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Stroud maintain positivity in defeat

29 September 2014 at 00:21

Stroud Ladies 1XI: 0 - Jaspers: 7

Despite a good strong start to the game, Stroud Ladies 1XI conceded several goals to a very strong Jaspers side. Sasha Jones in goal made some lovely saves, and with Sarah Thomas, Katherine Stevens, Sarah Tudor and Angharad Roberts as the defensive back line, Stroud were able to hold Jaspers at bay for a while.

Some great passing work in the midfield by Sophie Fynn, Elaine Noone, Ellie Towler, Emma Crowe, and Karen Whitehead allowed Stroud to have some opportunites at attacking the goal, with some unfortunate missed shots at goal. Claire Crosthwaite, Kyishia Cooke and Lucy Moule were unlucky not to gain any points from these opportunities.

However despite a loss, there was some great play and lots of team spirit amongst the Ladies, all of whom are looking forward to next weeks home game!

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Fifteen fantastic finishes sweep Stroud to stunning season start

27 September 2014 at 20:10

Stroud B (sponsored by ecotricity) travelled to Cleevillians keen for a strong start to the season.
A new captain, new season, some new players and some older ones lined up and started strongly. Andy Reader opened the scoring and I'm not quite sure in what order the goals came in but the final tally was Reader 3, Osborn 2, Evans 3, Bargh 5, Freer 1 and Norman 1.
Stroud moved the ball around well and dominated the middle of the pitch, winning the ball back and keeping the pressure on the opposition. Some of the goals were better than others with a few goal mouth scrambles resulting in desperate saves but the ball just about making it over the line.
Stroud should be happy with a good opening game, a good team attitude and useful mix of players. They will face stronger sides but the start to the season couldn't be better. Well done lads.

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Good start for Stroud Ladies 2nd X1

27 September 2014 at 16:10

Stroud Ladies 2nd X1 secured a point at the start of the league season in their game against Gloucester.  The match was played out in the mid-field with the ball ranging from the 25 yard line to 25 yard line and both teams were unable to put sustained pressure on their opponent's defence.  As last week, Stroud's defence line was rock solid and Emma Hall, in a new position at left back, was impressive. 

Stroud had 2 short corners, as did Gloucester and neither team was able to overcome the tenacious defenders to take the lead.

The Stroud team is aiming for a position within the top five of Severn Division 2 this season, and a point moves them in the right direction.

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20 September 2014 at 17:40


In its 3rd match of the season the Stroud team honed its skills, polished its attacking moves and improved its short corner routines. With a new formation the team took a little time to settle and during that time, and against the run of play, South Glos were able to find the net. But in precisely the same was as it did last week, Stroud rose to the occasion and the team was even more dominant during the second half. There were no holes in the defensive line-up and the attack was strong, fast and accurate. This week's stylish goals were both scored in open play, one by Hannah Scott from a direct shot on goal and one from Victoria Sharpe on the rebound. Jordan Turnbull was rock solid as sweeper, ably supported by Jemima Friend and Evie Robb in defence.

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Stroud settle to sink seven in sunny skirmish

14 September 2014 at 21:12

After finding the right car park to meet in, an unconventional Stroud A team travelled away to Witney for a pre season friendly. Starting well with two goals from John Osborn in nearly as many minutes. Stroud then set about defending like Newcastle for a brief spell allowing the opposition to equalise. Eventually finding some shape and composure Stroud proceded to score two more going into the halftime break 4-2 up.

Shippy and Sharpy controlled the middle of the pitch well in the second half allowing the defending line to move up to support attacks down the wings. Plenty of short corner practice resulted in a more goals and several spells of possession and good team passing really put the pressure on the Witney defence, raising the goal tally of the second half. The final score was 7-2 reflecting on a good performance from the Stroud side.

Good performances from the younger members of the team with Bryn, Ed, Jed and the two Joes playing around a core of more experienced players, special mention to Craig for surviving a warm up and a whole match without injury and tactical jug avoidance from John after his two early goals.

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2nd Half Victory for Stroud Ladies 2nd X1

13 September 2014 at 16:30

Stroud were unlucky that sickness prevented the team from fielding 11 players from the first whistle and Yate took advantage of their greater numbers to pass the ball deftly, accurately and swiftly. Yate had scored 6 goals before Sarah Mace pulled one back for Stroud just before half time.

With 11 players on the pitch the 2nd half was markedly different for Stroud with the team scoring 3 goals to Yate's single goal. The Stroud goals were all incredibly stylish with textbook right hand post deflections from Emma Forrest and Victoria Sharpe, and Hannah Scott firing her goal from the centre of the 'D'.

Stroud had some lovely passing moves with Evie Robb settling well into an attacking right back position. In her first game for the Stroud Ladies side, Jemima Friend's passing was accurate and well timed. The final score was 7 to Yate and 4 to Stroud.

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Great Start to the Season

08 September 2014 at 12:22

Stroud Ladies 2nd XI had a cracking start to the season with a great game against Dursley.  Kyisha Cooke started the ball rolling for Stroud within the first 10 minutes and keeper/captain Aleasha Holder had to make a number of key saves during the first half of the match to stop Dursley running away with the game.  At half time the score was 2-1 to Stroud and the team changed its formation, to increase the mid-field attack.  Stroud then had control of the match.  After an hour in the strong sun, the heat began to tell on both teams and Dursley found space to score twice during the final 15 minutes of the match, their player Zoe Balfour creating much of the pressure. Stoud's strong performance, with 2 goals each from Kyisha Cooke, Hannah Scott and Sarah Mace, plus a 7th from Victoria Sharpe meant that Stroud were the deserved victors.

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