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Taking on the 2nd in the league with only 7 players was not the original game plan, or even plan B!! Fortunately the cavalry arrived within 10 minutes to push the team up to 10 players and to provide much needed support.  As always with the L3 team, the passing was accurate, fast and direct.  Collection of those passes was just as sharp and it is these skills that stood the team in good stead for the entire game.  Player of the match, GK Sara Price, was bombarded from the first whistle and 'the force' was certainly with her as she saved shot after shot.  Not to be outdone, Kathy Williams, playing out of position as LB, also pushed a Blockley shot off the line.  Sophie Payne's tackling skills have been exemplary over recent weeks and today proved to be no exception as she took the sweeper role.  She plus 'silky skills' mid-fielder Tabitha Dickson were voted players of the match.  Jules Le Bihan, Marsi Whelan and Pauline Edgington were under constant attack and fought with intention to stem the Blockley forwards.  Anne Narbour, playing for the first time in the team, was an incredible asset as she, Hannah Scott and Sarah Scott surged forward time and time again.  With only 7 for the first few moments of the game and with only 10 players for the rest of the game the team was delighted to have prevented Blockley from scoring during open play.  Both the Blockley goals came from short corners.

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