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Stroud get one over Wotton under Edge

23 February 2014 at 20:47

Stroud M3 sponsored by Ecotricity turned out at home to face local rivals Wotton, looking for a good result after they were beaten 5.0 on a wet and windy day in November last year.
With injured captain Ben Evans watching from the sideline, a recovering Rob Fynn padded up to support Bob Brewer, Jed Stenning, Chris Haywood and Harvey Freer across the back.
Joe Freer and Alex Elder commanded the middle of the pitch with John Osbourne and Ben Drury on the wings. Chris Bargh and Matt Watts took the forward roles.
Stroud started strongly, but couldn't quite settle a period of frantic play saw possesion change quickly as both teams battled hard to get the initial advantage.
As Stroud warmed up they began to look slightly more in control of the game having the lions share of possesion in the middle of the pitch and keeping hold of the ball.
Some good attacking play and the failure of the opposition to clear the ball out of danger allowed Chris Bargh to score a with a clinical finish from a lifted cross.
Right from the restart Stroud pushed again, tight marking and filling the spaces in the middle of the pitch forced Wotton to play most of the game in their own half.
Stroud had to defend a couple of occassions, a quick strike during a Wotton attack found the backboard but had been struck outside of the D so wasn't given.
A triple save from Rob Fynn in goal kept Strouds slender lead alive and they realised the slim lead they had was not enough to control the game.
Hard work from Joe Freer in the middle of the pitch gave the attacking players a pivot to work around, on the next attack a though ball into space by Chris Bargh was taken at full stretch by Matt Watts, steered around the last defender and slotted home under a charging keeper.
2.0 was the halftime score and Stroud had a lot of postives to build on. Good work rate from the defenders intercepting passes and several chances on short corners had forced saves from the opposition keeper.
Stroud put the pressure back on in the second half and lots of movement on and off the ball meant they had players in the right part of the pitch at the right time.
Stroud struck again when a clinical strike from Chris Bargh megged the keeper giving them a useful lead.
Wotton still looked dangerous when they had possession of the ball and worked a goal from a period of open play. Stroud continued to play well and the young players worked hard to keep the balance of play in Stroud favour.
The match finished 3.1, a much happier result than first half of the season.
Stroud looked very composed when they had time on the ball and worked for each other to make the easy passes. MOTM Ben Drury had a good game on the left wing supporting the defence and the forwards with some useful baseline runs.
With 4 matches to play Stroud can enjoy the tail end of the season and continue to play the good hockey they have proved they can.

Stroud get one over Wotton Under

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Friendly draw against Lydney for Ladies 1XI

23 February 2014 at 18:42

Ladies 1XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, went away to Lydney for a half term friendly. After their first league loss two weeks ago, the team wanted to play good hockey and look at tactics that could be utilised over the next few weeks. A good start by both teams, it was difficult to tell who would come out on top. Some great passing round the back and up the wings from Stroud led to some lovely possession play, and despite several shots on goal, Lydneys goalkeeper was able to save them and keep the score clear. Lydney also on the attack made some good attempts at goal, however a solid Stroud defence kept them at bay for a while. A flick against Stroud was given for a foot stopping a goal, and Stroud's captain Jade O'Connell, who had to step up as goalkeeper, saved it brilliantly. Lydney however came back and scored a goal, followed by an attack from Stroud with an equaliser from Lucy Moir. Lydney came back with their second goal of the game, an unfortunate rebound saw Rebecca Stevens lose her stick and therefore was unable to prevent the goal from crossing the line. Claire Crosthwaite however scored for Stroud, equalising once more. Stroud looked strong for the remainder of the game, and concentrated on playing the game that they have played for most of the season. Good passing, using the width and not giving the ball away too often. Overall an enjoyable game for the Ladies 1XI, and all are looking forward to next weeks league game, especially hoping that the sunshine might stay!

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Close encounters of the third kind

15 February 2014 at 22:24

Stroud M3 sponsored by Ecotricity took a platoon of 11 players to face Cheltenham at Balcarras.
Big thanks to Harvey Freer for padding up like a gladiator and playing his first match in goal.
Lining up with the usual suspects across the back, Jed Stenning, Matt Watts and Chris Hayward and godfather Bob Brewer sweeping.
Rob Gleed, Alex Elder took centre mid with the untouchables John Osborne and Nigel Slater taking the wings.
The forward lineup was completed with the goodfells Ben Evans and Chris Bargh.
The shining sunshine was a welcome change to the gone with the wind condition of the last 9 and a half weeks.
After a rocky start, Stroud got hold of the ball and managed to play well. Several strong opposition players always seemed to be in right place at the right time and when they pushed forward Stroud were under pressure and conceded goals from open play.
With the gravity of the situation sinking in Stroud played a more defensive game but still pushed up the pitch. Some good passing across the middle of the pitch moving the ball up the left and found Chris Bargh in the D he set up Ben Evans who pounced like a predator for a much needed and well deserved goal.
The first half finished 2-1 which was a fair reflection of the game to that point. Stroud needed to up their game and build on the thing that was missing from their game.
The second half followed a similar pattern and Stroud conceded goals from open play when pressed although they moved the ball well up the pitch the couldn't find the final passes and found strong resistance in the oppositions 25.
Stroud pushed forward into the oppositions half and the tackles came in, the good the bad and the ugly leaving Stroud awarded a short corner.
Bob Brewer stepped up to strike and after a hitting a raised foot on the line it crossed the line to take the score to 4-2
It started to look like Stroud could snatch a result with a spell of good performance and ball retention following the goal.
Cheltenham spirited away and claimed the victory after a narrow angle strike put them back to three goals ahead with the match ending shotly after.
Stroud seemed to rush on the ball, and appeared slightly dazed and confused at times when they were caught in possesion.
More good performances from the young players at the back, and special thanks to Harvey for padding up.
Sometimes it's a wonderful life for M3 other times it doesn't quite go to plan despite a brave heart Stroud just seemed to die hard and this has lead to their downfall,
they need to pounce on their chances lock, stock and two smoking barrels.

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Stroud Ladies 2nd XI on the way up

09 February 2014 at 16:03

Stroud ladies 2nd XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, chalked up a significant 2-2 draw against Chipping Campden on Saturday. Playing a team currently sitting second in the division, Stroud showed that they have moved up a gear following good results in recent weeks. The teams were well matched and battled hard from the off. Campden scored first, making the most of a short corner. Stroud came back hard and equalised when Jade Rigglesford executed a glorious run all the way from the centre line, defeating 3 defenders before deftly and confidently flicking the ball to the back of the net. Shortly before half time Campden scored a second goal from open play.

The excessively strong winds didn’t hold either team back but did exhaust them, both sides looking weary as they fought their way through the second half. Both had opportunities and tension mounted. The Stroud back line and keeper worked hard, showed great team work, and saw off many strong attacks, but it was Stroud who finally changed the score line, Kathy Williams’ persistent hard work paying off when she sneaked one into the net to equalise.

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3s create 3 in keeperless clean sheet

01 February 2014 at 21:05

After a good performance two weeks ago and a disappointing game last week, Stroud M3, sponsored by Ecotricity, took white shirts and no keeper to Monmouth to face the bottom of the League side. Stroud started well and took command of the midfield, moving the ball around calmly. With Ross defending the D with a lot of players Stroud had a few chances to take the lead but had little time and space to convert them.
The first half finished 0-0 with Stroud playing well but aware of how vulnerable they might be to an attacking break without a keeper. Starting the second half, Stroud continued to control the middle of the pitch and Chris Bargh was able to score a much needed goal. Ross continued to attack and forced Stroud to defend several short corner, a block by the runner Matt Watts and a ball saved on the line from Bob Brewer kept Stroud ahead. The continued pressure at the other end of the pitch gave way when a great team transfer moved the ball wide from the back, up to hard working Nigel Sherwood on the left and into the D where a looping ball from a deflected Alex Elder shot dropped under the bar and over the keeper's shoulder to strengthen Stroud’s position.
Great work from MOTM Jed Stening,  covering the centre back position and moving up into the middle of the pitch as Stroud pushed forwards, making several key challenges when needed to and moving the ball well. A possible goal of the season contender and second goal for Chris Bargh left Stroud winning the match 3-0 with only the second clean sheet of the season.This was a great team performance and continuing good individual performances from all members of the team.
Next week they face Winchcombe at home, a fairly even looking match up with Stroud looking to win a clean sweep after an away win in the first part of the season. They need to build on the good performances from the last few games, keep up their work rate, ball pace and shape. If they can continue to defend the oppositions 16s from the front, and give themselves more options from their own 16s they will make things life easier by keeping hold of the ball and being able to build more of the great team goals which have helped them win matches. If the results go their way against the teams around them, Stroud could be pushing for a third place finish in the division but would be more than happy in the top half.

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Stroud 2XI victorious at last

01 February 2014 at 21:01

Stroud Ladies 2nd XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, chalked up only their second League win of the season against Cirencester. Looking more confident than they have all season, they started strongly, despite being a player down for the first half. Stroud created several opportunities which resulted in short corners and while they didn’t quite find the net, the third corner resulted in a penalty flick. Captain ‘Victorious’ Sharpe stepped up to the mark and executed an accurate flick; the Cirencester keeper did well to make contact with the ball but it found its way across the line putting Stroud ahead. In the second half the wind got up, the hail came down but the score line remained stubbornly static. Stroud worked really well across the field playing good, fluid hockey. Aleasha Holder made some courageous saves and was well supported by a determined and effective defence which successfully defended 3 short corners. This was a great result for Stroud.  Player of the match was Jordan Turnbull.

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Fantastic win for Stroud 1XI Ladies

01 February 2014 at 19:47

Stroud Ladies' 1st XI, sponsored by Ecotricity, won convincingly against local rivals Cirencester, the 5-0 score line reflecting their superiority. A great start saw the home side passing the ball around and making full use of the space across the pitch. Some forceful attacking work by the midfield and forwards, allowed Claire Crosthwaite several opportunities from which she was unlucky not to score. A fine pass from Crosthwaite to the centre of the D gave Angharad Roberts the perfect opportunity to slot into the back of the goal. A 1-0 advantage gave Stroud the incentive they needed to take control of the game. A penalty flick scored by Lucy Moir was closely followed by two goals from Emily Allan, before a fifth and final goal from Moir again. Many more goal opportunities were created, but Cirencester's goalkeeper had a great game, saving several fantastic shots. Stroud's defence had a great game and worked hard to keep Cirencester from even looking like scoring. Despite a yellow card in the last 5 minutes, Stroud had a great game and showed once again why they remain top of the table.

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