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Stroud were battered relentlessly by torrential downpours in their match against Bourton 3rd team.  Always a challenging game this Bourton team were determined to win.  They went ahead when the rain made it impossible for the ball to be stopped cleanly by the Stroud defence and the ball trickled over the line.  There was a repeat goal a short time later.  Stroud's attack made some headway with shots by Issy Smith, Sarah Scott and Annabel Wigley.  The short corner routine was well executed by Marsi Whelan and Stroud were unlucky not to deflect the ball into the net.  Di Furlong did a great job of covering for Pauline Edgington in centre field who was struggling with a hamstsring injury.  Kathy Williams was awarded Player of the Match for her dogged determination throughout the game.

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