend this and in parts looked extremely dangerous on the attack. Stroud didn't let this affect there game and regained possession which resulted in Stroud scoring first. Following the goal Westberries restarted play and pressed Stroud well to equalise.
The second half saw Stroud continue to develop as a Unit and demonstrated some lovely passages of play allowing for Stroud to score another 2 goals in the second half. Westberries fought back and didn't give up until the final whistle. The final score was Stroud 3 Westberries 1 with goals from Freya Robb, Sarah Mace and Cerys King. Player of the match went to Lydia Wakefield who had a fabulous first league game in the 1st XI as a mid field. 

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13 March 2018 at 08:38

Redland UWE 6 Stroud 1
Stroud went away to Redland UWE for this weeks game. Stroud knew it was going to be a tough game so arrived in plenty of time for a good warm up and to get 'in the zone'. The game started well with Stroud not letting the Redland UWE home advantage influence the game. This was, however, short lived as Stroud gave away a penalty flick from which Redland UWE scored. Stroud didn't let this deter them and quickly equalised with a goal from reserve stick goal from Lucy Moule. Following this, Stroud settled into some nice hockey but it wasn't enough to match a strong and fast Redland side. The score at half time was 4-1 to Redland.
The second half saw much of the same with Redland UWE continuing to dominate the game and have the majority of the possession.  Despite the final score being 6-1, the second half saw a great improvement in Stroud's game- they stopped panicking on the ball and started working as a unit but it wasn't to be as Stroud couldn't break down a solid Redland UWE defence. Player of the match went to Angharad Roberts who had a cracking game in defence. 

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10 March 2018 at 18:03

Stroud gave another dazzling performance this week, dominating throughout their match with Lansdown 4th team.  This was a day for the forwards and they showed some impressive movement up the pitch.  Anne Narbour found oodles of space for her electric, solo runs whilst the perfect pairing of Hannah Scott and Sam Norman resulted in a shot from Hannah being deflected into the goal by Sam.  The mid-field too was impressive with Marie-Louise Finch and Marsi Whelan operating as a brick wall in the middle of the pitch and providing essential support for the forwards.  Sian Freer and Sandra Glass demonstrated some class moves and much clever stick work. The defence, when called into action, were up to the job:  new team member Grace Bedwell made an impressive debut and was awarded player of the match for her committed marking of the Lansdown left wing.  Kathy Williams' marking of a very nimble Lansdown forward was simply text book.  Although quiet in defence keeper Sara Price was on the case when called upon to save 2 shots from Lansdown with Di Furlong and Pauline Edgington providing calm back up when needed.  Three welcome points for a win.

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24 February 2018 at 15:46

The L3 dropped in with some great freestyle air and laid it down solid!!  The Magnificent Seven of Sara Price (GK), Sophie Payne, Di Furlong, Sandra Glass, Sian Freer, Kathy Williams and Pauline Edgington were rad.  With 2 early deflections scored by Newent from the left hand post Sian took out that kink by guarding the post.  With short corner after short corner, Stroud's keeper Sara Price was a cool, hot dog.  Kathy Williams caused trouble for Newent when she ripped up the pitch on a solo run and fired at the goal.  Sophie Payne coped impressively with a biff whilst Di Furlong was up to the bombing taking place on her side of the pitch. There was absolutely no butt-dragging for Sandra Glass's hits off the sideline.  Despite only one quiver in her collection it was enough for Pauline Edgington to control the centre back. With a strategy of minimising the number of goals that could be scored by Newent the Stroud posse's implementation was awesome!

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10 February 2018 at 15:39

With the ball moving rapidly from end to end it was no surprise that the game resulted in a draw!  With both keepers being called into action on a number of occasions and each team being awarded several short corners there was little to choose between the squads.  Stroud opened the scoring with a lovely move up the pitch between Kanyana Mutalindwa and Leonie Colley finally ending on the stick of Leonie who powered the ball into the goal.  The Cirencester goal was a well taken strike in the second half.  Player of the match = Kanyana.

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03 February 2018 at 14:08

Stroud ladies' 3rd team continued its winning ways by beating Painswick through its dominance of the middle of the pitch. The team retained its top notch passing, its marking and possession of the ball to give it dominance throughout the match.  Stroud's keeper, Sara Price was called into action only once and Sophie Payne as sweeper was called upon just a handful of occasions.  The role of centre back too was a quiet one for Pauline Edgington. This was a day for the forwards and mid-field to excel with Hannah Scott, Ann Narbour, Tabitha Dickson and Alice Taylor firing the ball around amongst themselves.  Goals came from a short corner 'crack' on goal by Hannah Scott and the second from a long corner 'slap' on the top of the D by Ann Narbour.  The right wing runs from Marie-Louise Finch were rapid and essential as was defending from Frankie Hobbins, Megan Cooper, Marsi Whelan, Sam Summers and Kathy Williams.  Player of the match Ann Narbour.

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L1 - Draw Against Wick

01 February 2018 at 08:25

Stroud 1 Wick 1
This weeks game was against Wick. Stroud were slow to start and struggled to break through a solid Wick side. Throughout the first half, play was even and both sides has opportunists to score. Both teams did well to defend and allow neither side to find the back board. Stroud then started to gel together and link together their passes. This won Stroud a short corner which Lucy Moule converted into a goal. Wick reacted quickly and almost immediately equalised. This meant the score at half time was 1 all.
Following half time Stroud’s the aim was clear- tightened up the marking, win any 50/50 balls and score! Despite Stroud improving greatly in the second half, Unfortunately, the home pitch advantage didn’t go in Stroud’s favour  as Wick absorbed any pressure that came their way and cleared the ball without sweat. The final score ended 1-1. Player of the match went to Aleasha Holder who had another solid performance as GK. 

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27 January 2018 at 16:02

The 'magnificent 9' drove into Evesham with all guns blazing, to face the top of the league.  Pre-match strategy discussions resulted in GK Sara Price being allocated the role of both sweeper and GK.  4 mid-fielders were put in place to oscillate backwards and forwards to support the defence and attack as required;  each player watching their team mates to ensure that there was cover at the front and at the back.  The team's single forward, Anne Narbour, was to pull the Bretforton defence with her sprints up the pitch, allowing space for mid-fielders Hannah Scott, Marie-Louise Finch, Sarah Scott and Marsi Whelan to surge forward and pressure the Bretforton defence. The pressure exerted on the Bretforton defence was impressive.  The Breforton GK was a county GK for a number of years so the team had its work cut out to pass her.  Stroud were awarded several short corners and a penalty flick.  The defenders, Sophie Payne, Kathy Williams and Pauline Edgington worked tirelessly to prevent the Bretforton attack from getting through and in her new 'sweeper' role GK was called upon throughout the match to stop Bretforton from scoring.  Bretforton scored once in the first half and twice in the second half as their greater numbers began to tell.  This was the perfect strategy to hold the top of the league!  A great performance from the L3 whose stopping skills are exceptional and whose ability to keep control of the ball is one of its greatest strengths, particularly when outnumbered.  The 'magnificent 9' hope to gather a few more players for next week's home match! 


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21 January 2018 at 14:08

Stroud hosted Lydney in the 2nd league game back after Christmas. Stroud knew it was going to be a tough game following on from a previous 5-1 defeat. As soon as the game began Stroud maintained their composure and played their own game.  Lydney also started well demonstrating some lovely passages of play with great triangles; possession was 50/50. Stroud decided to 3/4 press the opposition which worked brilliantly with Lydney struggling to get the ball through and break it down. This resulted in Stroud finding the back board via Cerys King following a long corner. At half time the score was 1-0 to Stroud.

Following the break Lydney didn’t miss any chances and were quick to equalise. Stroud then tightened their marking and upped the intensity.  This worked well for Stroud who managed to get another 2 goals in the second half. One from Amy Lloyd-Jones with a fabulous deflection and the other from Lucy Moule. The final score was Stroud 3 Lydney 1. Player of the match went to Cerys King who held the middle of the pitch excellently. 

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20 January 2018 at 17:56

This match was Stroud 3rd team at its best with swift ball movement, accurate passing and a determination to retain possession.  With 9 players at the whistle the team knew that it had to prevent the Colwall forwards from rushing the Stroud defensive goal and the strong passing, calling and interceptions made that a reality.  One of many athletic runs up the right of the pitch enabled Marie Louise Finch to push the ball past the Colwall keeper during the first half.

The team continued to put into action all the moves it had practised at training – passing wide, passing back and posting-up:  despite being short on players the team looked invincible.  Wonderful attack by Sarah Scott and Anne Narbour meant that Stroud looked dangerous time after time.  Megan Cooper, Marie Louise Finch and Marsi Whelan were rock solid in the middle of the pitch and it was their command of mid-field gave Stroud the edge.  Alice Taylor, normally a forward, was a natural at right back and she was ably supported by talented sweeper Sophie Payne.  Pauline Edgington at centre back was pleased to have Kathy Williams alongside her to keep the Colwall wing under lock-down.  GK Ella Bullock again stepped in at just the right moment to save a certain goal in the second half and ensure that the Stroud team gained 3 points.  A fabulous birthday present for the captain!

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14 January 2018 at 14:39

Stroud's first league game following the Christmas break was against Old Bristolian's 3rd team. Stroud had a strong side and everyone worked well together from the start of the game. Stroud were quick to attack and put pressure on the Old Bristolian's defence. Although Old Bristolian's absorbed this pressure well, Stroud were persistent in their play and this paid off with several goals in the opening 15 minutes. All Stroud's goals came from the team maintaining good shape and passing the ball around. Old Bristolians managed to beat the defence and sneak one into the back of the net just before half time. The score going into the break was 8-1

Stroud knew the opposition were going to come back out of half time fighting so they upped the tempo, tightened the marking and ensured that all 50/50 balls were won by Stroud. This worked well and Stroud went on to score more goals. As the Stroud team started to tire it allowed Old Bristolians to get back on the score sheet and get 2 goals before the final whistle. Stroud played at a high intensity throughout the whole game with great ball pace. All this was great to see so soon after the Christmas break and makes the rest of the season look promising. The final score was Stroud 12 Old Bristolians 3.

The goals came from Lucy Moule (5),  Cerys King (2), Kyishia Cooke (2), Emily Campbell (1), Freya Robb (1) and Clare Oliver (1). Player of the match went to Freya Robb who had an amazing game as centre mid distributing the ball well.

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13 January 2018 at 16:35

Taking on the 2nd in the league with only 7 players was not the original game plan, or even plan B!! Fortunately the cavalry arrived within 10 minutes to push the team up to 10 players and to provide much needed support.  As always with the L3 team, the passing was accurate, fast and direct.  Collection of those passes was just as sharp and it is these skills that stood the team in good stead for the entire game.  Player of the match, GK Sara Price, was bombarded from the first whistle and 'the force' was certainly with her as she saved shot after shot.  Not to be outdone, Kathy Williams, playing out of position as LB, also pushed a Blockley shot off the line.  Sophie Payne's tackling skills have been exemplary over recent weeks and today proved to be no exception as she took the sweeper role.  She plus 'silky skills' mid-fielder Tabitha Dickson were voted players of the match.  Jules Le Bihan, Marsi Whelan and Pauline Edgington were under constant attack and fought with intention to stem the Blockley forwards.  Anne Narbour, playing for the first time in the team, was an incredible asset as she, Hannah Scott and Sarah Scott surged forward time and time again.  With only 7 for the first few moments of the game and with only 10 players for the rest of the game the team was delighted to have prevented Blockley from scoring during open play.  Both the Blockley goals came from short corners.

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13 January 2018 at 16:22

L3's arrived to a frosty (but not frozen) pitch, full of New Year cheer and turkey dinner excess!

With Stroud's 11 vs Thornbury's 14 person squad, the match began. Naturally, Stroud looked to the Captain (CB) for command and leadership but unfortunately she was away Skiing, so it fell to Marsi (CH/CB) to step in. The new Stroud defence took a while to establish itself and within the first 8 minutes Thornbury was on the score sheet;  a second followed swiftly making it 0-2 before half-time. Stroud soon settled and from a fantastic break through the mid-field, Hannah (CF) had an accurate shot on goal, unfortunately the whistle was blown a matter of seconds before, for a Thornbury foot inside the D of which Stroud were unable to convert from the awarded shortcorner.

In the second half Stroud created some lovely movement of the ball with the forwards Sarah (LF) Hannah (CF) and Leonie (RF) all putting in some great runs and shots on goal. The midfield of Tabitha (LH) Megan (CB/CH) and Marie-Louise (RH) worked tirelessly to help defend and create attacking opportunities.  Special recognition for the defence Amiee (LB) Sophie (Sweeper) and Jules (RB) who all worked hard in the second half after some relentless pressure from an ever changing, fresh legged, Thornbury side who made it 0-3 before the final whistle was blown. Players of the Match were Tabitha and Sophie

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L1 - Friendly vs Lansdown

08 January 2018 at 13:33

The first game back after Christmas saw Stroud take on Lansdown, away. The squad was made up of 1st XI, 3rd XI and Old Stroud players.

Stroud started strongly, gelling well and adapting to how one another played. Stroud were quick to get into the attacking D to have a chance at scoring. This was well defended by Lansdown who cleared the ball straight through the middle and managed to find the backboard. Lansdown dominated the first half and managed to score a futher 4 goals. Stroud had some chance and short corners but none were converted into goals.

After a brief half time team talk, and a change in formation, Stroud were back to it. Despite the score Stroud remained positive. They also tightened up the marking and prevented Lansdown attacking through the middle of the pitch. This proved more successful and allowed Stroud to play their own game. After a period of attacking play from Lansdown, Stroud cleared the ball wide, drove up the wind and crossed it to Lucy Moule who scored from a straight strike at the top of the D. The final score was Lansdown 7 Stroud 1. Player of the match went to Angharad Roberts who was the rock of the defensive line. 

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16 December 2017 at 10:07

Stroud L3 continue to grow in expertise, strategic play and fitness!  In an incredible display of mid-field dominance Stroud took command of the match with some fine passing, moving and phenomenal marking.  There were breakthroughs by Bourton but these were stopped time and time again by the back 4 defenders - Sophie Payne, Claire Crosthwaite, Di Furlong and Pauline Edgington.  Ella Bullock was rock steady in goal and made some inspired saves to ensure that the team retained a clean sheet.  It was a mother and daughter attack up front with Sarah Scott's pass across the goal being placed nicely in the back of the net by Hannah Scott.  The mid-field of Marsi Whelan, Kathy Williams, Tabitha Dickson, Megan Cooper and Marie Louise Finch worked tirelessly to push the ball up the pitch into the Bourton D.  Bourton's GK must surely have been their 'player of the match' as she saved shot after shot both from open play and short corners.  A fabulous 3 points for the team heading into Christmas - Santa is going to have his work cut out to beat that!!

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04 December 2017 at 12:48

This friendly saw Stroud take on Cirencester in a home game. With many of the 1st XI missing it was a great opportunity to see some of the 2nd XI step up and fill in the gaps. Stroud players settled in nicely together and were quick to start playing as if they had played together every week. Cirencester also started strongly and had equal amounts of possession to Stroud. It was a high intensity game with fast ball pace and fast runners on both sides. Stroud did well to absorb the pressure from the Cirencester attach and were able to clear any ball that came their way. The opening goal came from Lucy Moule for Stroud following a nice passing game between the mids and attacks. Cirencester were quick to responds and almost immediately scored a goal themselves. This was very much the pattern for the whole of the first half. At half time the score was Stroud 4 Cirencester 3. Lucy Moule getting the other 3 for Stroud.


Following a brief-half time talk Stroud went straight back to it, tightening up the marking on their players and ensuring that they pre-scanned before passing the ball. This made it harder for Cirencester to get the breaks and interceptions they wanted and Stroud continued to apply constant pressure. Cirencester did manage to equalise but Cerys King quickly found the back of the net for Stroud to re-gain the lead. In the last 10 minutes Cirencester scored an equaliser meaning that as the final whistle blew the score was Stroud 5 Cirencester 5.


Player of the match went to Emma Boyd in midfield for not only being on her second match of the day but also worked her socks off to support both the attack and defence. It was also her first appearance in the 1st XI. 

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02 December 2017 at 17:37

Stroud L3 were into their smooth, flowing, accurate hockey from the whistle and put immense pressure on the Cirencester defence with fabulous shots from Sam Norman and Sarah Scott both being saved by the Cirencester GK.  The Stroud mid-field worked extremely hard to control the match and were successful for most of the match with right half, Marie-Louise Finch being voted player of the match for her tireless defending and attack throughout.  Stroud's GK, Sara Price, faced 2 penalties the first of which hit the target and the second of which she saved with panache.   This was a frustrating game for Stroud as the score most certainly does not reflect the balance of the game as Stroud's passing found its mark time after time.

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26 November 2017 at 17:58

The last league game before Christmas was Stroud play at home against South Gloucestershire. Stroud started the first half well and maintained control of the game and the majority of the possession. They applied constant pressure to the South Gloucestershire team resulting in Stroud sneaking an early goal passed them. This positive play throughout the first half meant Stroud won several short corners. Unfortunately these were not converted into goals but Stroud managed to score another 2 goals before the half was over.  


South Gloucestershire came out of the half time break hard and applied a lot of pressure to the Stroud defence. The defence worked tremendously hard to get back having pushed up to support the attacks and mids, despite this South Gloucestershire scored 2 goals in the second half. The final score was Stroud 3, South Gloucestershire 2. Lucy Moule scored the 3 goals. Player of the match went to Sarah Tudor who had a solid game in defence. 


Having many new players in the squad its been a great first half season seeing Stroud  sat 4th in the league table. Each and every player has worked extremely hard- this has been shown through each week's player of the match being a different person. They have played 9. 3 of those have been loses, 1 a draw and 5 wins. There are 2 friendly games before the Christmas break. 


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L2 - 2 Goals from 2 Strikes

26 November 2017 at 09:03

Stroud Ladies 2's travelled away to Ross On Wye with the bare eleven. From the start, Ross made the most of their home advantage pressuring the Stroud defence -Bev King, GK Emma Crowe, Di Furlong, Pauline Edgington, Cordy King. Ross eventually scored their first, immediately answered by Claire Crosthwaite with her first touch in the D unfortunately also followed by Ross scoring again. The second half saw Ross score 2 more in five minutes. The midfield Victoria Sharpe, Lizzie Woods (capt) and Emma Boyd with winger Sophie Payne worked hard to move the ball forward only to find the Ross defence. Finally Stroud found form and Woods timed a great pass to Ellie Freer at the top of D, converting Strouds second strike into its second goal. Ross were the stronger side and scored once more but during the match Stroud showed that given the opportunity, the back board is always within reach.

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19 November 2017 at 12:27

Stroud’s last away game before Christmas saw them travel to KLB school to play Wootton-Under-Edge in a early push back. From the outset both teams started strongly demonstrating great individual and team skills. The ball ricocheted from end to end with both teams having ample opportunities to score. Stroud defence absorbed the pressure from the Wootton attack well but the team were unlucky to concede 2 goals going into half time.

The second half saw Stroud continue to play well. They maintained good structure, pressed Wootton well and stuck closely to their players. Stroud were very unlucky not to score in the second half as they were dangerous on the break they just couldn’t get it past the agile Wootton goalkeeper who smothered any ball that came her way.

The final score was Wootton 3 Stroud 0. Although Stroud didn’t get the 3 points they had hoped for, they demonstrated a brilliant attitude throughout the whole game and each individual player bust a gut to do their bit. Player of the match went to Sarah Mace who had a fantastic game as right mid.

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19 November 2017 at 10:33

Stroud L3 continue to whip balls into the opposition's goal!  In a pressured match Stroud did well to hold the league leaders to three goals.  Some great 'off the line' clearances by Aimee Robb and Sam Summers were vital and some wonderfully timed tackles from sweeper Di Furlong kept the Bourton attack at bay.  Keeper Sara Price was under fire many times and she was able to clear the ball to a perfectly placed Marie-Louise Finch.  The combined force of forwards Sam Norman, Sarah Scott and Claire Crosthwaite is hard for any opposition.  A signature shot from Sam Norman knocked their keeper for six and Stroud's goal, from Claire Crosthwaite, sent Bourton's in-pain GK to the sub benches.  There was a welcome return to the team for Sophie Payne who had not lost her touch. The player of the match this week was unanimous (less voting for herself of course!) and it went to Frankie Hobbins who did a fabulous job as centre half. A special thank you to the umpire from Leamington who, despite the atrocious weather, did a great job of spotting a raft of errors.

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12 November 2017 at 19:46

Stroud played Yate away in the 7th league game of the season. Yate were quick off the mark applying a great deal of pressure to the Stroud team. Stroud absorbed this pressure well and closely marked their players making it difficult for Yate to convert their chances. Yates tenacity, however, paid off and they scored the opening goal. Stroud didn't let this dishearten them and at times were dangerous on the break. Yate fought back hard but Stroud, despite valiant efforts were unable to find the backboard in the first half of the game. Yate managed to pull through twice more before the half time whistle blew. This meant the Stroud were trailing 3-0 at half time.

During the second half Stroud continued to play well and develop their play. This hard work from the team played off and Stroud scored 2 goals in the second half. Both came from Lucy Moule following brilliant passages of play from the defence, through the mids and up to the attack. Unfortunately it wasn't to be in this game and Yate also scored 2 goals in the second half. The final score was 5-2 to Yate. Player of the match went to Goalkeeper Aleasha Holder who made a countless number of excellent saves throughout the game.

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12 November 2017 at 10:28

Stroud Ladies 2's bounced back in style after losing to 1-0 to Colwall and Malvern last week and beat Cirencester 3, 5-0. Throughout the game, Stroud were constantly in the attacking D. After a few missed shots, Jones scored her first, shortly followed with a second goal from a mighty strike from Hannah Scott. The 3rd came from a great tackle by Victoria Sharpe just outside the D, converted to a deflected goal by Ellie Freer. Cirencester 3 stepped up in the second half but Stroud still dominated with a perfectly aimed shot from Emily Jones. Not happy with only 2, Jones got her hat trick through quick reactions in the last short corner of the game.

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11 November 2017 at 17:32

A scrumptious 3 points for L3 this week as all their forwards were on the score sheet!  Kanyana Mutalindwa started the ball rolling with an early, solo run up the pitch and successful shot on goal.  That was shortly followed by a classic left wing goal from Sarah Scott, in the perfect position to push the ball into the net.  The understanding in mid-field between Tabitha Dickson, Sam Norman and Marie Louise Finch was clear as they each took the role of attacker and then defender.  Sam Summers was awarded player of the match status for her impressive marking of the Lansdown right wing and the defence was once again on its best form with GK Sara Price making a number of excellent saves, sweeper Di Furlong catching up the loose players and Jules LeBihan sticking like glue to the left wing.  Goals in the second half were from an extraordinary interception by Amy Lloyd-Jones and a signature 'at speed' shot from Sam Norman.  A great result from a determined team.

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L1 - Running rings around the Robinsons!

05 November 2017 at 10:30

Today’s game saw Stroud take on Clifton Robinson’s in a late push back. After a slow start Stroud managed to gain some momentum and put pressure on the Clifton Robinsons defence. Clifton Robinson’s defended well but Stroud managed to win a short corner which Cerys King converted into a goal with a cracking deflection. This was the catalyst Stroud needed and they quickly scored a second, this time from Clare Oliver. Clifton did well to fight back and got themselves on the score sheet before half time. This put the score at  2-1 going into half time.

Stroud's play improved throughout the second half with everyone showing great a work rate. The Stroud defence worked especially hard to keep up with some very speedy Clifton Robinson’s forwards and managed to clear the majority of balls  that came their way. Clifton managed to get another 3 goals passed Stroud but it was not enough to match Stroud’s further 5 in the second half. Evie Robb scored and Lucy Moule got the other 4 which earned her today’s player of the match.

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L3 - Nip and tuck with goals galore!

04 November 2017 at 18:17

Stroud Ladies' 3rd team's performance was exceptional this week, with the game too close to call until the final whistle.  The passing was excellent with the forward line of Hannah Scott (player of the match), Sarah Scott, Claire Crosthwaite and Sam Norman working together like a dream.  Marie-Louise Finch made some fabulous runs and passes from the right half position many of which were capitalised upon by the forwards.  It was good to welcome Sam Summers back to the side, particularly when she cleared a ball from the goal line!  Stroud's goals came from Claire Crosthwaite, a direct, rapid shot on goal, Hannah Scott, from a fast paced solo run up the pitch, and Sam Norman as usual striking the ball with unstoppable force.  The Stroud short corner awarded in the dying seconds of the match was just centimetres wide of its target.  The defence of Sara Price (GK), Di Furlong, Kahy Williams, Marsi Whelan, Jules LeBihan and Pauline Edgington worked hard to contain the Lansdown attack and were successful time after time.  Against the team who are second in the league this was a fine performance from the Stroud team.

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22 October 2017 at 18:59

WSWHL The Marches 1 League (sponsored by Go Cre8 Hockey Camps)

 Brian storm might have been raging strong but Stroud 3XI (sponsored by Connexus) travelled with hopes held high, despite only mustering 9 men. These were quickly dashed in the first 10 minutes when Hereford put 3 past Stroud, however Stroud did manage to pull one back when some slick passing and moving allowed Alex Elder to slam home past the Hereford kicking back. Stroud managed to batten down the hatches and some resolute defending by Chris Bargh and Harvey Freer, and great goal keeping by Reuben Dodd, enabled Stroud to go in at the break with some confidence in knowing that it could be closer than the score line suggested. After a whirlwind first 10 minutes of the second half, Hereford grabbed an early settler but undeterred Stroud managed to grab one back through Dom Creech who poked home a reverse stick sweep into an empty net. Hereford capitalised from a “unique” and controversial short corner routine but Stroud bounced right back, this time, captain Chris Bargh hustled the ball just outside of his own D and went on a rampaging run, giving a 1-2 with Danny Rose-Innes before shuffling the ball to Dom Creech who squared for Tim Norman to reverse sweep through a crowded goal mouth into the back board. Hereford’s final goal should not have stood as the umpire missed a blatant stick tackle in the build-up allowing them to dribble the ball over the line.  At the final whistle the comradery shown by Stroud was commendable in the face of such adversary and next week they play at home (Stratford Park) to Cirencester A in the hope they can grab points that they fully deserve.

 Currently Stroud 3XI sit 5th in the league with 2 wins, 0 draws, 2 loses, 0 goal difference and 6 points, which, after being promoted, is a great testament to the skill, team work and passion shown by all involved.

 MOTM: Reuben Dodd

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22 October 2017 at 18:55

Stroud Ladies 1st XI travelled with the bare 11 to Westberries for this weeks wet and windy match! Despite this Stroud started well and showed some good passages of play and movement on and off the ball. Westberries matched this and showed great skills and team work.  Stroud fought hard to make sure that Westberries didn’t score with great defending and clearing of the ball. This hard work payed off with Stroud making it onto the score sheet first as a result of excellent play from the defence and mids passing the ball wide and driving down the wing. Westberries fought back with more dangerous attacking play but it was no match for the defence who cleared it every time. Just before half time Stroud won a short corner which was converted into a goal. Stroud entered half time 2-0 up.


The second half saw much the same with both teams working well together and having lots of chances. Westberries managed to score a good goal but Stroud responded straight away with matching it and also scoring. The score was then 3-1. With 15 minutes to go and the Stroud team tiring Westberries were persistent in their attacking play and scored another 2 goals. The final score was 3-3 with Lucy Moule getting a hatrick. Player of the match went to Emily Campbell for her brilliant work rate to help both the attacks and defence making some vital tackles. 

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21 October 2017 at 15:04

As expected from this enthusiastic, determined, energetic team the players were focused on what needed to be done and fought hard to stop the relentless Newent attack.  Newent dropped into this league at the end of last season and the match was expected to be challenging.  Added pressure was brought to bear by having only 10 players for most of the game and at one time 9 players due to injury. The midfield had been tasked with controlling the centre of the pitch and Debbie Ratcliffe, Marie-Louise Finch, player of the match Kathy Williams and Pauline Edgington stuck fast to that role.  The additional Newent player meant that there was 'overload' in the Stroud defensive circle and credit must go to Di Furlong, Jules LeBihan and Pip Robb for their strong marking.  A special mention for Ella Bullock (GK) who saved shot after shot to keep the Newent score line in single figures!  Stroud's goal came in the first half with an excocet missile shot from Sam Norman which bounced off the keeper's pads and which was neatly struck into the back of the goal by Sarah Scott. Despite the scoreline Stroud played some strong hockey with good passing, excellent 'running into space' and some neat square balls.  A focused performance from an on the ball team!

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15 October 2017 at 16:49

Stroud's first home game of the season saw them take on a strong Redland UWE team.  Stroud immediately put pressure on Redland UWE and were the first to win a short corner. Redland UWE did well to clear the ball and looked dangerous on the attack.  Tireless work from the whole of the Stroud team paid off meaning that Redland were unable to convert their breaks of play into goals. Stroud were first on the score sheet with some lovely play from the mids and forwards  with Clare Oliver scoring the goal. This was shortly followed by another goal this time from Lucy Moule. Redland UWE were not giving in though and their persistence in attack meant the score at half time was Stroud 2 Redland UWE 1.The second half saw Stroud demonstrate some great triangle work from the good structured play enabling Stroud to score their third goal from Clare Oliver.  Redland UWE also started the second half strongly and the ball was end to end. Redland managed to get another goal  narrowing the scoreline to 3-2. Stroud were not over yet and the defence did well at clearing any balls coming into the defending 25. This along with a good press from the Strouds mids and attacks meant the Stroud finished the game winning 4-2 with a final goal from Lucy Moule with a straight strike from a short corner. Player of the match went to Clare Oliver for her efforts throughout the whole game.

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15 October 2017 at 10:03

Stroud ladies 2s travelled to Cheltenham early on Saturday.

As normal Stroud started slowly, and found ourselves 1-0 down. Stroud started to play the ball around and used the wide areas. With some strong running from Emma Boyd Stroud won their first short corner, and with persistence Stroud's Victoria Sharpe equalised. 

Stroud decided to toughen up in the second half and battled hard being rewarded with a second goal this time from Emma Boyd. Cheltenham came back with lots of pressure but Stroud's defence stayed strong . With some more great running from Emma Boyd Stroud won and converted a short corner, with Elaine Noone hitting the spot, to make the final score 3-1 to Stroud.

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07 October 2017 at 16:04

Stroud arrived in plenty of time for their game against Wick. Following a good warm up Stroud started the first half strongly. Wick were also quick off the mark with the ball ping-ponging from each end of the pitch. The Stroud defence absorbed the pressure very well and managed to quickly clear all balls that came into the D . This play from the defence allowed the mids and forwards to look dangerous on the break. Stroud were able to get the first short corner of the game which was converted in to a goal from a straight strike from Lucy Moule.

The second half started strong with Stroud upping the tempo of play and quickly scoring 2 goals. Emily Campbell getting a deflection on one and Cerys King with a penalty flick. Throughout the second half the defence communicated well between themselves to establish who would mark whom. This positivity of play and good structure allowed Stroud to finish the game winning 3-1. Player of the match went to Cerys King who played brilliantly throughout her first match for the first XI. 

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07 October 2017 at 15:07

Bretforton dropped down into this league this season and Stroud did incredibly well to hold them to 3 goals.  Not surprisingly the Stroud GK, Sara Price, was awarded player of the match for her electric saves throughout the game.  There was some lovely play up the wings and the blocking of Bretforton's hit outs was just as practised at training.  Defensive short corners were ably dealt with by Kathy Williams, Di Furlong, Jules LeBihan and Pauline Edgington:  for the first time this season Stroud did not have the opportunity to shoot at goal from an attacking short corner. Bretforton scored swiftly from the first whistle but tight marking from Frankie Hobbins and Marie Louise Finch meant that Bretforton found it difficult to find space to score again.  During the second half Stroud began to tire and Bretforton scored twice.  Marsi Whelan left her sick bed to doggedly support the team in mid-field and Sarah Scott, Leonie Colley and Hannah Scott were tireless in their pursuit of a goal.

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01 October 2017 at 17:10

Stroud Ladies 2s  started slowly absorbing pressure by Ross from the whistle. Stroud’s passing game lead to prolonged periods of attack, perseverance paying off with a goal from Tabitha Dickson.

Stroud continued to attack and were unlucky not to score again in the first half. 

The second half started with Amy Lloyd-Jones picking up a through ball and with super stick skills & vision set up Tabitha Dickson for Stroud’s second. Ross weren’t finished either sending a barrage of shots towards in-form GK Emma Crowe. Stroud finished the match with a wonderful individual run and goal from Jenny Howorth.

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01 October 2017 at 14:50

Stroud (sponsored by Connexus) continued their unbeaten start to the season with a resolute 2-1 win over a determined Lansdown side. It was shock and awe in the first 10 minutes by Stroud as they played some exquisite hockey to go 1-0 up. Great interchange play by Alex Elder and Tim Norman allowed Nigel Sherwood a shot on goal that Dom Creech helped on in to the corner of the net. And for the rest of the first half Stroud piled on the pressure but could not put the game to bed despite Nigel Williams coming close with a well drilled shot from a short corner that the goalkeeper kicked away and the rebound being cleared off the line by a Lansdown defender. As the 2nd half started Lansdown pressed and levelled the score with a fine move which punished Stroud for not taking their chances. Again,  Stroud piled the pressure on and Chris Bargh came close with a sweet short corner strike well saved by the goalie and Tim Norman being denied with a vollied goal line clearance. Ollie Roberts toiled and tried to turn the skill on by turning the keeper but he was denied, with only minutes left though he managed to lift the ball over the keeper from an acute angle to score the winner and send the team joint 2nd with Stroud 2XI after one game with Newent the only other side to register a win in the league. 

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01 October 2017 at 14:47

Stroud travelled to Lydney for the second game of the season. Stroud were slow to start and quickly conceded two goals. Following this Stroud managed to pull together to get a goal back with Lucy Moule scoring. Lydney, however, were persistent in their attacking play and although the mids and defence kept closely to their players Stroud entered half time 3-1 down.

The second half saw moments of better play from Stroud who managed to gain some structure and perform more as a unit. Despite this, it was not Stroud's day and they could not match Lydney's consistency of play throughout the game and the final score ended Lydney 5 Stroud 1. Player of the match went to Olivia Lowery who had a very impressive game holding the defensive line.   

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30 September 2017 at 15:34

Another fine performance from Stroud with some fabulous attacking runs, defensive formations and superb passing.  Colwall went into the lead early in the first half and despite efforts from the forward line of Sarah Scott, Marie Louise Finch, Kanyana Mutalindwa and Claire Crosthwaite the team was unable to equalise in the first half.  A fabulous pass from Sian Freer enabled Claire Crosthwaite to fire the ball into the net whilst on the run - a great goal.  Jules LeBihan time and time again was able to move the ball up the right hand side and Di Furlong ensured that anyone that escaped their marker had no room to shoot on goa.  Kathy Williams was tireless and ran hard to support both the attack and the defence.  Sam Summers and Marsi Whelan had some great connections in mid-field and Pauline Edgington stuck close to the Colwall centre forward.  In her first match for the team Ella Bullock pulled off an important save in the last 10 minutes of the match to ensure that Stroud had a well deserved draw and a dreamed for first league point!

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24 September 2017 at 13:47


Stroud ladies 1s went out strongly and quickly established their presence against Old Bristolians 3s. Defensive drills were carried through from training throughout the game. This allowed Stroud to take an early lead with good play from the forwards and mids with Freya Robb opening the score sheet. This positive play continued to half time with with another goal from Freya and one from Lucy Moule. 

Old Bristolians came back strongly in the second half but the Stroud mids worked tirelessly to get back to help the defence. This disciplined approach allowed Stroud not to concede a goal and score a further 5 in the second half. 1 from Freya , 3 from Lucy  and one from Evie Robb. 

This was a great first game from everyone adapting well to new players and formations. Player of the match went to Charlotte Bullock on her debut for the team.   

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23 September 2017 at 14:37

The score does not do credit to the excellent moves made by the Stroud 3rd team up and across the pitch.  There was some fine moving, passing and attacking from the Stroud team but it was unable to contain the experience and speed of the Blockley side. Blockley's goals came from 2 x short corners and 5 'breakaway' goals.  New comers to the team Leonie Colley and Kanyana Mutalindwa were exceptional and goal scorer Leonie Colley was voted player of the match. Jules LeBihan stuck doggedly to her player and created some nice moves up the left hand side of the pitch.

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16 September 2017 at 17:22

Stroud's pressure on the Thornbury defence was relentless and the team took an early lead with a powerful short corner strike from Sam Norman.  Stroud dominated the first half but the excellent Thornbury keeper saved over 10 shots on goal, much to the frustration of the Stroud team.  Marsi Whelan's ball distribution in mid-field was excellent as she opened up the width of the pitch with some great square and back passes.  The practiced 'down the line' balls succeeded time and time again, with Sian Freer and Sarah Scott in perfect timing.  Marie-Louise Finch was in the right place at the right time and linked well with player of the match, Sam Norman.



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09 September 2017 at 16:59

Having brushed the rust off their hockey skills, enhanced their fitness and immersed themselves in hockey during August Stroud ladies' 3rd team was ready to take on Wotton under Edge.  A friendly match played in a great spirit saw both teams take control of the game at various stages but Stroud's determination to score goals eventually won through.  Wotton took the lead in the first half and, with a new formation, Stroud began to settle during the second half as they took control of the mid-field.  The defence fought hard and successfully to stop Wotton scoring a second time with keeper Sara Price making some vital saves.  Both of the goals from Stroud were expertly scored by Claire Crosthwaite and the cohesion amongst the forwards meant Stroud always looked dangerous in attack.  A great start to the new season.  Player of the match, defender Sam Summers.

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25 March 2017 at 16:33

For their final match of the season Stroud pulled off a draw against one of the top 3 teams in the league!  The development of this new Stroud side during the season has been astounding; from a team that had never played together to a team holding its own in the league is impressive.  The level of ball control, the standard of the tackling and the passing is a result of strong determination, commitment and training.  Stroud's goal came from Sarah Scott who perfectly executed the 'take the defender with you, then dodge back' move.  She lost her marker and was able to slip the ball past the Ross keeper.  Stroud's GK, Sara Price, remained calm and business-like under pressure.  The defence of Lydia Wakefield, Emma Crowe, Karen Whitehead and Pauline Edgington were under sustained Ross attack for much of the game, but were able to prevent the Ross players from scoring.  The Ross goal came from a short corner.

Centre midfield, as always, was controlled by Marsi Whelan, who was expertly and ably assisted by Sian Freer, Sophie Payne and Mandi Lewis.

The forwards were on fire this week with star player Annabel Wigley determined to escape her marker and forge into the Ross 'D'.  Issy Smith's solo runs and Pip Robb's short passes ensured that the Ross team were under pressure for much of the game.  1:1 draw was a great result for Stroud and a wonderful way to finish the team's first season.

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M3s are Champions

20 March 2017 at 08:24

Stroud M3s are Marches Division 2 Champions

Stroud Hockey Club’s 2016-2017 season end celebrations feature a marvellous performance by the Men’s 3rd XI.  The team secured promotion 2 weekends ago with a nervous 0-0 draw at home, before sealing the Champions’ spot on Saturday, beating a resolute, but destined to be second on the day, Newent B side.

With one game remaining, Stroud can afford to enjoy the game, safe in the knowledge that all their hard work, dedication to the team and a massive desire to play attractive hockey, has paid dividends.  Under the auspices of captain Chris Bargh, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude, the squad’s almost unique blend of youth and experience, pace and cunning, ensured the small but stalwart band of supporters were entertained week after week.  Half-time jelly babies aside, no dubious deliveries of controversial substances were required and once Stroud hit the top in the game before the Christmas break, beating then title contenders Winchcombe 6-0 at home, they never looked back with any conviction.  It was all about the next win.

A magnificent defensive record, and an unbeaten home record to boot, were just two stand-outs from the season.  To concede a more than frugal 5 goals at home all season is fantastic.  The defence, fronted, or perhaps backed, by Bryn Nicol in goal, was the foundation of the season-long performance.  Sol Bowen, one of several youngsters who grew in stature throughout the season, cemented his position at left-back and deservedly won the award for most improved player.

Centre midfield maestros – maybe that is an overused term these days – Alex Elder and Steve Batt provided the pivoting power, distributing the ball with aplomb and displaying more than a pinch of tenacity and steel when the chips were down.  They were also gracious enough to allow part-time midfielders, namely the strikers, to take their places when required.  In all honesty, the squad had the ability and confidence to play in almost any position on the pitch, without detriment to the result.

A goal difference of 71 is something at which nobody should sniff.  The potent strike force of Chris Bargh, voted player of the year by our readers (sorry, players) and Tim Norman, 28 goals and counting, was pretty deadly, complemented the frugality of the defence.

Before giving a mention to all regular and semi-regular squaddies, mention must be made of Bob Brewer and Nigel Sherwood’s appearances for Gloucestershire Over-60s.  Sherwood reached the semi-finals and attended England O60s trials at the illustrious Olympic Park.  Brewer was unfortunate to miss several matches in the latter half of the season, but was named the club’s Umpire of the Year at the annual Dinner and Dance, as he switched his efforts.

Yes, perhaps it is all about the statistics, but, in truth, all we need to say is “We are the Champions” and give a shout-out to the valiant buccaneers who have made those such an enjoyable and successful season.

The regulars … Chris Bargh, Tim Norman, Matt Watts, Dom Creech, James Testar, Sol Bowen, Nigel Williams, Huw Widgery, Bryn Nicol, Ollie Roberts, Alex Elder, Steve Batt, Harvey Freer, Dan Rose-Innes, Bob Brewer

The slightly irregular (no offence intended) … Stuart Holt, Hamish Norman, Calum Norman

The odd appearances … Nick Hitchcroft, Dan Richards, Henry Bonham, Elliott Bonham

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18 March 2017 at 16:25

With a baker's dozen or more shots on target the Stroud attack and midfield went all out to push the ball past the Wotton GK.  Small of stature and big on ability the youngster stopped shot after shot from entering the Wotton under Edge goal.  This was a nice performance from Stroud whose passing was top notch;  balls were passed and picked up square, up the line, across the top of the 'D' and in both corners of the pitch.  Playing with just 11 players the Stroud team began to tire in the final 10 minutes but still kept up its defensive work with this week's star player Lydia Wakefield stopping the Wotton attack from the first to the last whistle.  Fit Bit figures this week were 3.4 miles, 4 miles and 6 miles!

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11 March 2017 at 15:25

Stroud Ladies 3rd' X1 never gives its opposition time to rest and today was no different.  Having gone 1-0 down against the run of play, the team threw all its energy, effort and skills at finding an equalising goal.  The short corners were well executed with some fine, forceful hits by Jenny Howorth.  The attacking formation of Mandi Lewis, Pip Robb and Sophie Payne was determined and the smooth, accurate passing of the ball was a delight to watch.  Defenders Lydia Wakefield and Jules LeBihan both gave their opposing players no space for personal flare or fast-moving attack.  The Di Furlong, Sara Price duo as sweeper and GK was dynamic.  It was a pleasure to have Sian Freer back in the team after recovery from injury and the half line of Sian, Marci Whelan and Kathy Williams had the centre of the pitch wrapped up.  Stroud's goal was scored in the dying minutes by Mandi Lewis from a fabulous pass, typical of her extraordinary performance throughout the match, from this week's star player Issy Smith.

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05 March 2017 at 11:37

Stroud were battered relentlessly by torrential downpours in their match against Bourton 3rd team.  Always a challenging game this Bourton team were determined to win.  They went ahead when the rain made it impossible for the ball to be stopped cleanly by the Stroud defence and the ball trickled over the line.  There was a repeat goal a short time later.  Stroud's attack made some headway with shots by Issy Smith, Sarah Scott and Annabel Wigley.  The short corner routine was well executed by Marsi Whelan and Stroud were unlucky not to deflect the ball into the net.  Di Furlong did a great job of covering for Pauline Edgington in centre field who was struggling with a hamstsring injury.  Kathy Williams was awarded Player of the Match for her dogged determination throughout the game.

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25 February 2017 at 15:28

The score completely belies the fantastic hockey played by Stroud against top of the table, Bourton 2nd team.  The successful implementation of a number of short corners kept the Bourton keeper busy and the movement of the Stroud forwards in the 'D' was particularly impressive this week.  Sarah Scott was unlucky to have her close range shot on goal saved twice.  There was a great performance in defence too from sweeper Di Furlong, left back Lydia Wakefield, GK Sara Price and 'player of the match' Jules LeBihan. The movement of the ball in the first half, square, back and straight enabled Stroud to retain possession and Stroud was in the ascendance with the home side just a goal behind. 

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11 February 2017 at 16:00

Despite the cold weather this plucky Stroud team were on fire!  Right from the whistle Stroud took the game to Painswick and within the first 20 minutes were awarded with 3 well taken short corners.  Stroud too were put under pressure with a number of Painswick shots going wide of the goal and half a dozen shots on goal being expertly dealt with by Stroud GK, Sara Price.  Stroud had practised square and straight passes on Tuesday evening and again as a warm up exercise at the match and the team used the skills to fantastic effect, particularly in the midfield.  Marsi Whelan controlled midfield with some strong, accurate square passes to Karen Whitehead and Sophie Payne.  Use of the straight ball was beautifully demonstrated by Kathy Williams, Mandi Lewis and Sarah Scott, whilst Annie Hobbins rose to 'superstar' status when stopping 2 individual Painswick shots on the line.  Stroud's goal came in the second half from a great shot from Jenny Howorth, the culmination of some fantastic attacking work by her and Annabel Wigley.  The defence of Di Furlong, Jules LeBihan and Pauline Edgington produced some accurate passing and tight marking.  The average distance travelled by each player this week was 2.6 miles and the player of the match was Marsi Whelan.

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04 February 2017 at 16:33

Stroud Ladies 3rd team played this match with endless enthusiasm, commitment and energy.  This week's opposition were 2nd in the table and it was always destined to be a tough game.  Two new players to fitted in to the team immediately:  Frankie Hobbins did a fine job of marking and Annabel Wigley is clearly an out and out forward.  Jules Le Bihan's save on the line was awe inspiring, Pip Robb's left wing runs effective and Annie Hobbins gave the Blockley centre forward very little room to move.  Stroud were unlucky not to score on a number of occasions with Sarah Scott and Karen Whitehead moving the ball up the right hand side of the pitch at pace.  They were thwarted many times as their 'on target' shots were saved by the Blockely GK.  Mandi 'flick the ball over the opponent's stick' Lewis was in the right place many times and Marsi Whelan's command of the midfield this week was awesome.  Captain Pauline Edgington had lost her voice and Emma Crowe stepped in to manage the team and to play in goal.  GK was a busy position and time after time Emma did a great job of fending off the Blockley attack.  Players of the match Marsi and Emma. Average distance covered by each team member .... 2.6 miles!

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Ladies 3rd team face fast opposition!

28 January 2017 at 16:21

Once again the Stroud team piled on relentless pressure in the final 10 minutes, this week against Colwall, and the team was unlucky not to have equalised.  The Colwall side started strongly and scored first:  Stroud's Karen Whitehead equalised moments later from a great move down the right wing.  Colwall then flooded the Stroud defence and at half time Stroud were 3-1 down.  Never daunted, disheartened or weakened the Stroud side honed its skills more tightly, settled down and a solo run from Sophie Payne provided a second goal for the team.  There was lots to be proud of in the match, the passing was accurate, Stroud's retention of the ball in the second half was excellent and the runs to the back line with subsequent passes into the circle were well drilled.  A smashing pass from Marsi Whelan, deflected in front of goal by Karen Whitehead just touched the side of the Colwall's keeper's pads and went wide.  A frustrating result but a good performance against a young, well drilled side.

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22 January 2017 at 11:09

Stroud Ladies 3rd team are 6th in the table and played incredibly well against Cirencester who are in 3rd place.  Having scored no goals in the away game against Cirencester, Stroud scored 2 excellent gaols at home;  one a lovely passing move up the pitch initiated by Sophie Wathen and finished off with determination by Issy Smith.  The other from a well taken short corner and the routine was precisely that practised the previous Tuesday:  a well struck ball from Jenny Howorth was pushed into the net at the left hand post by Kathy Williams.  The Cirencester attack was fast and furious and always a challenge but the entire Stroud team fought hard to contain the higher placed team and in the last 15 minutes of the game Stroud were the much stronger side and unlucky not to score that illusive equaliser.

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08 January 2017 at 10:56

The Stroud team's incredible enthusiasm meant that during the first half everyone wanted to be involved in the game at every stage and the team structure became unstuck.  During the second half the structure was regained and the team settled into its normal rhythm.  There were some great moves from Karen Whitehead to Sarah Scott on the wing and good  'moving into space' from all the other forwards (Issy Smith, Mandi Lewis, Sophie Wathen)  The team's attack was particularly impressive this week.  Stroud did not have the game all its own way and the result reflects the tussle in this game with the ball moving from end to end throughout the match.   Keeper Sara Price made some important saves, with defenders Lydia Wakefield, Jules LeBihan, Sian Freer, Marsi Whelen and Pauline Edgington all making inch perfect tackles at key times in the game.  Kathy Williams was unlucky not to be awarded a penalty for her direct shot on goal. Player of the match, voted for by the team, was Issy Smith.

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03 December 2016 at 16:13

Old B's were into the game before Stroud had properly settled and within 10 minutes the Stroud side was 2 goals down.  From then on Stroud took control of the game with some excellent passing backwards and across the pitch which resulted in some impressive attacking moves.  It was unfortunate that despite 6 short corners and a number of shots on goal, saved by the GK, that those all important goals eluded the Stroud side.  This was a great match to finish the first half of the season as for many years there has been a strong bond of friendship between the two clubs.  The match provided Stroud with some good training opportunities over the next few weeks.  Cordy King was player of the match.

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26 November 2016 at 18:52

This was without doubt Stroud's best team performance to date with some great passing, moving of the ball and possession.  Despite sustained attack from Ross during the first 25 minutes of the match the Stroud defence prevented Ross from scoring and at half time the score was an incredible 0-0.  Sarah Scott's collection of the ball was text book and Jules LeBihan had yet another game where her marking was limpet like. The midfield worked tirelessly to command the centre of the pitch and did a fantastic job of disarming the Ross players. Centre half Marsi Whelan was player of the match.  Eventually the pressure of a Ross squad with 14 players and a Stroud team of only 10 meant that the Stroud team began to tire under the relentless pressure.  A fabulous performance from the entire squad, Emma Crowe (GK), Di Furlong, Cordy King, Jules LeBihan, Marsi Whelan, Kathy Williams, Sian Freer, Pauline Edgington, Sara Scott and Sophie Wathen.

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19 November 2016 at 15:54

Another great win for the fast improving ladies' 3rd team which gives a stronger performance each week.  The passing was again exceptional and there were some fantastic forward moves up the pitch which enabled a cracking goal from player of the match Jenny Howorth and a second by a fast paced Issy Smith.  Sophie Wathen found lots of space up front and Lydia Wakefield was determined to prevent the player she was marking from finding room to score.  Marsi Whelan's performance in mid-field was as effective and controlled as ever and Stroud's defence at short corners proved to be impassable for the Wotton forwards. Jules LeBihan was on top tackling form!

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12 November 2016 at 15:51

Stroud were the first to score with some fabulous passing, movement and dribbling down the left hand side of the pitch, resulting in an inch perfect pass to Mandi Lewis who swept the ball into the goal.  Lansdown were swift to strike back with a goal from a short corner and despite a fantastic save by GK Sara Price, followed by a stop on the line by Jules LeBihan and a first time clearance from Emma Crowe finally Lansdown pushed the ball into the net to equal the score.  The second half saw sustained attack by Lansdown with Stroud finding it more and more difficult to find space to move forward and the team did a fantastic job at diluting the Lansdown attack.  There was almost a last minute upset when against the run of play and in the dying moments of the match Stroud's Sarah Scott and Mandi Lewis both had direct shots on the goal just saved by the keeper.  Cordy King provided fantastic defensive cover throughout the match.

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05 November 2016 at 14:33

A standout performance from Stroud Ladies 3rd team!  The commitment at training paid dividends with a well practised short corner being fantastically executed.  Marsi Whelan's inch perfect pass to the right hand post allowed a poised, ready and calm Sarah Scott to push the ball into the goal behind the Bourton keeper.  The passing this week was exceptional with balls being moved between Stroud players before a tackle could be made by the opposition.  Mandi Lewis found some great space within the 'D' to fire home Stroud's second goal with Pip Robb providing a fine cross.  Some determined, skillful and creative work by Sophie Wathen enabled a perfectly placed Issy Smith to touch the ball across to Kathy Williams for the third goal.  The game was 'end to end' so the Stroud defence had to react to several short corners and Jules LeBihan, Sian Freer and Sara Price mark rose well to the occasion.  Sweeper Di Furlong barely put a foot wrong and Lydia Wakefield was rock solid as left back. 

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23 October 2016 at 08:47

In facing Bourton's 2nd team Stroud L3 faced their toughest opposition to date.  Bourton has been relegated from the league above and fought very hard indeed for the win.  Stroud were physically overwhelmed during the first half but in the second half used a different type of play, new tactics and a more flowing style of hockey.  A deliberate foul on Sarah Scott resulted in Stroud being awarded a penalty flick and Karen Whitehead rose to the occasion, expertly putting the ball in the top corner of the net.  A little later Sophie Wathen was perfectly positioned on the left hand post to push the ball into the net for Stroud's second goal.  Stroud was on the up and unfortunately there was insufficient time for the team to pull back the first half deficit.  A great performance from the team:  defenders Sara Price(GK), Di Furlong, Cordy King, Ellie Freer and Pauline Edgington; in mid-field Sian Freer, Marsi Whelen and Kathy Williams; on the forward line Sarah Scott, Lydia Wakefield, Sophie Wathen and Karen Whitehead. The team may have been down on goals, but it was never out of contention!

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15 October 2016 at 15:11

In a tight game which saw Stroud time and time again block the advances of the Blockley team, at the final whistle it was Blockley that edged a win.  Some fantastic saves by guest GK Emma Crowe kept Stroud in contention throughout the game with her final save of the game worthy of a 'save of the day' award!  Blockley were the first to score and then Jenny Howorth pulled in the equaliser after some wonderful passing between herself, Issy Smith and Sophie Wathen.  Player of the match, Lydia Wakefield was rock solid in defence and the ball moved well through the midfield.  In the dying moments of the game Stroud were awarded 2 short corners and were unlucky not to convert the penalty corner to a goal.  A good performance from 12 players that each week regroups into a team, reforms with new members of the squad and which swiftly learns to play together.

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08 October 2016 at 18:41

Stroud Ladies' 3rd team started the game with energy, enthusiasm and speed, such that the Colwall side was overwhelmed and Stroud's attack was almost unstoppable.  Stroud was awarded 4 short corners which were well executed and saved by an expert Colwall keeper.  Under pressure for the first 15 minutes then the Colwall side sprung into action and scored 2 goals in fairly quick succession, one an easy goal the other a fabulous touch from a short corner. The Stroud team went into half time with a 2-0 deficit but as always with this team the players expound all their energy, expertise, commitment and drive until the end of the game and this paid off beautifully.  Sophia Binns scored for Stroud from a top of the 'D' strike and then a short corner, one of 4 Stroud was awarded in the second half, was successful with Player of the Match Sian Freer tucking the ball neatly into the goal from the left post.  It was still not easy for the Stroud team and GK Sara Price was called into dramatic action twice within the final 10 minutes to ensure that the Stroud team held Colwall to a draw.

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01 October 2016 at 17:32

Stroud L3 held Cirencester to a 0-0 draw in the second half of this away match and were unlucky not to have found the net on a number of occasions.  There were some fabulous moves between Cordelia King and Sophie Wathen with Di Furlong and Marsi Whelan working terrifically together at the back.  There were some good attacking moves, good ball control and super passes.  It took the Stroud team a while to settle and it was during the first 15 minutes that 2 of the goals were scored, the 3rd from a short corner right on half time.  Jade O'Connell was fantastic as a stand-in GK and stopped many shots from the Cirencester side, so many in fact that she was voted player of the match!

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24 September 2016 at 15:18

Stroud Ladies' 3rd team achieved a 4 - 1 victory over Painswick in the team's first league game and, without all results of the day being posted, was top of its league!  The team has trained hard together over the past weeks and it utilised all the passing, positioning and jabbing skills that had been developed.  Stroud was off to a flying start with a goal mouth rush allowing Karen Whitehead to put the team ahead and it wasn't long before her second goal hit the back of the net.  Player of the match Sophie Wathen was relentless in her desire to move the ball up the wing and into the circle and she moved up the field with determination and distinction.  The final Stroud goal of the first half was a controlled, accurate and rapid set of passes between Sian Freer, Marcella Whelan and Kathy Williams with Kathy hitting the ball in the net.  During the second half Painswick pulled a goal back but a fabulous 'first time strike' from Sophia Binns ensured a win for Stroud.

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04 April 2016 at 17:50

The final match of the season was just as fast and furious as those earlier in the season with the Stroud team on its mettle throughout the game.  Stroud had the most wonderful start with a fabulous goal within the first 5 minutes which started with a defensive pass from Ellie Mapletoft, moved through midfield management from Candice Johnson to the attack and an absolutely fabulous finish by Freya Robb.  Ross on Wye were right back in the game with a well taken short corner and Stroud were then on a mission to gain the 3 league points earned from a win.  Some fabulous work in midfield from Sophie Payne, Victoria Sharpe, Sian Freer and Charlotte Bullock enabled the forwards to continue their push forward with Claire Crosthwaite 'touching on' a ball in front of the goal to enable Harriet Smith to sneak the winner for Stroud.  Ross, in the relegation zone, were desperate for 3 points and the Stroud defence of captain Aleasha Holder, Bev King, Teigan Hurlock and Pauline Edgington had their work cut out to keep the ball out of the net but they were up to the task and the Stroud team finished an impressive season with a fabulous win.

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19 March 2016 at 15:44

Chipping Campden are top of the league and Stroud were delighted to take the lead in the first half and put 2 goals past the Campden keeper.  An inch perfect pass from Freya Robb to Hannah Scott provided the opportunity for Hannah to 'fly' into the attacking D and fire the ball past the Campden keeper.  Stroud's second goal came from a fabulous move down the right, initiated by Ellie Mapletoft, involving Katie Elder, Freya Robb and Iona Strang with the pass across the D enabling a well positioned Hannah Scott to reverse stick the ball into the goal.  As last week, the attacking move was a replica of the skills practised at training and it was inspiring to see the movement both on and off the ball.  Chipping Campden do not hold top spot in the league by failing to rise to a challenge and they did just that.  The Stroud defence was challenged many times with balls stopped on the line by keeper Aleasha Holder, sweeper Claire Crossthwaite and defender Charlotte Bullock.  Despite their determination, continued efforts and commitment the more youthful Stroud team was unable to beat the 'retrenched', experienced and equally determined Chipping Campden side.  The Stroud players left the pitch with their heads held high after a very polished performance. With one league match left this season the Stroud team will be aiming for 3 points to be absolutely certain that they remain in Severn 2.

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Stroud Ladies 3rd XI - very well matched!

01 March 2016 at 16:26

Stroud Ladies 3rd XI and Hartpury College were pretty well-matched with the scoreline reflecting that fact! Iona Strang opened the scoring in the first half for Stroud, then Hartpury broke twice to score, nudging them ahead. The second half saw some super passing moves from Stroud, resulting in Harriet Smith pulling the scoreline equal with a goal from just in front of the keeper. The 3rd team is a development team and a mixture of experienced players, youngsters moving up from the junior Vixens' side and adults returning to hockey after a (sometimes substantial) break.  Everyone played well and there was some skilful, flowing and accurate hockey.

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27 February 2016 at 18:26

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20 February 2016 at 17:14

The formation operated by Shipton Oliffe flummoxed the Stroud team for the first 20 minutes of the game, during which time Shipton scored 3 times.  For Stroud, whose natural style of hockey is free flowing and down the wings, the Shipton 'pack the middle' approach was initially difficult for Stroud to deal with.  All that changed in the last 10 minutes of the first half and the entire second half with as Stroud began to wrestle control from Shipton and play its free flowing hockey down each side of the pitch.  Stroud's defence of short corners was impressive and the team was unlucky not to score from the 2 short corners awarded during the game.  Stroud's goal came from a well taken deflection by Emma Crowe which left their keeper bemused.  A draw during the second half was a result of the team's constant ability to regroup, understand what's needed and then have the commitment to the task.  Shipton were top of the league before having 3 games postponed.

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06 February 2016 at 16:49

Stroud Ladies 2nd X1 were aiming for greatness this week and after winning their match against higher placed Bretforton they felt great indeed!  The Stroud side looked well composed throughout the match and high from last week's victory against Cirencester they used their passing skills, running with the ball abilities and accurate tackling to keep the Bretforton team under control.  There was some smashing work up the right hand side of the pitch between Lizzie Woods, Candice Johnson and Freya Robb.  No to be outdone, the left hand trio of Katie Elder, Kathy Williams and Harriet Smith were just as attacking.  With the Bretforton team playing much of the game in the centre of the pitch, it was down to the team's backbone of Iona Strang, Victoria Sharpe, Emma Crowe, Pauline Edgington, an impressive Hannah Scott as sweeper and keeper Aleasha Holder, to manage the attack.  All the goals were during the second half and Stroud's were expertly scored by Freya Robb and Iona Strang.

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23 January 2016 at 20:45

Both teams felt they should have won.  Both teams felt the other team could have won.  Both teams of players came out of the game with their heads held high and a draw was a fitting result.  In what was an end to end game Stroud played some of its best hockey of the season.  Stroud's passing, marking and tackling were impressive.  Players passed the ball well, anticipated balls from their team mates and ran into spaces to pick up precise passes.  It is difficult to pinpoint particular stars - captain (and keeper) Aleasha Holder made some important saves, sweeper Claire Crosthwaite picked up all the 'escapee' Newent players and Charlotte Bullock, Sophie Payne and (an out of position) Lizzie Woods 'stuck like glue' to the forwards they were marking.  The Stroud midfield and forward line were very impressive and it was Candice Johnson that scored Stroud's goal during the first half.  Newent equalised during the second half despite the incredible efforts of the Stroud defenders to stop the ball crossing the line.  Both teams had a goal disallowed.  Another point for the Sroud team in its committment to remain in Severn Division 2.

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26 September 2015 at 18:06

Stroud started the match as they planned to continue, by retaining possession of the ball.  It was this passing, accuracy and control that hinted at the determination to come.  The midfield of Kathy Williams, Sian Freer, Freya Robb and Victoria Sharpe stopped much of the Shipton attack, ably supported by defenders Ellie Mapletoft, Teigan Hurlock, Pauline Edgington and keeper/captain Aleasha Holder.  Stroud were unluck to conceded 2 well worked goals from Shipton Oliffe during the first half but a stunning goal from (back to top form) Debbie Ratcliffe meant that just before half time Stroud were back in the game.  The forward line of Iona Strang, Lizzie Woods, Hannah Scott and Debbie Ratcliffe fought hard to score the elusive 2nd goal and it was Hannah Scott, in her final match before leaving Stroud for university, who scored the equaliser from a short corner.  Keeper Aleasha Holder was brought in to action in the dying minutes of the game and the ball was finally swept from the D by Ellie Mapletoft to give Stroud a well deserved draw.  Stroud had played the ball wider in the second half and as a result the tiring Shipton team had found it difficult to keep up the pace shown during the first half.

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29 March 2015 at 09:54


Stroud Ladies 2nd X1 set themselves the target of rising to 5th place in the table this season and they have done just that!  The committed squad fought hard for every point during the season and had some well deserved, impressive  wins during the second half.  Stroud's goal came from open play when Kathy Williams snatched space to put the ball in the net. This match against Bretforton was not one of their best and replicated in many ways the away fixture when, Stroud were winning at half time and Bretforton bounced back to score 3 goals in the last 30 minutes of the match.  There were some super passing moves from the Stroud side and the short corners were periously close to hitting their target.  Very well done for seting an objective and meeting it!   This season's squad:  GK & Captain Aleasha Holder, sweeper defenders Jordan Turnbull, Mopsey Voss, Sarah Mace, Pauline Edgington, Teigan Hurlock, Jemima Friend, Emma Hall, mid-fielders Sian Freer, Kathy Williams, Victoria Sharpe, Candice Johnson, Emma Forrest, Sandra Glass and forwards Carrie Sanders, Hanna Scott, Evie Robb, Harriet Smith, Iona Stang and Freya Robb,  Looking forward to next season already!

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22 March 2015 at 11:08

Stroud flexed its muscles beautifully and many players showed their skill, flexibility and determination by playing out of position to ensure that the team fielded the strongest squad possible.  Ross opened the scoring but it was not long afterwards that a fantastic 'along the back line' strike from Stroud's Hannah Scott was in the back of the net. 

Stroud's defence was on its mettle throughout and the marking needed to be tight to contain the constantly changing Ross forward line.

There was some impressive across the pitch passing from Stroud as the team adapted to the 'attacking in triangles' formation of the Ross team.  With some quick, accurate, stick to stick passing the Ross were unable to match the pace of the ball and so Stroud's breaks were well executed and controlled.  Despite a number of short corners and a fabulous attacking move in the dying minutes of the match, Stroud was unable to score an additional goal but were pleased to take another league point.

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14 March 2015 at 18:09

Stroud Ladies 2nd X1 has gone from strength to strength and this dominant performance against Cirencester was characteristic of how the team has improved.  The defence was well organised, disciplined and accurate with its tackling:   the mid-field showing great skill, passing well, intercepting frequently and stopping the ball on a sixpence.  This strong support enabled the forwards to provide a staggering display of fluid, creative and speedy team work which put the Cirencester under pressure throughout the match.  The 3 short corners were well taken but Cirencester GK was quick around her goal and thwarted the Stroud forward team on all 3 occasions.  This result means that the Stroud team is well away from relegation and, with two matches to play, pushing for 4th spot in the division.

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Deflections defeat Stroud

01 March 2015 at 14:51

Gloucester's use of deflections to score 3 out of the 4 goals was, ultimately, Stroud's undoing. Goals scored by a 'touch from the stick' rather than a precise shot on goal is not a technique used often in Severn Division 2!  The clash against the new 'top of the table' was always going to challenge the Stroud side, but buoyed by a series of wins over the past few weeks Stroud were keen to tackle the stronger opposition.  The Gloucester team was well drilled, mobile and knew where their team mates were on the pitch and what they were likely to do with the ball.  Stroud did well to try and contain the Gloucester side and made some good attacking moves and were rewarded by short corners on a number of occasions. 

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07 February 2015 at 17:15

Stroud fielded a team with a perfect mix of youth, experience and determination.  The Chipping Campden side had earlier in the season been top of the league and Stroud knew that it would be under pressure to pass well, stop the ball accurately and tightly mark the opposing forwards.  The marking was particularly challenging as the Chipping Campden team was constantly changing its formation and players were swapping from side to side throughout the game.  Another great pass from Hannah Scott allowed Evie Robb to fire the ball into the goal and put the Stroud team ahead in the first half.  Chipping Campden came out fighting and Stroud had to defend a run of short corners and some determined attack into its circle:  the Stroud defence reacted by raising its game to ensure that the good work by the forwards and midfielders in taking the lead was maintained.  The last 5 minutews of the match were dominated by Stroud's ex-Vixens players with the attack of Evie Robb, Iona Strang, Jemima Friend, ably supported by Teigan Hurlock in defence, running rings around the tired legs of the Chipping Campden side.  Another 3 points and a great result for the team.

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31 January 2015 at 17:23

Another great performance from the Stroud Ladies 2nd X1, this week against the bottom of the table.  Having beaten the top of the table last week and lost to this Cirencester team at home Stroud were determined to carry forward their momentum from last week's win against the top of the table.  The energy was palpable and from the whistle the Stroud side were attacking and creating challenges for the Cirencester defence.  It was a great solo run from Hannah Scott that gave Stroud the lead after only 10 minutes.  From then on Stroud continued to fire shots at the Cirencester goal and had to defend a number of Cirencester short corners.  Emma Forrest played a vital role at one of the defensive corners with Candice Johnson energetically ensuring that the Cirencester team could not equalise.  A further 3 points for the Stroud team.

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24 January 2015 at 16:08

Stroud had command of this match from the first whistle and looked the better team throughout, surprising top of the league Cheltenham.  The Stroud attack was smooth, seamless and efficient with the forwards working together as an effective unit.  All 3 forwards were involved with the goals, a well struck pass from Hannah Scott finding Harriet Smith in front of goal and 2 goals from Evie Robb.  Evie's second was a fine breakaway goal, finished with a flamboyant slap to beat the despairing Cheltenham keeper.  The defence of Emma Forrest (welcome back!), Mopsey Voss, Teigan Hurlock (welcome to the side!), Aleasha Holder (captain and keeper) and Pauline Edgington fought hard to stem the attack from Cheltenham.  The midfield played an essential role in moving the ball from the defence into attack, with Victoria Sharpe, Candice Johnson, Sandra Glass and Sian Freer controlling play in the middle of the pitch.  Stroud defence was under sustained assault from Cheltenham short corners, but the Cheltenham goal came in the final 10 minutes from open play.  A great victory for Stroud and 3 well deserved league points.

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18 January 2015 at 18:59

This was an end to end match with both teams taking possession of the match on many occasions and causing havoc in their opponent's attacking circle.  Gloucester scored early in the first half from a scramble in the D.  Stroud's goal was a reward for some good, passing and accurate attack from the Stsroud forward line when Hannah Scott fired the ball into the D and Evie Robb deflected it past the Gloucester keeper.  Niether team was short of penalty corner practise!    Gloucester won a spate of short corners in the dying minutes of the game but the Stroud defence remained determined, calm and focused.  The score remained a 1-1 draw. 

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10 January 2015 at 16:45

The 2nd team had the full squad available under English Hockey Rules in order to give all players the opportunity to take part in a match before their league game next Saturday.  The game started well with a goal from Sian Freer and at that point Stroud was the dominant side.  Pucklechurch then began to capitalise on the fact that they had no GK and 'over filled' their forward line.  This left the Stroud side facing an additional attacker throughout the match and resulted in the team struggling to gain possession of the mid field.  Stroud would have liked a victory in this pre season friendly but they were playing a team that is currently 3rd in the league above and so benefitted from a match against stronger opposition. Stroud was a little shaken but not stirred and will rise to the challenge of their league match next Saturday.

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29 November 2014 at 16:12


The thrill of scoring first was sufficient to carry the Stroud ladies 2nd team to a second goal within a matter of minutes!  The team had struggled to find the net earlier in the season but some fine runs from the forwards were rewarded by 2 excellent oals for Stroud.  The first was from an inch perfect pass from Hannah Scott to Evie Robb who was nicely positioned on the penalty spot and the second was the result of a fine, hot footed, solo run from Evie Robb who fired the ball past the Bretforton keeper.

The Bretforton side was young, fast, well drilled and desperate to win the match.  Stroud tired slightly in the last 15 minutes of the game giving just sufficient space for Bretforton to equalise.  GK, Aleasha Holder, was once more phenomenal in goal;  the defence stopped many of the Bretforton attacking runs but on at least half a dozen occasions the captain had to stop a direct shot on goal.  In the closing minutes Bretforton had a run of short corners but the determined Stroud team did enough to come away with a valuable league point.

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22 November 2014 at 17:11


Stroud Ladies 2nd X1 were always in control of this match against Ross on Wye and played the first 20 minutes of the game in the Ross 25 yard area.  It was therefore completely against the run of play when Ross broke away and scored from a well taken shot at the edge of the 'D'.  Stroud responded immediately with a pass from Pauline Edgington to Hannah Smith on the left post saved by the keeper, but nicely tucked into the back of the net by Victoria Sharpe on the rebound.  Stroud's other goal was from an impressive short corner routine, with Hannah Scott striking the ball towards Candice Johnson on the left post, who neatly put it into the goal.  Another good performance from Stroud with Mopsey Voss taking command of the right defence to enable the forward to move up the pitch and into their opponents 'D'.  The team looked strong, effective and once more committed to the task in hand.

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Ladies Hockey 2nd X1 Stroud

15 November 2014 at 15:45

Stroud Ladies 2nd X1 played with passion, drive and determination to earn a well deserved point against this strong Cirencester side.  GK, Aleasha Holder was outstanding and the defence successfully controlled a constantly changing Cirencester forward line.  Each member of the team did what was required of them with aplomb:  the midfield carrying the ball forward and the attack firing ball after ball at a somewhat bemused Cirencester defence.  After a few weeks of trying new formations the team now looks lean and mean which bodes well for the remaining league games.

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Ladies Hockey 2nd X1 Stroud

15 November 2014 at 15:45

Stroud Ladies 2nd X1 played with passion, drive and determination to earn a well deserved point against this strong Cirencester side.  GK, Aleasha Holder was outstanding and the defence successfully controlled a constantly changing Cirencester forward line.  Each member of the team did what was required of them with aplomb:  the midfield carrying the ball forward and the attack firing ball after ball at a somewhat bemused Cirencester defence.  After a few weeks of trying new formations the team now looks lean and mean which bodes well for the remaining league games.

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09 November 2014 at 10:23

Stroud Ladies 2nd X1 took some time to settle during this match but in the final fifteen minutes the pressure exerted by Stroud was overwhelming for the Old Bristolians team. Stroud were awarded a string of short corners, with strikes missing the goal by inches.  Sandra Glass and Helen Summers guested in the right and left back positions respectively and their canny tackling was needed on many occasions.  Stroud's movement up the pitch this week was impressive, with some fine passing on both the left, between Emma Hall and Harriet Smith, who scored both goals, and on the right between Carrie Sanders and Candice Johnson.  Jordan Turnbull left her sweeper role during the second half and was instrumental in influencing the short corners.

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Goals galore as attack surges forward

01 November 2014 at 14:52

Stroud Ladies 2nd X1 were always in control of this match with their attacking runs looking increasingly dangerous.  Goals came from forwards Carrie Sanders, Harriet Smith and Evie Robb (2) with Hannah Scott being unlucky with a number of her shots going just wide.  Stroud's midfield and defence formed a solid partnership, building the attack from the back and keeping control of the ball in the vital midfield area.  Stroud had focused on attacking moves at training and that work paid dividends in the match.  Lansdown's goal came early in the first half but the team did not come close to scoring during the second half.  A great result for Stroud and one they will be hoping to replicate when the league starts again in 2 weeks time.

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Ladies 2nd X1, best performance this season

25 October 2014 at 15:40

The Stroud team played flowing, controlled and skillful hockey against the Gloucester side and needed to keep its wits about it in this tough game. GK, Aleasha Holder was exceptional in her determination to stop Gloucester from scoring and she was ably assisted by the Stroud defence with Emma Hall swiftly picking up what was required from her in a new, left back, position. The attack from the Gloucester side was relentless and they scored early in the first half. Stroud defended numerous short corners, which were taken at speed, and the defence did well to thwart all attempts to score. Stroud had a short corner awarded just before half time and were unlucky not to convert it to a goal. The second half saw the Stroud forwards, supported by mid-field, really put pressure on the Gloucester team with Hannah Scott, Evie Robb and Carrie Sanders working particularly well on the RH side of the pitch. It was a hard and fast ball from the right which Sian Freer deftly picked up and, with a one touch, flicked it towards goal. The ball had maintained its pace but against the odds the keeper saved it. The Stroud team was proud of a fine performance and a draw would have been the icing on the cake.

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18 October 2014 at 15:03

Stroud Ladies 2nd X1 should take heart that it continues to improve with each match.  Chipping Campden are always tough opponents and holding the team to a 0 - 0 draw at half time was a great performance.  Stroud's impact upon the game was noticed by the Chipping Campden coach and at half time he changed the structure of his team to a more attacking formation.  As a result much of the time Stroud's defence was outnumbered and some brilliant saves by GK, Jordan Turbnbull, frustrated the Chipping Campden side on many occasions.  The Stroud team found it difficult to make inroads into the Chipping Campden circle although some fine solo runs from Evie Robb, Hannah Scott and Sarah Mace looked threatening.  This was a good performance by a Stroud team that gave every ounce of its energy. 

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06 October 2014 at 12:44

Cheltenham came into Severn 2 from the league above and, as expected, this proved to be a tough game for the Stroud side. During the first half Cheltenham had a run of short corners which were skilfully dealt with by the Stroud defence. Cheltenham scored twice during the first half and Stroud's Carrie Sanders was able to pull a goal back and going into halftime the score was 2:1.

Early in the second half, Stroud had 20 minutes of sustained, skilled and impressive attack when the Cheltenham defenders were under pressure and their GK was called into action a number of times. The ball stubbornly refused to go into the net. Stroud's defenders continued to block much of the Cheltenham attack, including an over the bar save by GK Aleasha Holder, but the relentless pressure, and ultimately superior fitness of the Cheltenham team, gave them the victory.

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Good start for Stroud Ladies 2nd X1

27 September 2014 at 16:10

Stroud Ladies 2nd X1 secured a point at the start of the league season in their game against Gloucester.  The match was played out in the mid-field with the ball ranging from the 25 yard line to 25 yard line and both teams were unable to put sustained pressure on their opponent's defence.  As last week, Stroud's defence line was rock solid and Emma Hall, in a new position at left back, was impressive. 

Stroud had 2 short corners, as did Gloucester and neither team was able to overcome the tenacious defenders to take the lead.

The Stroud team is aiming for a position within the top five of Severn Division 2 this season, and a point moves them in the right direction.

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20 September 2014 at 17:40


In its 3rd match of the season the Stroud team honed its skills, polished its attacking moves and improved its short corner routines. With a new formation the team took a little time to settle and during that time, and against the run of play, South Glos were able to find the net. But in precisely the same was as it did last week, Stroud rose to the occasion and the team was even more dominant during the second half. There were no holes in the defensive line-up and the attack was strong, fast and accurate. This week's stylish goals were both scored in open play, one by Hannah Scott from a direct shot on goal and one from Victoria Sharpe on the rebound. Jordan Turnbull was rock solid as sweeper, ably supported by Jemima Friend and Evie Robb in defence.

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2nd Half Victory for Stroud Ladies 2nd X1

13 September 2014 at 16:30

Stroud were unlucky that sickness prevented the team from fielding 11 players from the first whistle and Yate took advantage of their greater numbers to pass the ball deftly, accurately and swiftly. Yate had scored 6 goals before Sarah Mace pulled one back for Stroud just before half time.

With 11 players on the pitch the 2nd half was markedly different for Stroud with the team scoring 3 goals to Yate's single goal. The Stroud goals were all incredibly stylish with textbook right hand post deflections from Emma Forrest and Victoria Sharpe, and Hannah Scott firing her goal from the centre of the 'D'.

Stroud had some lovely passing moves with Evie Robb settling well into an attacking right back position. In her first game for the Stroud Ladies side, Jemima Friend's passing was accurate and well timed. The final score was 7 to Yate and 4 to Stroud.

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L2 Stay Up

23 March 2014 at 15:09


 This was the finest performance of the Stroud Ladies 2nd team this season; the impeccable marking by all the players was outstanding.  They stuck to their players like limpets and Lansdown couldn’t even find a barnacle sized space to fire on goal.  The fabulous marking is proven by the fact that the Lansdown goal came from a short corner in the dying seconds of the match.

 Stroud’s forwards controlled the ball well and despite the Lansdown ‘triangles’ formation they found sufficient space to move the ball cleanly, accurately and with pace.

 Carrie Sanders scored both goals, the first coming from open play with a fabulous move up the left initiated by Kathy Williams and the second in the most perfectly executed short corner of this season.  The Lansdown team was at a loss to know which of Stroud’s forwards would touch the ball next – the routine involved 5 players!

 Last season both Lansdown and Stroud were promoted to Severn 2 and both teams knew that this was the ‘relegation’ play-off match and on the day the Stroud team showed its true mettle and the victory was sweet indeed!

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Stroud Ladies 2nd XI on the way up

09 February 2014 at 16:03

Stroud ladies 2nd XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, chalked up a significant 2-2 draw against Chipping Campden on Saturday. Playing a team currently sitting second in the division, Stroud showed that they have moved up a gear following good results in recent weeks. The teams were well matched and battled hard from the off. Campden scored first, making the most of a short corner. Stroud came back hard and equalised when Jade Rigglesford executed a glorious run all the way from the centre line, defeating 3 defenders before deftly and confidently flicking the ball to the back of the net. Shortly before half time Campden scored a second goal from open play.

The excessively strong winds didn’t hold either team back but did exhaust them, both sides looking weary as they fought their way through the second half. Both had opportunities and tension mounted. The Stroud back line and keeper worked hard, showed great team work, and saw off many strong attacks, but it was Stroud who finally changed the score line, Kathy Williams’ persistent hard work paying off when she sneaked one into the net to equalise.

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Back to Hockey - come along and have a go!

05 August 2013 at 14:44

Stroud Hockey Club, based at the Stratford Park Leisure Centre, is going from strength to strength. In the hope of adding a 3rd Ladies’ team next season, the club is recruiting new players through ‘Return to Hockey’ – an informal training session that gives local women a chance to find out more and give hockey a go.

The Club, sponsored by Ecotricity, currently consists of around 170 members who make up 3 men’s teams, 2 ladies’ teams plus boys (Badgers) and girls (Vixens) for under 14’s.

 Club secretary Tim Norman says “It’s a great mix of men, women, boys and girls from all walks of life, of all ages, and with all levels of hockey experience. It includes players who hadn't picked up a hockey stick before they joined, and others who've been passionate players all their lives”.

The club trains and plays on the new astroturf pitch at Stratford Park Leisure Centre from September to Easter. Training takes place on Tuesday evenings and matches are played on Saturdays.

 Hockey is the 2nd most played sport in the world after football, and Stroud Club members will tell you why. “It’s a fantastic game, keeps you fit and is very sociable” says Club Chairman Karen Whitehead. “Hockey breaks down all the barriers – we’re a big bunch of people who love the game. The fact that it keeps us healthy is a great bonus”.

 Ladies ‘Return to Hockey’ will take place on Tuesday 20th August from 6-7pm, at Stratford Park Astroturf pitch, it is free to take part and is open to all women who are 18 and above.  Wear comfortable sports clothes, trainers and bring your stick along if you have one.

Call Pauline on 01453 886229 for more information.

Return To Hockey

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L2 Winning Streak Continues Unabated

04 November 2012 at 20:32

The late afternoon game began with low light streaming across the pitch making visibility a huge challenge for Ecotricity-sponsored Stroud Ladies’ 2nd XI.  The strength of Lansdown’s attacking game made it hard for Stroud to play their usual flowing hockey – a tough battle ensued.  Both teams had chances, but Stroud’s defence stood firm.  Stroud keeper, Jordan Turnbull, made several great saves and was supported brilliantly by a focused, strong and effective defensive unit.
Whilst opportunities to attack the opposition goal were fewer than recent matches, Stroud took full advantage when they did break beyond the halfway line.  Claire Crosthwaite opened the scoring with an unstoppable attack on goal mid- way through the first half.  Jade Rigglesford made it 2-0 with a lovely run, latching onto an inch-perfect pass from Victoria Sharpe.  Stroud continued to fight hard against determined opposition.  As the light faded, Stroud made it 3-0 with a textbook attack set up by Rigglesford and hammered home by Nic Kelly-Davies.  This was a very satisfying end to a challenging match.  Player of the match Steph Woodward.

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Onwards & upwards for Stroud Ladies 2nd team

21 October 2012 at 10:07

Stroud Ladies 2XI met their toughest opposition yet this season in the form of Newent, who ended last season at the top of the division.
Stroud dominated the game and ended with a 4-1 win, another well-deserved victory. Stroud worked hard to retain possession, demonstrating good passing and communication skills. Well-motivated, supportive of one another, aware of each others' strengths and working to a common plan, it is great to see the team developing from week to week.
The first goal was powered home by Claire Crosthwaite, Hannah Scott making it 2-0 at half time. Newent came out for the second half fighting, winning more possession and the visitors broke through as Stroud conceded their first goal of the season. Newent’s defensive line had a good second half, but finally, Stroud’s collective efforts were rewarded with goals from Jade Rigglesford and Claire Crosthwaite, again from open play.

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L2 On fire against the wicks

13 October 2012 at 15:25

Stroud Ladies' 2nd XI recorded their third straight League win of the season, beating Painswick 2-0 in the local derby.  The Stroud team played their usual tight, controlled, attacking hockey and had literally a dozen strikes on goal during the first half, all saved by the Painswick keeper. Carrie Sanders and Kathy Williams were tireless in midfield and Steph Woodward made some great tackles to keep the Painswick attackers away from the Stroud goal.  Captain Pauline Edgington says, "Regaining the team's structure in the second half gave Stroud the edge it needed to keep the ball in the attacking half."  Goals came Hannah Scott and Claire Crosthwaite, whose deft touches added considerably to the attacking formation.  Player of the match was Jade Rigglesford - a whisker ahead of Carrie Sanders !

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04 September 2012 at 09:43

Buy a raffle ticket and get the chance to win a signed 'celeb' hockey stick!  The stick has been signed by members of Olympic squads, including Calum Giles who represented GB in 1996 and 2000 and who was renowned for his phenomenal ability to score from short corners.  The stick is 36.5 inches long and has been kindly donated by Caren & Ian Spindler.  Raffle tickets will be available for purchase at training at a cost of £1 each and the draw will take place on 25th September.

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Paul Munn GHA Umpire of the Year 2012

22 August 2012 at 13:03

After an unmentionable number of years umpiring at Stroud HC, Paul Munn's sterling service has now been recognised at County level.  We are all aware that without umpires there would be no hockey matches, and Paul's depth of experience, enthusiasm and love of the game were rewarded at Tuesday night's Gloucestershire Hockey Association AGM, where he was awarded the trophy for 2012 Gloucestershire Umpire of the Year.  Congratulations to him and thanks from everyone at Stroud Hockey Club for his continued support.
Erstwhile club chairman, Alan Hooper, now at Wotton-under-Edge, was also recognised, receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Gloucestershire Hockey Association.

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Olympic Ticket Winners Matches

22 May 2012 at 14:16

August 6th 2012 is when our lucky Olympic Ticket winners visit the Riverbank at the Olympic Park.  A real treat is in store for them as there are 2 cracking women's matches ... GB v Netherlands and Argentina v Australia.

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Fingers Crossed that Games are on Tomorrow

10 February 2012 at 11:11

Wicked weather abounds, with everybody crossing digits and limbs in the hope that tomorrow (11 Feb)'s matches will be played after the postponements of last weekend.
L2 play at 9:30 at home, although this could be in doubt as the forecast is -3 between 9am and 12 noon.
M1 start at 12:30 at home v Weston, followed by M2 at 2:00 v Bourton & Sherborne

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Adult Training Back on Tuesday 3 Jan 2012

30 December 2011 at 08:55

Adult hockey training restarts on Tuesday 3 January between 7pm and 9pm. We have no idea how many will turn up and it is unlikely that formal sessions will be held. Ladies and Men are, therefore, encouraged to turn up for 7pm or shortly afterwards to hone the skills numbed by the supping of mulled wine and nibbling of chocolate tree decorations. If you feel you may have forgotten which hand goes where on a hockey stick, this session is truly the one you need - avoid embarassment and possible harassment in future weeks' matches by investing in re-training NOW !

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Hoodies now available at the Stick Club

07 December 2011 at 15:02

A stock of 'hoodies' has been arranged by the Stick Club, navy blue in colour.  They have Stroud HC on the back, and your name can also be printed on it.  Contact the Stick Club in Cheltenham directly if you would like one.

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Unprecedented Day of Hockey for Stroud

07 November 2011 at 09:04

Saturday proved to be an historic day for Ecotricity-sponsored Stroud Hockey Club, all 6 teams winning with a net result of 37-2, a veritable rugby score !  The Ladies’ 1st XI secured a 5-0 away win to take them into 3rd spot, whilst the Ladies’ 2nd XI gained their 3rd League victory of the season with a convincing 4-1 victory.  The Men’s U16 Badgers started relatively slowly away to Sherborne, but invested their 1-0 lead well to come out 6-0 winners with 2 goals from Andrew Reader and one apiece from Alex Richards, Danny Sopp, Jamie Penmore and Seb Wathen.  The Men’s 1st XI took Bridgend apart at home, 6-0, helped by captain Alex Waring’s hat trick, thus placing them 2nd in North 1.  The Men’s 2nd XI cruised to a 12-0 win away to Cleevillians A, Calum Norman claiming a hat trick in a match with six different scorers.  This leaves Stroud 4 points clear at the top of HG1 after six League games.

It was a fine way to start the Guy Fawkes Day celebrations which culminated in a social event at The Crown and Sceptre.  A marvellous hog roast and explosive firework display were a fitting tribute to a fine day’s hockey and a good way to celebrate Rob Waite’s 30th birthday.

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No goals for Stroud L2 a rarity

16 October 2011 at 08:25

For the first time this season the Stroud side did not score a goal:  a rare occurrence.  Despite having much of the possession in mid-field and some strong defensive work by Tati Howell in goal, the forwards were unable to find the form to secure that all important goal.  The lack of goals from Stroud can in part be attributed to the Newent defence – the team’s 2 best players played in the defence. For Stroud, Carrie Sanders did some wonderful attacking runs and was awarded ‘Player of the match’ for her determination and drive.  Captain Katy Stotesbury was commanding in the back diamond position and was instrumental in some fine attacking manoeuvres.  Stroud had 3 short corners and, unlike previous weeks, was unable to score from any of them.  The Newent keeper was called upon several times to stop a shot from the Stroud attack but the Stroud team, despite its sustained pressure was just unable to find the net.

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Ladies Hockey Shirts Ordered

14 October 2011 at 16:56

The new shirts have been ordered for the Ladies - estimated delivery time = December.

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The new Stroud Hockey Club website is now live - Feedback Welcome

14 September 2011 at 14:30

Hiya folks, as you will now see I have finally managed to get the new website up and running, there are still a couple of niggles which I have to attend to which include:

  • Displaying League Tables on the website
  • Linking Match Reports to the Fixture Tables


I would like to take this opportunity for people to have a look around the website and let me know if you find and bugs or problems. At the next committee meeting I will be opening the floor for suggestions on additonal features on the site that people would like to see. At this stage this really needs to be limited to "Necessary" features as my time is a little limited, but I will consider all suggested features if people put them forward.

Training on how to use the Content Management System will be happening on Monday 19th September at 7pm down at Hostpipe's new office (Stroud House on Russell Street in the centre of town). Map and directions can be found using the link below:

How to find Hostpipe!

I would like as many people to attend as possible as it will reduce the amount of time(s) I have to train people, and support time required.

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Stratford Park LC Astroturf to be Relaid

11 July 2011 at 00:00

Good news ... our home pitch is being relaid during July/August 2011, in time for new season training to recommence (probably) during the 3rd week of August. We can look forward to a slick playing surface ... just think of the old surface after a good soaking - that's how I imagine it. I guess we will need to run faster to keep up with the ball, of course, so there's an incentive to get fit FAST !

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Rob Fynn Nominated to Carry the Olympic Torch

11 July 2011 at 00:00

Club Coach, Youth Liaison etc., Rob Fynn has been nominated to carry the Olympic Torch through Stroud. Visit the Lloyds website to access support for him.

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Forthcoming Matches 8 & 9 Jan 2011

07 January 2011 at 00:00

Happy New Year. Sat 8 Jan HOME:- L1 friendly 12-30 start, M2 league 2pm start.
AWAY:- M3 League start 3-30 in Newent, L2 start 2pm in Newent.
Saturday home teams please come to The Crown and Sceptre in Horns Road for teas and a drink. Happy New Year to Rodda and his team.
Sun 9 Jan HOME:- M3 league 2pm start.

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*** 18 Dec all HOME Games CANCELLED ***

17 December 2010 at 00:00

All home games CANCELLED and Men's 1st XI away game CANCELLED.

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*** SNOW and ICE Warnings 18 Dec 2010 ***

17 December 2010 at 00:00

ALL HOME GAMES CANCELLED and M1 AWAY IN BATH IS CANCELLED *** Click here for Met Office Weather ***

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Extra Fixtures 18 December now incl Mens 1st XI

15 December 2010 at 00:00

We have rearranged League games on 18 December.
M1 League 2pm Kingswood School Bath,
L2 friendly 11am Home,
L1 12-30 Home,
M2 2pm Home,
M3 3-30 Home

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Extra Fixtures 18 December

06 December 2010 at 00:00

We have rearranged League games on 18 December.
L2 friendly NOW 11am
L1 12-30 Home
M2 2pm Home
M3 3-30 Home

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Stroud Hockey Club Named SDC Adult Sports Club of the Year

25 October 2010 at 00:00

Stroud Hockey Club have been named Stroud District Council Adult Sports Club of the Year in the inaugural awards ceremony at The Five Valleys Conference Centre. This culminates a fantastic season, highlighted by the enormous number of juniors coming along to training on a Tuesday night. This week, Tuesday 23 March, sees the final training sessions for juniors and adults. Training will recommence in August, although some summer hockey is planned as usual, to keep your eye in in. Many thanks to all coaches and helpers, particularly Head Coach, Rob Fynn, plus the warmest thanks to parents and all players, junior and adult, who have helped make this season such a successful one. We all look forward to seeing you again next season. Congratulations to Stroud Men?s 1st XI on securing their place for a second season in North Division 1, the Ladies? 1st XI for their solid position in Brunel 1 and the Men?s 2nd XI for a superb 3rd place in Hereford and Glos. Division 1. Another mention should go to Calum Norman, who will captain the Gloucestershire U15 County side this Sunday in the West Tournament at Millfield School. It certainly looks as though Stroud Hockey Club is going from strength to strength ? youngsters coming through and everybody enjoying their sport. Long may the success continue. One final thing of note ? the Annual Hockey Day will take place on 17 April 2010 between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Juniors will play from 11 and the adults get involved later. A BBQ is planned and the event takes place at Stratford Park Leisure Centre Astroturf pitch. In the evening, the Annual Dinner and Dance will be held at Forest Green Rovers FC ? tickets are ?25 per head or ?20 for juniors/students.

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Stroud Named Glos HA Club of the Year

25 October 2010 at 00:00

As if winning Stroud District Council Adult Club of the Year was not enough, Stroud Hockey Club have won the coveted Gloucestershire Hockey Association Club of the Year award. This is another fine achievement and once again proves the club is THE place to be and is on the up !

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Stroud men win Gloucester 6s 1/8/10

25 October 2010 at 00:00

A team of Mike Hallett GK, Jamie Batten, Rob Fynn, Dan Clifford, Andy Hines, Joe Jarman, Brad Mears, and Rich Fynn, ran out the day victorious against Lansdown in the finals. for those who have played in the past I need not say more. We won!!

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The pitch is fixed, all training and games now on

23 September 2010 at 00:00

Whoop whoop

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AGM TONIGHT 18 May 2010 7:30 at The Little Vic

27 May 2010 at 00:00

Stroud Hockey Club's AGM will take place on TONIGHT TUESDAY 18th May. The venue is The Little Vic in Gloucester Street and commences at 7:30 p.m. prompt.
Please make every effort to attend as this is your chance to voice your opinions on the way the Club is run, put forward ideas and maybe even volunteer to help the Club to continue running !

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Vote for Players of the Year

16 April 2010 at 00:00

Your votes are needed NOW !
Player of the Year for your Team.
Most Improved Player of the Year for your Team.
Young Player of the Year for the Ladies.
Young Player of the Year for the Men.
Please let your captain know or contact a Committee member. Awards to be made on the Hockey Day or at the Dinner Dance on 17 April 2010.

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Stroud Hockey Club now Clubmarked

15 April 2010 at 00:00

Stroud Hockey Club's prestigious list of achievements this season have been further boosted by gaining Clubmark status (England Hockey ClubsFirst). This stringent process means Stroud HC has shown it is a safe and progressive environment for young people to participate in sport and, hopefully, make it a part of their lives forever. It also opens doors to grant funding opportunities and to attract more players, thus ensuring the club prospers now and in the future. So, BOOKmark now that Stroud HC is CLUBmarked and EARmark Stroud HC for next season's to-join-list !

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FULL details for watching England at the Hockey World Cup

28 February 2010 at 00:00

England beat Australia 3-2 today - the first time that England has beaten the Aussies since 1985! Great start to the tournament...

View England Men at the hockey world cup in India on Zing TV:
- Sky Channel 789
- Freesat Channel 509
- Virgin Media

If you can't watch any of these channels, you can also watch it online at

If you missed today's game, check out the BBC website here:

For full details of the Zing TV schedule of all games (3 per day), click here:

The next England match (vs South Africa) is being broadcast at 11:05 on Tuesday 2nd March 2010 - Set your Sky+!!

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Special General Meeting

24 February 2010 at 00:00

The motion was passed successfully last night at training. On behalf of the committee and club members, many thanks for everyone who attended and voted.

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*** Mens 3rds Match SUNDAY 17 Jan now 10 a.m. START at LC ***

18 January 2010 at 00:00

Men's 3rd XI re-arranged fixture against Glos City C will now start at 10 a.m. on Sunday morning at Stratford Park LC. Thanks to Dursley Ladies' Hockey Club for kindly agreeing to move their start time forward.

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*** Match News - ALL HOME GAMES are ON ***

18 January 2010 at 00:00

Saturday 16 Jan
M1 ON at Coombe Dingle ...
M2, L1 & Badgers home ON ...
M3 away CANCELLED ...
L2 unknown ...
Sunday 17 Jan
M3 home ON

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Astroturf is Clear - SHC Matches are GO !

16 January 2010 at 00:00

Thanks to Rob Fynn, Ashley, Joe, Paul Munn, Rob Waite, Modge and others including Rob's Dad and Harry. 3 of us did a final polish this morning, although the heavy rain and higher temperatures helped overnight.

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Nov 7th 3rd XI Match starts at NOON on the RAC pitch in Cirencester

09 November 2009 at 00:00

IMPORTANT: 3rd XI match this saturday is at the Royal Agricultural College (RAC) in Cirencester, starting at 12 noon.

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Nov 7th 3rd XI Match starts at NOON on the RAC pitch in Cirencester

05 November 2009 at 00:00

Pleas note 3rd XI match this saturday is at the Royal Agricultural College (RAC) in Cirencester, starting at 12 noon.

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Nov 7th 3rd XI Match starts at NOON on the RAC pitch in Cirencester

05 November 2009 at 00:00

Pleas note 3rd XI match this saturday is at the Royal Agricultural College (RAC) in Cirencester, starting at 12 noon.

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Fixtures 2009-2010

13 September 2009 at 00:00

All the fixtures are now up, thanks to Tim and Karen for their hard work.

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England Men in Finals of the European Cup

28 August 2009 at 00:00

England men made it to the final of the european cup for the first time since 1987. A well worked goal started by Richard Mantell, worked by Simon Mantell, and finished by Ashley Jackson.
The ladies also made it into the Semi's but where knocked out by a golden goal. They now face the Spanish for the Bronze Medal.
Look out for the final highlights on Eurosport this weekend, Monday 9am.

Come On England!!!

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Jack Gaskell

30 December 2008 at 00:00

It is with much sadness that I write to inform everybody of the passing of Jack Gaskell, aged 93 and for many years our Club President. A man of great passion for all of the sports he enjoyed, Jack took such pleasure in his involvement with Stroud Hockey Club and still came to watch matches into his 90s. His keen eye for the game will be sorely missed but his legacy of fair play tempered by an unstinting desire for success, will live on within Stroud Hockey Club. He would be proud to see the progress made with the youngsters and the promotion of the Men's 1st XI at the end of last season. Our thoughts are also with his widow, Jean, who has also been a keen supporter of our club.

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The Sportytypes in Stroud Ladies Hockey Club Turn Blue!

22 December 2008 at 00:00

Ladies First TeamThe Stroud based e-retailer is sponsoring Stroud Hockey Club by providing both its ladies teams with navy blue away strip this season. This is the first time that either ladies team has had and official ?away strip? and the club is thrilled that both the teams have been accommodated.

Rob Fynn, the Coach of Stroud Hockey Club says, ?The club is delighted that both its ladies? teams have benefited from this sponsorship by A uniform away strip means that the teams look smart, professional and ready for action!?

Sportytypes are pleased to sponsor Stroud Ladies hockey teamsLaunched in February 2007, offers sports gifts and sports accessories for those who are serious about sport. Partner Clive Edgington says, ?We are pleased to support the Stroud Ladies? Hockey Teams whose players are enthusiastic, committed and skilful and we wish both sides every success during the 2008/09 season.?

Stroud Hockey Club has a ladies team in Brunel Division 1 and another in Severn Division 3.

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2007-2008 80th Anniversary Hockey Review

29 August 2008 at 00:00

Stroud Hockey Club celebrated its 80th Anniversary this year, culminating in the end-of-season Annual Hockey Day and Dinner Dance last Saturday. Many older faces put in appearances during the day and evening celebrations and the glorious sunny day played host to some entertaining hockey ; proof indeed that Stroud Hockey Club has a strong presence in the community and much to offer. The evening celebrations included photographs, clippings and other memorabilia from past and present.

The past season saw the Men?s 1st XI finally win promotion to North Division 2 after an agonising number of years finishing so close. Everything fell into place for them this time, from day one looking a good bet to go up. The team performed consistently well and were able to hold on for victory even when odds were stacked against them. It was also fitting that coach and 1st team captain, Rob Fynn, finished the season as top scorer, an unlikely occurrence given his defensive position ! Liam Tunney showed his class as midfield maestro, winning 1st team Player of the Year, while Hermes Carlyon continued his rise to grab the Most Improved Player award.

The Ladies? 1st XI finished the season in their highest position for several seasons, on occasions producing some excellent performances against the strongest sides. A little more consistency could see them vying for promotion next season. Sarah Tudor deservedly proved a popular Player of the Year with Jude Hudson taking the Most Improved Player award.

The Men?s 2nd XI struggled with personnel changes for much of the season, coming unstuck in matches they should have won, yet showing true class in other games. The potential is there to be a real threat next season. Andy Murray was Player of the Year, much down to his tireless presence, and Rob Gleed won Most Improved Player. With the addition of a Men?s 3rd XI next year, we are actively looking for more recruits, so contact us if you are interested in playing.

The Ladies? 2nd XI had a fine 4-0 win in their final League game. Their fighting spirit and enjoyment of the game epitomises Stroud Hockey Club?s raison d?etre. They have struggled for a goalkeeper and for a full side this season, so anybody interested in playing next season, please contact us. Andrea Preston was Player of the Year and Faye Harding was Most Improved Player.

Junior hockey at Stroud goes from strength to strength, both boys and girls playing fine passing hockey. Many victories were forthcoming, although the Men?s Badgers side found it difficult to maintain their winning streak after Christmas. The Girls? Vixens team took several fine scalps this year. Joe Jarman won the Badgers? Player of the Year award for his outstanding midfield work, while the Most Improved player of the Year went to Finlay Dixon. Laura Thwaite won the Vixens? Player of the Year, with the Most Improved Player award going to Ellen Creech. Tuesday evening Junior training consistently gets between 30 and 40 boys and girls, ranging in age from 8 or 9 to 15 or 16. Many of the boys are now ready to graduate to Men?s hockey and there will be a Men?s 3rd XI starting next season. To ensure enough players are available for this new side, we are keen to attract more male players to the club, so if you are interested, please contact us. Rich Cartmell won the Men?s Young Player of the Year and he has made the transition from Badgers to 2nd XI this season. Angharrad Roberts won the Ladies? Young Player of the Year.

The Mixed team has played regularly this season, giving much enjoyment to those involved. Jude Hudson is clearly enjoying herself as she picked up a second award, this time for Mixed Player of the Year. Anybody interested in playing next season should contact us or let the Mixed captains know that they are keen.

Finally, Stroud Hockey Club is going from strength to strength but is always on the lookout for new players, men, women and juniors. There will be some hockey over the summer period, but Tuesday night training will not start again until the 2nd week of August. Keep your eye on our website ( for more information. Contact Tim Norman on 01453 751885, Rob Fynn on 01453 764514 or Lesley Macdonald on 01453 750749 for further details or email

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WANTED ! New players for the 2008-2009 Season

29 August 2008 at 00:00

It is that time of year again, when holidays and cricket are put to the sword by the weather - just the right time to look at your winter sporting opportunities. Stroud Hockey Club celebrated its 80th Anniversary this year, their Men?s 1st XI finally winning promotion to North Division 2 after an agonising number of years finishing so close. With such a feather in their cap and the strength of their youngsters coming through, Stroud Hockey Club have added another Men?s side for the forthcoming season. They do need more Men to ensure the 1st XI hold their own in the higher division and also to give the new 3rd XI a sound start.

The Ladies? 1st XI have moved sideways into Brunel Division 1, meaning less travelling and more games in the Bristol area. This will be at least as competitive as last season. Matches start on the first Saturday in September and we have a Hockey Horror Show charity event on Sunday 7 September, supported by our helpful Stratford Park Leisure Centre.

Tuesday night training starts on 12 August at Stratford Park Leisure Centre Astroturf pitch and we are seeking new players to fill the Men?s and Ladies? sides. If you are keen to keep yourself fit or are looking for something different from gym work, why not try hockey ? You get a good workout and have a laugh at the same time. Hockey is about enjoyment as well as competitive sport. To this end, we are organising some taster sessions to coincide with our training. Come along just after 7pm and give it a try.

Ladies train from 7pm to 8pm and Men from 7:30 to 9pm. Juniors, aged roughly between 8 and 16, train between 6pm and 7pm. Boys and girls are welcome, both having a good set of fixtures throughout the season, with 1 or 2 adult players included for tactical and practical purposes. Some people just come to training on a Tuesday, so you are not under any pressure to play matches, although you will be encouraged to do so. A ?10 joining fee includes training for the season ? pretty good value, really ! You do pay for each match you play, on top of that.

So, if you fancy playing hockey, we have 3 Men?s sides, 2 Ladies? sides, a Badgers Boys? side, a Vixens Girls? side and a Mixed Sunday side. All teams play to a good standard, are sociable and offer a slightly different angle on team sports. Why not follow in the footsteps of former Olympic goalkeeper, Simon Mason, starting the new season at Stroud Hockey Club ?

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Hockey Horror Show

29 August 2008 at 00:00

As usual the club will be holding a charity fancy dress match on the first Sunday of the season.

The 7th September at 12.30pm will see a mixed match being played by players in Rocky Horror Show inspired costumes.

Come along, support, play, or just have a drink in the pub afterwards.

All proceeds will go to the Cotswold Care Hospice.

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Hockey Boys Run Their Socks Off

30 October 2007 at 00:00

Click here to view a large version of this photo of the Stroud Hockey Boys that ran the Stroud Half MarathonNine of the mens section decided to run the Stroud Half marathon this year for various charities including the Meningitis Trust.
  • Barney Franklin (running in a polar bear costume!!)
  • Nick Hitchcroft
  • Rob Fynn
  • Alex Waring
  • Kev Sinden
  • Hermes Carlyon
  • Brad Mears
  • Danny Clifford
  • Paul Radcliffe
They have been training for several months now and this Sunday they finally got to see if all the time they had put in paid off.

The times varied (as did their shapes and sizes) from 1hr 27mins to 2hrs 19mins.

Well done boys. What's the challenge next year?

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Results for 29 September 2007

01 October 2007 at 00:00

Ladies' 1st XI 4 Wootton Bassett 2nd XI 2
(Karen Whitehead, Claire Crosthwaite, Lucy Moir, Lucy Frost)

Men's 1st XI 4 Llanishen & Caerphilly 0

Leominster 2nd XI 2 Men's 2nd XI 1
(Ben Orme)

Badgers 3 Cheltenham Badgers 0
(Calum Norman (2), Zac Lees)

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Fixtures for 6 and 7 October 2007

01 October 2007 at 00:00

Men's 1st XI Away to Cheltenham C
Men's 2nd XI Away to Cheltenham D Meet 9:40 LC 11am start at Balcarras School
Ladies' 1st XI Home to Cheltenham CS start 11am
Ladies' 2nd XI Away to Cirencester 2nd XI
Badgers Away to Gloucester

Vixens (Girls) Home to East Glos 9:30 start
Mixed Home to Vodka Red Bulls 11am start

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Results for 15 Sep 2007

17 September 2007 at 00:00

Ladies' 1st XI beat Thornbury 2:1
Men's 2nd XI beat Witney 2nd XI 2:1 with only 10 men
Stroud Badgers lost 1:0 to Witney Badgers

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Matches for 22 Sep 2007

17 September 2007 at 00:00

Matches for Saturday 22 Sep 2007 are as follow :-
HOME ...
Ladies' 1st XI v Dursley Friendly LC start 11 am
Ladies' 2nd XI v Blockley 2 LEAGUE LC start 12:30
Men's 2nd XI v Cirencester A LEAGUE LC start 2 pm
AWAY ...
Men's 1st XI Away v Cardiff Univ B LEAGUE - details later
Men's Badgers Away v North Somerset - details later

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Stroud HC go running

21 July 2007 at 00:00

This year the hockey club aims to enter a team of runners into the Stroud Half Marathon in aid of the Meningitus Trust.

If you are interested in joining us and raising some money please contact Rob Fynn and visit the Stroud AC link above to get some idea of what's in store.

What better pre-season training than to get out running!!!!

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