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Ladies 1st fighting back!

Stroud Ladies 1st          5             Redland 3        0

A great game this week for the Ladies 1st XI with a lot of the posession played in Redlands half.

After a very good training session on Tuesday the Ladies felt confident that game play was getting better and proved it with a much improved passing and possesion based game. 

Both Stroud and Redlands had opportunities at goal in the first half, however some solid defending from both sides meant that by half time the score was still 0-0.

The second half told a different story, not long into it and Stroud had a break in which Claire Crosthwaite was able to score the first goal of the game.

After this the Ladies seemed to find a new level of confidence and composure and pretty soon the forward line was pressing forward once again towards Redland's quarter. With another great goal from Claire, 2-0, which was shortly followed by Debbie Ratcliffe's to put the Ladies up to 3-0.

Redland pushed back, however it was not long before Stroud gained posession and were able to apply the pressure and drive it up into the D for Angharad Roberts to ensure the fourth goal definitely went in.

Some brilliant work by Karen Whitehead, Karen Wilsher, Elaine Noone and Hattie White in the midfield meant that Stroud held onto the ball, working it around the pitch and using the width effectively. 

Some lovely passing up the pitch led to Debbie's 2nd goal and Stroud's 5th and final goal of the game, whilst Julie Whiting kept the pressure applied to Redland in their defensive quarter.

A last few attempts at attacking the goal from Redland ended unfortunately for them as Stroud's defensive back line of Sarah Mace, Sarah Tudor, Becky Stevens and GK Aleasha Holder held strong and let nothing through.

This boost in game play meant that the Ladies kept control throughout the entire game and never lost their cool, many feeling they had played the best hockey so far this season.

A great aspect was that despite being several goals down Redland kept fighting until the end.

A win has placed them 2nd in the League, and the Ladies hope that they can continue to go from strength to strength.

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